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My Mixing just SUX


Took the words right outa my mouth…

Stuffed bellpeppers
Grandmas pot pie

Are two Vapes I eventually want to make


You might benefit by sampling some of the recipes in Beginner’s Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes.
re: A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes
My favorite tastes are in the Tobaccos and Bakery areas. I tend to have the most positive results if I stay in these two categories.


I think we all reach that point somewhere along our mixing journey where nothing seems to work!
The best advice has been given already, test your flavours.
Get to know where that sweet spot is and remember that although 5% might be the general hotspot for a particular flavour for some your sweet spot might be 2% or 20%, that’s something that only you will find out for yourself. Sorry no easy shortcuts but hang in there.
Aim for a very simple mix of what you like, fruits,bakery,creams…?
Don’t over complicate it and take it from there.


cheers Chewy… will do


You can do it!
I did not start with single flavor testing. I did not start by mixing others recipes.
This made my journey harder and more loopy.
I remember some of my first recipes were 3 or 4 flavors.
Some of them were/are just terrible!!
Just keep swimming bud!


I can’t agree more with single flavor tests. There are so many flavors and different brands of the same flavor name, but they taste so different from each other, that alone is overwhelming! Then when you start throwing all these variables into recipes, it can be so difficult to figure out what to even consider mixing!

If there is a single flavor you find really enjoyable, maybe look for recipes created with that flavor. I found my first ADV recipe from a random flavor I never expected to like! Lol! I was convinced to try it based on the experience of others here. I tried that single flavor test, loved it, looked through the recipes that used it, quickly eliminated ones that contained flavors I knew for sure I didn’t like. I tried a few random recipes that I had the ingredients for. I got really lucky that one of them was perfect for me.

Also, if you haven’t done so, this helped me…I like trying a mix that I still have, that I mixed a while ago. I didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it, so it sat there. So many of them tasted amazing when I tried them again!

Just keep trying, you will find one that you love! :smiley:


My atrocious FA Pistachio/Orange/Condensed milk from December did just that to me.

I can’t decide whether it is relative, or absolute goodness though. My brain expects horribleness to come out of this bottle :wink:


I had a nightmare mix of Butter, Maple Syrup, Hazelnut Praline, and Catalan Cream that curled my toes a while back too. Man, horrid mistakes can be excellent teachers though!


Sounds like you can put on weight vaping this thing … I find Bust a Nut (RF) a bit too buttery, I think I’ll pass on your recipe :slight_smile:

Was it actually good after a month steep though ?


No. It was better, but the ratios were far too off to be worthy even with time. I will eventually vape it out because I loathe pouring money down the sink. But it’s more of a self-punishment than a good vape. A reminder to take my time and think it out before I pour a bunch of stuff together and expect a miracle. That RARELY happens (or never if you’re me).


What was the bottle of crap juice with menthol added technique called ? Ok, not butter with menthol. :nauseated_face:

My technique seems to be to just forget the bottle in a dark corner…


I think @Ken_O_Where says “Menthol Fixes Bad Mixes”. Would not help mine. Or my mozzarella cheese juice disaster!


The technique is called, I dont want to waste this and have to make more, menthol until only menthol is tasted, technique. I might need to find a shorter name for it. :frowning:


Menthol Overdrive ?


It seems everyone says single flavour testing is the answer, but, I have to admit I’ve never done it and my juices are starting to be pretty good if I say so myself (I ADV them happily and the wife also likes them). My method is the shotglass method. I bought a load of cheap plastic shotglasses. When I think I have a flavour idea (often inspired from commercial juices that I’m trying to clone) I do this:

  • get out all the concentrates I think I’ll need
  • line up a row of shotglasses for each concentrate
  • squeeze in a few ml of water into each shot glass
  • put 1 drop of conentrate into each glass and then taste.
  • cleanse pallet with dry bread and then I start pouring one glass into the other and keep on tasting.
  • keep notes all the while of which shot got merged with which other…
  • i might repeat this for 2 or three rounds, but on subsequent rounds I will start working the ratios 2 drops here, 1 drop here, 3 drops here etc, and then mix em and taste.
  • when I think the ratio is right, I’ll make a 5ml 0mg juice in a little dripper bottle and taste, steep, taste steep. I use the same ratios in this mix as percentages in my first attempt. This normally means with, say 4 or 5 concentrates I’ll end up with about 7-12% of the juice being flavouring (assuming 1drop:1% mapping)
  • after that, I scale up and/or tweak from there…
  • it normally takes me 3 to 4 attempts at the 5ml bottles before I hit it right, sometimes I’m lucky and get it in one.

The biggest tip I learned with mixing is less is more… I get pretty concerned if the number of concentrates, and the overall concentration percentage goes above 5 and 10% respectively…

FWIW, I hope that helps.


I beg to differ

Sounds like a single Flavor taste test to me.


I used to use that method exclusively and it worked pretty good. Then i started doing both, SF mixes and shot glass testing and it worked very well. At some point i decided to drop shot glass testing but i still do some from time to time. I used to teach people the shot glass method on reddit a few years back, it is how the owner of a local B&M did his initial flavor testing and he taught me how to me.

I feel that the single flavor testing i did/do allows me the ability to dial in %s much more quickly. Of course things can and do change when added to other flavorings.

I also like to put a small drop on the back of my hand and sniff it a couple times over an hour or so. But this can be dangerous as some flavorings may react with some peoples skin in high concentrations.

Thank you, Brad. This may not have gotten discussed if you hadnt brought it up.


i guess you’re right – i kind of assumed a single flavour test implied actually vaping the single flavour, which I don’t do.


I agree with that as both can bring about completely different results. In this instance, our community, SF testing generally refers to SF in a vape.


Interesting method you have there. Think one day, I might have to try

The shot glass method


I think single Flavour testing is probably the most important step for anyone getting started in DIY.

It allows you to have a foundation to build upon.

And With a good foundation you can build anything.
You can build a house, you can build a good relationship with your better half, and

You can have fun learning how to make vape juice you enjoy sharing with friends and family…