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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


I like this plan! I was browsing SouthSmoke.com’s site. Very interesting.

Have you ever smoked the Isfahani Tombac tobacco?

On the Black Note page, I found this:

‘It’s sweetness is not overpowering in any way though, and it has a pretty
strong tobacco flavour but it has just enough hints of flowery honey in
there to make it a quite smooth tobacco juice.’

I wonder about the flowery honey note. Floral is not my cup of tea.

Have you tried the Black Note? If so, what would be your description?


No, I never got a chance to smoke isfahani; hell, I didn’t know it existed until the other day. Oh, the things we learn when a little research is done. :wink:

I haven’t tried the Black Note Isfahani or any other pre-made juice in a long time. I did watch the one review I could find on the BN juice. The reviewer said that the tobacco wasn’t floral, which is a good thing for you and me; I can’t abide floral in my tobacco either. :confounded:

The thing that peaked my interest was that it is a bold, slightly honey flavored, Turkish type vape; this is a good thing. I can see this being a wonderful tobacco to mix with a bit of Perique. I’m a fan of the Oriental funk type tobaccos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s good news, about the no floral. I like a honey note in the background of some of my tobacco mixes. I am a fan of FA Black Honey Tobacco for that. It’s pretty potent, so I don’t use much in a mix.

Bold, slightly honey flavored, and Turkish. Three thumbs up in my book. It sounds like it would make a good backbone to add a few complimentary flavors to. Maybe a bit of Arabic!


Yup! One of the handful of ready to go tobaccos to be kept in my stash; nothing else like it out there! :wink:


I spent a long time looking around for this today. I can find it and buy it for around $9 to $12, but everyone who sells it has to ship it via express type couriers. Guess they can’t ship tobacco like this USPS. :pensive: Shipping this tobacco to me, with just about every company, starts at about $12. :confounded:

I did drop into my local Iranian deli/grocery today and asked the owner if he could get his hands on some; he was hopeful that he could talk his tobacco dude into bringing him some with his next stock order. :thinking: We shall see.


Off from work today, so, thought I’d throw a couple more in the cooker.

Vendor notes~

C&D Bob Bushman:

A gentle-smoking blend of quality tobaccos that are finished with a smooth and sweet mixture of tropical fruits and a splash of coconut essence. Others will love the aroma, but you’ll be the only one enjoying the rich and tangy flavor.

(My take ~ This one smells terrific! I just hope the coconut makes it through to the final mix.)

C&D Exclusive:

This is a special treat if you’re a real Perique fan; made with 50% of the dark Louisiana tobacco, balanced by toasty red Virginia, and an especially mild Cavendish. The result is bold and spicy, while being remarkably cool. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

(My take ~ Don’t let the “not for the faint of heart” stuff fool ya. Perique, I have found, is super enjoyable in a vape form. The combustion factor in a pipe must really change the quality of the tobacco to something in which to fear. Vape wise, straight up Perique is awesome and it only gets better when you add a Virginia into the mix.)


Bengal Slices ~

Vendor notes:
Black Cavendish

Back in the seventies, a singular blend came to market. It was a bright, Latakia-based crumble cake made with superior Orientals, sweet yellow Virginias and a bit of black Cavendish. It became a brand with a cult following - it was called Bengal Slices.

A bit of history ~
Bengal Slices was, originally, the flake version of Balkan Sobranie. When Gallaher took over the Sobranie mixtures from the Redman family the original blenders finding the composition too complex and costly, they simplified it.

After Gallaher stopped making the simplified Bengal Slices, Mr James B Russell arranged for a composition similar to the Gallaher revision to be made exclusively for them by A & C Petersen, Horsens, Denmark.

A & C Petersen has recently been sold to Orlik A/S, of Assens, Denmark, which promptly discontinued the manufacture of Bengal Slices. A replacement, under the James B Russell ægis, has been released, approximating the A & C Petersen blend. For the new production of Bengal Slices see listing under The Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania.

My take ~
This tobacco is a wonderfully Latakia forward blend; the more I vape it, the more I am falling for the sweet, yet pungent, smokey nature of what is referred to as “English” tobacco.

(Interesting article on this topic: http://pipesmagazine.com/python/pipe-news/english-blends-and-latakia-blends-one-in-the-same/)

This being my third extraction of a Latakia blend pipe tobacco, I can put this bug in your ear: If you don’t think you’d enjoy a robust, campfire, smokey quality to your vape, be cautious of the tobaccos which say they contain a high Latakia element or ones which are labeled as an English, Balkan, Cyprian or Syrian blends.

(Another nice article on this topic: http://www.talkingtobacco.com/2012/09/whats-the-deal-with-latakia/)

Besides the nice smokey nature of this tobacco, the Black Cavendish (slight hint of vanilla there) and Virginia bring the sweet into the picture quite nicely, while the Oriental brings in the bright spice quality. I’ve vaped the Bengal Slices for a couple of days now; finding it rather hard to go back to a tame mix now, due to how much I’m enjoying this Latakia ladened blend; a pleasingly stout vape.

This was a PG maceration; heated for 8 hours at +/- 140 degrees and cool steeped for 1 month. Final mix was a 40P/60V at 10% extract.


Ok, vapeaway Noon, supposedly a whiskey cigar but I get a bit of a citrus taste, maybe the oak chips were citrus infused or I don’t know what whiskey tastes like. :grinning: Or maybe my tastebuds are off. It is quite a pleasant vape though, it’s got a sweetness to it on the inhale that is lovely and a bit of a bite on the tail end.

Bliss is more smokey, they describe it as English style Macedonian Oriental composed of Latakia, with a moderate honey note and some genuine Guatemalan rum.
It is good but I was expecting more of it. That’s the downside of high expectations I suppose. :pensive:

To be quite honest, I like my own N.E.T better. The American Spirit by itself is too mild for my taste but the mix I made with some La Paz cigars is pretty good. I was going to leave it for another two months but I got impatient and thought four months is enough.
It came out pretty clean. I only put it in some hot tapwater after adding PG to get it started and stuck it in a cupboard. Before filtering I put it in hot tapwater again to thin it a little. I just filtered it once in a coffee filter and there was hardly any crud in the filter. Put it in the freezer for about 36 hours and filtered it again. I could’ve left that out, there was no crud on the bottom of the jar or in the filter. I’ve filled my Goblin Mini at least 7 times before I had to clean the coil.
I also have some N.E.T from Balmoral cigars that I did the same way. That one is very spicy but a nice addition to the mildness of the American Spirit.

Now Balmoral and La Paz are not the best cigars on the market and still the result is remarkable. I have a Nub Espresso cigar steeping at the moment and when I unwrapped that and smelled it I wanted to take a bite out of it. A lovely coffee, chocolate aroma, I took the lid of the jar yesterday to have a quick sniff and the smell is gorgeous.
If this turns out as good as I’m hoping it will, I’ll never buy another N.E.T in my life.

Good tobacco concentrates? UK

That all sounds wonderful! :+1:

Isn’t it a great feeling of accomplishment and pride when you come to the realization that your own NETs kick the shit out of store bought NETs. :grinning:


It certainly is, I usually doubt myself doing stuff like this and always think I probably do it wrong. But my stuff is better and much cheaper too. :joy:


Regarding winterization of macerations:

This process (winterization) of allowing precipitation of “gunk” in you extract is primarily for Ethanol macerations. It doesn’t happen with PG or VG extractions; the precipitation pretty much stays suspended in the solvent; but we hope a lot of it gets filtered out when using finer filter medium.

I think your process of very little heat and long cool maceration did the trick for lots of flavor but little fallout. The best couple of NETs I have made were produced with almost no heat and long cool steeps. :kissing_heart::dash:


From all I have read, the Nightcap is supposed to be a very Latakia forward Blend; so much so, many people use it as a condiment tobacco with other blends.

So, with that small amount of information and knowing how my Bengal Slices turned out, you might want to go with your low (or no) heat, long steep method on your Nightcap. Even if it turns out too Latakia heavy for you, it’s just like any other concentrate, you can always use it with other tobaccos at a low percentage.

I just experimented with that myself with a 50/50 blend of Perique and Bengal; it turned out quite nice. :grin:


That must be it then, it is very clean, it just requires patience for the flavour to develop but it is definitely worth it.[quote=“Kinnikinnick, post:252, topic:28032”]
you might want to go with your low (or no) heat, long steep method on your Nightcap.
[/quote]I’m using this method on all the N.E.T’s I’ve have steeping now. I have tried the heat extraction and the PGA and I like the cold steep N.E.T the best. Might be different for different people but I find this produces a very rich flavour and personally I prefer it over the other methods

That’s the idea, the lower the percentage the more cost effective it is to produce your own :joy:


Three more for the cool steep closet.

C&D ~ Bayou Morning

H&H ~ Virginia Spice
Cigar Leaf

Sutliff ~ Sunset Rum

All three, PG macerations, heated +/- 140 degrees for 8 hrs.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and few days off to get these filtered. :grin:

Side note:

Anyone looking for a nice tobacco to use for their first NET experience, I would suggest the Peter Stokkebye Optimum 31 (described earlier in this thread). After a month of steep time in a final 15% stand alone mix, it has really developed into a super pleasurable tobacco vape; no pokie edges, just a nice, smooth, lightly fruited, subtle vanilla backnoted tobacco flavor. :wink:


@Kinnikinnick First N.E.T ready tomorrow … Let the filtering begin :+1:


Yay you! :grinning:

Just to put a bug in your ear… Don’t discard the cigar tobacco used for the extraction right away; put it in a jar and hold on to it until you do your taste testing. Should the extract come out rather weak, you can add everything back to the tobacco and let it sit for a month or so more. Sometimes cigar tobacco extraction take a while longer than other types of tobaccos. :grimacing:

My Rocky Patel Nording extraction is good, but, I think it could have benefited from another month in the closet. Alas, I tossed my tobacco before I came to that realization. I’m needing 25 to 30% in the mix for a satisfactory cigar vape. :pensive:

Next cigar I do will be a PGA, room temp for 3 months in a cool dark closet maceration. I know that will work…it just takes so much damn time! :rage:


Tomorrow is a “Groovy Blue” day for @Rob62…let the filtering begin.

Oh, I guess you already said that…


That is excellent advice Thank You … Maybe :thinking: I’ll just let it sit a while longer. I do have 3 more pipe tobacco’s ready in a week :yum:


The crockpot warms three:
C&D ~ Old Joe Krantz, Orion’s Arrow & Red Virginia Ribbon, while doing a bit of filtering.

Filtered Peter Stokkebye 84 Turkish

Find myself leaning more towards the Va/Per blends these days, however, the exotic flavor of the Samsoun leaf in the Peter Stokkebye 84 Turkish filtered today is a nice bright complex departure from the norm.

Red Virginia Ribbon:

Old Joe Krantz:

Orion’s Arrow:


Filtering this today