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My Mixing just SUX


i hope it works for you – just get a shitload of shotglasses, as cleaning them out midway through your mix is a PITA. Those plastic ones go in sets of ~40 / pack on Amazon if i remember correctly, and you can shove them through the dishwasher after use, no problem.


That’s a box I already have checked!


I have found this doesnt come close to working for me. Everything I like to vape tastes horrible testing like this, while the flavors I want to drink the shot of , I despise vaping… alone anyway. I guess i can use it for opposite day, but seriously vaping it makes the best test


Do tell, i want to know more of this opposite day.


How ya doing today @Lexie3 .

Yea not sure I’d like to drink fruit cocktail as much as I like smelling it or vaping it…

But I think I will try his method one day , would be interesting… and besides I’m an


Very much enjoy trying new things.


:rofl:Opposite day is popular with kids here. You love things really hate, you eat breakfast at night time, they go around acting silly and say the opposite of what they mean. Trully annoying as hell after awhile, and I could only tolerate it so long in my house… We actually just missed the national ‘opposite day’ here, it was last week


I’m doing good tyvm. I love trying new things as well. Very annoyed this method doesnt work for me. It would make things much more simple indeed.
Instead Im plugging along on my sf tests, only a little over 100 left to do… well until the mail gets here that is :roll_eyes:


This is absolutely another great method that works for people! Thanks for sharing it!
DIY is all about what works best for you. If you do shot glass testing or vape testing, as long as you get a good sense of what the flavor is that’s all that matters.


I am with you on this!! I wish it worked for me as well. I am so far behind on single flavor tests!


I was proud of my progress until I checked email and realized I have mail arriving today. It’s like I just slid backwards a few weeks



Shane, you’ve received some good advice in this thread. I scanned it tho so may have missed it, but what kind of flavors do you like?

We gonna get you mixin!


a) check your inredients…
b) reputable recipes means nothign for real, other than the eliquid has to do with the whole setup someone is using… don’t easily expect the same performance on a single coil MTL tank vs a dual with 2 alien coils for example… i don’t say that the first case is bad or whatever, just the performance is different… :slight_smile:
c) make sure you’re storing your ingredients as you should (away from heat sources, sunlight)
d) are you steeping the recipes you make? if yes, for how long?
e) are you sufferring from a cold or a condition that doesn’t let you smell correctly? it plays a serious role, if you can’t smell, you can’t have a strong feeling of taste when vaping
f) giving a list of brands of the ingredients you’re using you could probably get a better reply from someone that has used it in the past, or using them now or whatever
e) if you’re using a rebuildable tank, is it clean enough? are you user you’re wicking it correctly? too much wick can cause muted taste too because it can’t get wet properly

these are things i can think right now :slight_smile:
gl and hf :slight_smile:


This is so true Ken once I’m in tuned to a flavor profile be it I ate it or have single flavor vaped it I know I can trust my instincts with pairing it in a mix.

@vape4dayz may I ask if you have a set ratio do you prefer more pg in your mixes vs vg ? Reason I ask is if the recipe your following happens to be a higher pg ( in example ) this can lead to a unfavorable bitterness. Or swapping that thought higher vg mixes can come off muted and mild.
It took me a while to figure out what worked best for me. I prefer max vg mixes.

Also single flavor testing my flavors until I was for sure I was comfortable pairing other flavors was where I learned and started to grow as a mixer.

I started off trying other known popular mixes only stumbled on a few that I really liked well enough to mix up a couple of times then I started out making my own recipes.

I will say please do yourself a great favor and buy some 5 ml small tester bottles (ex) https://www.containerandpackaging.com/products/174/vaping-style-plastic-bottles/B813G?gclid=CjwKCAiAqbvTBRAPEiwANEkyCE0yg_W8jjj084k6M6EoOvTDyRniR_5ss9aKorQPuz9XxU1N7XDw2BoCuL8QAvD_BwE

this way you’ll save yourself a ton of supplies…dumping 5 ml batches when they don’t work out is no biggie…100mls is another story.

Good luck and please don’t quit it’s truely worth the satisfaction of enjoying your own home made juice !

@Amorphia very good point on gear !


@vape4dayz Everybody else can just skip this as I have told it many times. My first flavor order was several years ago before there were SO many Vendor choices. I made a bad Vendor choice and my first batch of raw materials was pretty much all bad. Oxidized Nic, expired flavors etc. That company has since gone out of business while better companies boomed, so let’s not focus on them.

You may have some off flavors or nicotine or VG (whatever) You can also Single Flavor Test those. Example just single test your VG and PG and then add your % nic and test just Base+Nic (no flavs). Let’s call this “The Maytag Repairman” concept (because I am old) …I mean if your washing machine doesn’t work, you check to see if it’s plugged in first. [translation] Assuming all your materials are OK could be the problem and if you’ve just started you have nothing to compare them to.

I’m telling you my little story because like you my first attempts were all horrible. Once I re-ordered the same ingredients (from another Vendor), the same recipes made the same way were good.


I have a recipe that is 3 flavors that rocks not my mix it’s off alltheflavors.com

Pomegranate) 1.50%
Papaya (TPA)2.00%
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 2.00%


I started DIY about 6 months ago and looked at the top 10 rated recipes and few more highly rated recipes. With great enthusiasm and motivation, got about 80 flavour concentrates and started mixing. Most of them tasted like crap. Then started reading and referencing back to my notes. Realized that I had serious taste issues with CAP vanilla custard, French vanilla, cake batter, NY cheesecake and TPA VBIC. Mild issue with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Now majority of the top rated recipes have VBIC and vanilla custard. Tried the same recipes with FW vanilla custard and VBIC. Tried TPA cinnamon danish. Got TPA French vanilla but haven’t tried it yet. Took great measures for curing vaper’s tongue. It all paid and the same recipe tasted great. I still can’t use CAP vanilla custard, French vanilla, cake batter and NY Cheesecake. I can’t seem to enjoy anything which has TPA Belgian waffle and apple pie. But other than that it worked out great. Just thought of sharing the experience because I almost gave up on DIY but once I was able to identify the issue, it quickly became enjoyable. Good luck.


Ok mate ozzy boy here and completely noobe but have some promising recipes in the mix with Limited flavours as i budget my self to 7 a weeks.
I mixed this one up with the flavours i had it is a good base for custard and i am in the process of mixing other things with it like caramel and cinamon danish swirl and after a few days they are tasting awsom hopefully still are after a week or two lol

Takes a wile to steep but will get you buy there is a few grants custards so check them out this is the one i adapted from.

Hope this helps mate.


One thing I forgot to mention which I haven’t seen being said much. Do not mix nicotine to the flavour concentrate directly. I use 100mg PG based nicselect nicotine and I learnt this after throwing away a lot of mixed juice. For some reason nicotine reacts with some of the fruit flavours specially and makes it unvapeable. I always mix in this sequence, flavours, VG, PG, shake well and finally add nicotine and shake again. Even though I use 0.5 to 1% nicotine, still it can screw up the juice if added directly to the flavours. Will recommend to try these recipes apple buttah, quuen’s cookie jar by SthrnMixer, pink panther by torturedzen, Pangaea by Sally Sunshine, strawberry cheesecake by sash, blueberry cheesecake by David28470. These are few of my favourites. You can also try a simple recipe that I posted recently http://tjek.nu/r/hG6j



Interesting that u are finding that. I do all my flavorings, then nic, topped of by bases and i know alot do in the same manner. Curious to hear other peoples thought as well…


I completely agree with you that most people mix nicotine to flavour base. The two mixes I know for sure get messed up are a sweet guava and sweet lychee and the other TPA pomegranate and juicy peach. Since then I made it a habit to put nicotine as the last ingredient. The same mixes turned out fine when I did that. The pomegranate recipe I do is clear with no colour but if I mix nicotine to the flavour base then it turns yellow. Hope this helps to clarify what I have experienced. I am more into fruits and it’s a peace of mind to eliminate a known issue by adding nicotine in the end.