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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


I have to say, after working with a couple of aromatics now, the top dressing and casings on an aromatic are kind of a welcomed and enjoyable addition to the tobacco flavor. Best part is, the notes come with the tobacco, so you don’t have to buy a flavor and figure out the percentage to add. :wink:…take it as it comes, so to speak.


[Eileen’s Dream starts with top-quality tobaccos- specially selected Virginias and slowly steamed black Cavendish. The flavor profile is completed by the introduction of two sweet and smooth treats- the taste of Irish cream liqueur and white chocolate truffles.

Yeah this one smells GOOD … I should be vaping this tomorrow :+1:


Omg. With explanations like that I may have to start making my own. Uggg.


Dare say, you won’t be sorry. :wink:


Check out all the CAO pipe tobaccos



OMG is right I filtered the Eileen’s Dream down to 1.5 microns and mixed it at 10% it’s unbelievable. Good tobacco flavor with a nice sweetness to it. You can pick out the Irish cream and the chocolate notes in it … A Must try for anyone thinking about making a N.E.T

And @Kinnikinnick My Hat’s off to you Sir


Congrats on your successful NET! Feels good, right?..and tastes even better. :grinning: I love a good Virginia blend; that natural sweetness is tasty!

I’m looking into gathering a couple more aromatic tobaccos myself; keeping my eyes peeled for sales.


As promised, I’m reporting back and I took pictures! :grinning:

I started with three tea bags in 30 mils of PG. In spite of my earlier questions I decided to use the loose tea for this first try. They each weighed a little different but together they were about 7.5 grams.

I steeped this for an hour directly in the mason jar in hot rice, stirring every 10-15 minutes and reheating the rice.

After about an hour of this I sealed it up and left it in a dark bag in a dark cabinet and marked my calendar. (KK I think we have the same mason jars!) I got in my TARDIS and jumped forward to last night when I was able to take it out.

It’s almost black. The first filtering was mainly for the solids. You can see from the pic how I configured the coffee filter but you may not be able to tell that I also pre-moistened the filter with a bit of PG. A few extra drops of PG in the extraction won’t hurt but I didn’t want the filter suck up my precious elixir!

This took four hours, yes FOUR HOURS! The extraction is very thick now, almost like VG. I left this in a safe place, covered with inner lid of the jar and checked it before I went to bed. It was now time for the final filtering. This time I cut the filter to fit my funnel and again moistened it with a little PG.

As you can see it looks like some kind of arcane ritual I’m performing. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This filtering took another hour because proper sorcery cannot be rushed. (Unless you have a TARDIS….)

In the end I’ve got about 18-20 mils I think.

This is the recipe I used for my first taste test.

Vape Jucie ~ 10% Elixir .5% Pyure

Cuppah ~ 1 tea bag in 6 oz boiling water steeped for 4 min. 7 drops of Pyure.

I’m vaping it now on a clean coil at 30w. It’s not terrible but I know that increasing the % will not help. It’s like if you had unsweetened kool aid in your bong and the herb was weak. (Not that I have firsthand knowledge of any such thing.) :innocent:

Overall, I’m a little disappointed in the single flavor experience but I’m sure this will make a really nice layer in tea vapes and add an earthy note to fruit based bakery. I’ll let it steep, maybe try it with some marshmallow or yogurt or both.

Thank you so much for this topic, for all your information and all your encouragement!


Reporting back on a PG extraction; warmed 8 hours @ +/- 140 degrees, with a month cool closet steep:

Picayune ~ Daughters & Ryan


Vendor Notes:
A full bodied blend of exceptional dark air-cured and the finest flue-cured Gold Leaf tobaccos. Combined with a rare and flavorful Perique and Samsoun Oriental tobacco.

My Notes:
Enjoyably stout! It will be the NET bottle I reach for when wanting to stroll down memory lane in search for that analogue kick. My mix is a 50pg/50vg with 15% extract.

When slowly vaping this on a dripper (1.4ohm single coil at 12 watts), I can taste just about every leaf in the blend. The Perique rises to the top of the list though; for me, is the most pleasing thing about this tobacco. At first, the Burley and Samsoun kinda take you off guard. But the more you vape this mix, the sweetness of the Virginia and the dark fruity funk of the Perique start to peek though and make this an extremely enjoyable vape.

I’ve vaped about 20ml of this mix so far and have to say, cellaring some Picayune and probably a couple of other D&R blends (yet to be discovered) is on my short list.


Cornell & Diehl Izmir Turkish


Vendor Notes:
A spice blend known for its nutty, “sweet and sour” characteristics, Turkish/Oriental tobaccos are commonly mixed with Latakia (which helps mask the Oriental’s own strong aroma), and are the main component of a traditional English blend. While most Orientals out there are generic admixtures of various regional tobaccos from around the Mediterranean, C&D’s is pure Izmir.

My Notes:
Just WoW! I could end it there, but I shouldn’t. Just wrapped up a filter of this and it has rather blown me away. I usually do a quick 5 ml test batch off a fresh filtered tobacco and wait for a 30 ml mix to mature for a couple of weeks before vaping any more of it. Not this time. I haven’t put the Izmir down since I mixed a batch (15% extract in a 50P/50V base).

This is my first NET for a straight Izmir Turkish; PG heated maceration. After I read many reviews of this tobacco, I can understand why many people describe it as exotic, buttery, spicy, musty, earthy, sour, woody (#2 pencil) and a host of other descriptive terms. It just is, all those things, in one tobacco.

Before I started hard in on the NET, my last run on the synthetic concentrates was Turkish. I preferred the SC Turkish from Bull City Flavors mixed with a small amount of Nicotiana Rustica over any other mix I had made to date. I can now retire the synthetic SC Turkish, 'cause I’ve found the real deal. I can vape this straight all day long, but see myself dabbling with VA/Per/Lata and the Izmir very soon.

If only to understand why so many people love the Izmir, one should try at least one small NET batch or get some from a NET buddy and give it a try; it will definitely brighten up your vaping day.


I concur, just had a sneak peak, drew out some liquid with a syringe after a month steep, low heat, and mixed it at 20%, it is very smokey. I could probably filter it already but I’ve decided to leave it a while longer. The more concentrated it gets, the less I’ll have to use. 20% is definitely too much, maybe at a lower percentage it still could be used as a standalone. If not, it will be an excellent addition to the N.E.T,s with less charisma :sunglasses:


True. With the higher Latakia (Balkan/English) content blends I have produced, most of them do well as a stand alone below 10%.

Your Nightcap would be an excellent blender with something like a bright Oriental.


@Kinnikinnick did you ever find which filteration was best. I had my eye on this filteration funnel with the hand pump but also seen you’ve been using the aeropress with good results…

( I have used this company before very nice ship out of St. Aug, FL )

or the less pricier option of the press

which do you think is best anyone can answer if they’ve had experience w/ either !

I have tried a 5 gr to 20 gr vg Tea NET today using a Pu erh Hazelberry http://www.adagio.com/pu_erh/pu_erh_hazelberry.html

Also someone was saying the filter got bubbly around the beaker here is an idea https://www.sciencelabsupplies.com/Rubber-Filter-Aid.html


I like my Aeropress I think it works good :smiley:


I’m with @Rob62. Love my Aeropress.

Now, I haven’t used or know anyone who has used the pump version. But for me, I saw the Aeropress as a less costly way to go. Not only that, but there are 3 parts to the Aeropress and they are hard plastic; less stuff to go wrong or break.

In my experimentation with the Aeropress, I found that when it came down to the final filtering with a 2.5 micron filter, it does take a while for the process to happen. If I’m not in a hurry, I just push the plunger down a bit and walk away for a bit; come back later and do it again until it’s finished. That downward pressure will push through a bit of extract without me being there to watch it happen.

If I’m in a hurry, I weight the plunger down with a few books or a steel Dutch oven skillet and walk away; the process will happen all on its own without me being there at all. Lubing up the inside of the Aeropress tube with some VG before you put the plunger inside aids in the plunger moving freely while unattended.

Probably more information than you wanted, but tips and tricks are useful.


Honestly I think a mixture should take time to sit and mature. Then filter it out good. I have a mixture that has been sitting for 5 to six months now and am trying to be patient with it. I stir it every now and then but am trying to be patient with it. I tried a sample at 2 months, I thought it needed more time.
All nets are pipe tobaccos from a local pipe store. My next batch will be tobacco leaves from a tobacco leaf store. I am running out of the Virginia Flue that someone gave me. I have made a Blueberry honey mix that is to die for with the flue.


Welcome to the NET threads @Skullblade789.

I very much agree on letting things sit for a while and mature. Particularly with regards to cigar tobacco. A lesson I learned a couple of months back was that I shouldn’t throw away the tobacco after a filter until I’m absolutely sure it’s usefulness has been achieved.

As it turned out, I didn’t let the cigar maceration sit for long enough. After 2 months of steeping, it went to filter. I have to use 50% extract to get a nice flavor. Alas, if I had saved my tobacco, it could have been saturated again with the filtered extract and left to sit for a few more months. Lesson learned.

Other than cigar tobacco extracts, I have found that for me personally, a heat assisted pipe or single variety tobacco maceration takes roughly a month worth of cool steep time to reach a really nice potential. I’ve been using no more than 15% extract in a mix, out of the 20 or so extractions I have performed.

But, with every new extraction, one learns something new, every tobacco is a bit different and we polish our skills.

NET: what I need to know to make my own tobacco flavored e-juice

I just draw some liquid out with a syringe and make a test batch, it gives me a pretty good idea of the potency of the extract without going through the whole sordid business of filtering.

Laziness is the skill I’ve polished the most, hence the syringe solution :grinning:


I have started doing the same thing with certain tobaccos. I got complacent that my other tobacco (pipe) extracts were turning out fine with a relatively short cool steep time. Cigar leaf is a different beast all together; jar it and forget about it for 6 months or so will be the key.


I feel a long steep time in pg will make the difference. Also a long steep time for the Eli quid mix. You are looking at a 9 month process for a good NET in my opinion. It all takes time for greatness.