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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?



I call dibs on intellectual property lmao


That trailer was visually impressive, but story line looks… like it should be released straight to dvd/home download. They directly ripped off my idea lmao


Thank You Phil for mentioning this…its one of my favorite shows to watch…a lot of history can be learned …watching it now

Thanks again


Yeah, i know, i know, I’m replying to a very old post. But thought it might be worth noting that the Netflix version of Peaky blinders has a different music soundtrack from the original BBC series. The original soundtrack is so incredibly good, and so perfectly matched to the story, this borders on sacrilege, IMO,

Saw a few episodes on Amazon , and they seem to have the original soundtrack. :). …as confirmed in this Reddit article: https://www.reddit.com/r/PeakyBlinders/comments/7n6fp3/music_changes_between_bbc_and_netflix/

Anyways, i just want to say that if anybody still hasn’t seen Peaky Blinders, please do! Just not on Netflix! Personally, I don’t much like gangster movies but this is so much more than that. and so very well done, its a tour de force.



This whole series (in my very condescending opinion) is absolutely terrible.

The books are terrible, the movies are terrible, the idea is terrible, the concept is terrible.

Everything about it is terrible


Christmas Chronicles This movie is hilarious!


Replying to your not as old post that was a reply to an old post :laughing:
Watched Peaky Blinders on Netflix, had no idea the soundtrack was different. Still thoroughly enjoyed the series. Been thinking about watching it again, If its on Amazon Prime and free, which most things I am interested in aren’t, I’ll re-watch it there instead.


Since the 4th season was killed, re-watching this gem …


Dangnabbit… I really enjoyed that one!!!


Every freaking show we really get into ether takes a nose dive, or gets cancelled!


@Cutlass92 @Molly_Mcghee


That’s better!


Can we get that for Stargate - universe?!


Netflix is in it’s Golden Age. Almost everything is good (Netflix Originals). This one is 2 1/2 hours long, so be sure you have a big sack o’ …wine. Bruce Springsteen on Broadway …solid


Didn’t Netflix purchase them for season 4?

And it’s definitely a gem :slight_smile:


It’s a toss up between Netflix and Amazon at this point


I highly recommend reading the books. They are even better :slight_smile:


I cant recommend it yet , but tonite im going to watch Mary queen of scots atvthe theatre , very excited i love those type,of movies


Sounds like you might be Allergiac to the premise :smirk: [cough]