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My Mixing just SUX


hey Rob, sorry bout the late reply mate,

Big Fan of Strawberry and lemon vapes sided with creams, bakeries and custards. not overly keen on fruit vapes, but have to say ive never really tried many. I have lime light steeping at the moment actually have a few of yours in the cupboard. but i like to rotate around Strawberry creams, custards, bakeries and custards

Thanks rob, Have commenced my SFT batcjes have about 20 testers steeping at the moment and am still mixing loads more to steep. I appreciate all the feedback, thats what i love about tis community, people are here to help yu back up…lmao poor old Simon ive bashed that mans ears for 6 months now it seems lol Thanks Woftam, wouldnt be here without ya brother.

Cheers rob hope that helps mate would love to hear your advice mate…

Shane OZ


My habit is… Nic, PG (if needed), flavorings, enhancers (if needed), VG


I actually started that way. I think i read somewhere when i started mixing to add nic first in case u screw up, never really understood wth that would matter. I would alternate as u did but some how moved to all flavorings, nic, pg, then top off bottle w/ vg. i know everyone has there own way, whatever works, right. The only part to me that ever made total sense was adding the vg last and let gravity do a bit of mixing for ya.


Nic is your most expensive ingredient, therefore you want to make the least mistakes with it.
If I put Nic in first and accidently put too much, I could adjust the recipe A LOT easier, than if I added it later.


I can understand that…


Hmmm… don’t know if I add nic first or last ? Guess it depends on your point of view…


Well I use a mag mixer now but still same process


Makes sense! I currently only have to mix 3mg Nic juice, so I don’t have those kind of issues.
All my folk are at 3mg so far! :slight_smile:


Isn’t flavoring your most expensive ingredient?

A liter of nic is $60. A liter of FA flavor is $72. If you have a mix with 3% nic and 10% flavor I would think flavors is your biggest expense in the mix.


i first put in PG then flaves and VG on top if i screw up on the Vg i can draw it out with syringe , but i also dont add Nic until the end unless its a juice i know is good then ill add it all at once , i dont worry about messing up on the NIC bc i still use a syringe for that


Ye like i said in my original post, its just becoming way to expensive, time consuming and just outright painful. like i said to Simon, i will be SFTing from here on in and taking extensive notes. I am tired of guessing on %ages, things will change for the better if i just keep my mixing super simple and get to know my flavors…thanks for yur words jenny

Shane OZ


Haha… I guess you could be right, depending on what flavorings you are buying. and where you are buying from.
A Liter of most FW at my favorite Vendor is about $54.
A Liter of Nic from my favorite vendor is $90


Just my tuppence, as I think it really works well.
For 70VG/30PG ish 3DW(the calculator does weir thinks with DW)
By weight:
add flavours
add DW (rince any drops on side of bottle in the process)
light shake bottle open
add PG
light shake bottle open
(optional: add nic (I rarely do) and shake)
add VG
close bottle and shake hard
wait until bubbles are gone and do post mix check

There is madness behind the method!
Flavours+DW are the least viscous form of your mix, flavours will blend better at this point.
PG is supposedly a better flavour carrier but a bit more viscous, so mix with it when you have homogenised the flavours already to give equal chance to the flavours.
PG is going to need more effort to mix the flavour in, only add it last so that the flavours already have their maximum volume to help mixing them in.

I could ask my process chemist friend whether they think I am holding the right end of the stick but it works well for me and my steep time seem to be often shorter than the suggested ones.


I’m just guessing. I know I’ve spent a ton more on flavoring than nic, lol. But your point is well taken because it is the most expensive possibly behind flavoring. If you start with nic and make a mistake you can pour it back, if you are 3 flavors in and mess up there is not much turning back. :smiley:


I put the nic in first because I feel like its the most important thing to not mess up on, not because of the cost. If you over-shoot the nic, your finished level won’t be right, but if you over-shoot flavors, you just have a little bit stronger flavor… I’d rather have an over flavored mix than an over nic’d mix. That’s my take on it at least. I always add nic, pg, flavors, and vg in that order.


I need to apologize for my late reply too.

You and I have similar tastes. And I invite you to come on the Discord chat at some point where we could have some live give-and-take. However, without knowing what all you’ve tried and what all flavors you have, I can only offer a couple of recipes you could try that fall in your range of taste.

This is a popular recipe and one I dearly love. I usually make it 375 ml at a time. But I use Purilum Yellow Cake instead of Flavor West -

Here’s one of mine you might like -


Again, if you can ever come on Discord that would be awesome for real time discussion of flavors, your stash, and what you’ve tried/not tried.


I have never noticed the nic messing up my mixes. Could just be me I guess! I put my nic first then flavors then pg then vg. I used to put it in last but regardless my favorite recipes taste the same no matter where I put it! The pg, flavors, and nic(if pg) will all mix together at the top of the bottle above the vg! So it’ll always touch regardless! By the way sorry for reviving a old post lol!