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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Oh nooo, I did it again. Found ANOTHER good one …


Looks like Mr Zemeckis has found more time… :laughing:


I have been watching this one too. Interesting.


I have to admit, being a LATE TO THE PARTY Lost watcher-er, I thought, “Hmmm I wonder if it’s like LOST”? It’s not really, but an interesting premise for sure.


Looks good hope its coming to netflix soon.

You’ll watch this one after seeing the trailer.
Mystery Suspense Twists and turns all the way though whos behind it all? . :rofl:


I find it intriguing. Hopefully it won’t anger me the way LOST did. Arrrrgh!


I swore after that series that I’d never knowingly watch ANYTHING by those writers again.

Damn shame too. That show had so much promise.


edit: state of mind: i couldnt figure it out

lol, i just watched and the sound of me screaming"ohh snap" in lil girls voice is demaening

f.n a f,m all if not u know right


I started watching it and it all flooded back when his brother handed him the card with the phone number.
I saw this years ago, brilliant plot :+1:


I saw it long ago also but was amazed I forgot so much of it it was like watching it for the first time again. :slight_smile:

Here’s one that is totally captivating… 6 stories about the Old West American Frontier.


Yeah, apart from the ending, I remembered that. Not the details but I did know the final clincher.

I’m watching that now. The first two seasons were good but with the third I find it all it bit over the top and therefore completely unrealistic. Still a good show though.
That Vera woman is really pushing my buttons, I just want to punch her in the face. Bloody floor mat :rage:


The Kominsky Method - Netflix
I watched the first three episodes, of this one season show last night. I couldn’t stop laughing.
I’ve always been a big Alan Arkin fan. He & Michael Douglas really work well together.


Curse of Oak Island started up again last week. Two really good episodes so far!!!


Homecoming was really good. Whoever it was that raised the bar for new television should be thanked. Seems almost everything coming out has a new level of artistry and depth.


I really enjoyed the latest season of American Horror Story… Started really badly but then it connected to earlier seasons like coven and murder house.


The more I watch, the funnier it gets …


That show is high Larry ass!


If they haven’t already, I see a horror movie, based on a home automation system gaining sentience and trying to kill the home owner…for…like…being a pervert or “being a bad person” based on its robotic idea of human ethics.

lmao… It’ll be called something like “Automate” or “Home: Mark I” and it’s sequels will be Mark II, etc haha… it’ll be a straight to home download/straight to DVD of course, but it’ll be a cult classic.

Home automation (and Alexa) *experts needed*

Here it is.


@darkjester89, Try the movie “Tau”…
Kinda, sorta, like what you thought of, but it also has a robot body with military grade weapons… you know, to keep troublesome kids in line…