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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


All I have tested has been great so far.Started at 15% now at 10% on the majority and may go lower next.


Did you use PG ?


I used nothing except benjamins , I purchased all 60 of my nets.:grinning:


It’s going to take you a long time to use up 4500ml of extract! :laughing: But, I know you’re gonna share the love with somebody one day! :wink: You could convert quite a few folks with just 10ml worth of many of those flavors!


I think I just converted one of the housekeeping staff members at my workplace tonight. He’s a vaper, but uses crappy B&M juice (I’ve hit his mod a few times :scream:). He tasted my PS 306 English Oriental and his eyes lit up like he saw a ghost. :grinning: He was in total disbelief that someone could make their own tobacco Ejuice that tastes like real tobacco. “Simple”, I said, “it is real tobacco”.

So, looks like I have my first customer! He wants 30ml, asap. :wink:


I done some flavor swapping with @Ken_O_Where already , I think he is testing a few out already!
I am hoping to get some NET swapping swingers up in here!!!:grin:


I found a Dutch webshop selling pipe tobacco’s :grinning:
It was very hard to make a choice but I ended up with these four (for now).
Mac Baren Mixture
Is a mix of 35 different tobacco’s from all over the world.
W.O. Larsen’s A True Delight
Sweet vanilla, Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish and a little Latakia, this brand is going out of production so if I really like it… :disappointed:
Dunhill Nightcap
Virginia, Latakia and Turkish Perique, opening this tin smelled like heaven :yum:
And last but not least
Peterson’s Old Dublin
Virginia, Black Cavendish, Greek Orient Basma Tobacco and a dash of Latakia from Cyprus, it is going to be a long wait but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.
They sell cigars too but I skipped them this time. I was already overwhelmed by the amount of pipe tobacco’s I could choose from :astonished:


Yes it is, on both counts! :grinning:

Your choices of tobacco look de-lish! It is terribly hard to make a tobacco choice when there are so many from which to choose. I did a bit of research on ECF and a couple of other sites NET threads; gleaned from posts of others what to expect. However, there are a few which I’ve purchased where the decision came from just reading the reviews of pipe smokers or the person who actually blended the tobacco. So far, I haven’t been disappointed with any of my extractions.

The only thing I will say about tobacco choices is, be somewhat careful about choosing ones which say they are heavy on the Latakia. The smokey, campfire nature of Latakia can be overwhelming with some mixes. But, you can always blend that Latakia forward NET into others for a pleasing vape.

Like right now, I’m vaping a 50/50 mix of separate NETs; a somewhat sweet Virginia mixed with a heavy Latakia blend. The Latakia blend was just too damn smokey for me to enjoy it stand alone, so it’s used as a condiment mixer. :grinning:

Hey! How did you like your Vape Away extracts! :thinking:


I’m not sure about the Dunhill Nightcap but the Old Dublin and the True Delight are supposed to contain just a little.
The Nightcap smelled really good though so I have high hopes :yum:

[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:228, topic:28032”]
How did you like your Vape Away extracts!
[/quote]They are steeping. You get 10ml of extract in 50ml bottles, you’ve got to add the nicotine and base yourself. They recommend two weeks of steep so I’m waiting for October the 11th when the two weeks will be up.
I did order some cigars today too.
I’ve ordered a box of Al Capone cognac infused cigars, a Nub Espresso Long-Filler and a Te-amo Honduras Long-Filler.
The Al Capone cigars are small cigars, hence the box. I’m going to have a whole load of N.E.T’s to look forward to :joy:


I know some folks who have extracted the Nightcap; I’ll give them a poke and see what helpful information they can share. :grinning:

Same for the cigar NETs… there’s one fellow I know that pretty much does nothing but cigar NETs; he’s loaded with info. I have my first cigar maceration which is about to mature; simple PG extraction, but I’m hoping it’s awesome. :wink:

Well, let us know more about the Vape Away mixes as they mature; they’ll only spark your desire to jar up more tobacco of your own, I’m sure!


They already did :grinning: I’ve payed 10.50 in euro’s for 10ml of extract and 4.50 for a single cigar, I’m sure I’ll get more than 10ml of extract off of that cigar. It’s a bit more work but the money saved is no cat-piss and it is fun!


True words! This is exactly why I’ve been creating my own NET concentrates. For those individual who love a tobacco based vape, it’s mainline, awesome and true tobacco flavor on the cheap. For now, the tobacco options are abundant and available; if they weren’t, one could grow ones own.

I’m actually considering growing a variety or two next year just for kicks. I’ve been following a “tobacco home growers” FB group as of late, just to watch the process in real time. It doesn’t look that hard. :grinning: You’re basically planting a weed! Hehe…but you know about that already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Well, not one of my favorite things to do… wash, boil and dry bottles and jars. : ( But, what else to do when I’m waiting for my Bengal Slices to hurry up and finish filtering? Pretty excited to get this one mixed up and on a dripper. Reviews of this tobacco are very favorable; have a feeling my 15ml test batch won’t last a day. ; )

@d_fabes… this one kinda looks like your 20,000 mile motor oil NET! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll be saying the same thing that Red Skelton said in his “Guzzlers Gin” commercial spot … “SaaaMoooooooth!”


I like this one



And this one



Here is a good thread to check out @tarnishedhalo .
@Kinnikinnick has been a wealth of knowledge on NET’s. Tarnishedhalo has been enjoying some of the purchased NET’s from Diane and is looking into starting the maceration process now that the well is dry.


I remember seeing Easy Rider & Alice’s Restaurant (they were showing together), 3 times in one day, when they came out. We knew one of the ushers…lol.


Maybe I should have tried a Fram filter on that 20,000 mile motor oil NET. Maybe that would have cleaned it up!


I got to thinking today… if Black Note can do it… so can we! And at roughly $10 for a 250g brick, that’ll make a bunch of extract (1200ml) on the cheap. Or you can buy the Black Note finished version for $1 per ml. :scream: