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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


Ok thank you @Kinnikinnick and thank you @Rob62 I think the next time I’m at bed bath and beyond I’ll pick one up.

I did a couple batches in the mean time all teas thus far but omg do they smell good. I got greedy and strained one thru a coffee filter that was within a small metal strainer took me around 3 days for 15mls to come thru then I said this is way too early so I combined it w/ a whole new batch of tea…exciting I think I’ll try and let it go around 3 months and see where I’m at.

Thanks again for all the wonderful work you’ve done here it’s appreciated. I look forward to hearing more of y’alls reviews of your tobaccos as well.


I would like to try that … Recipe please


How did it go at lab?


Not too shabby, but NET tobacco is pretty much my ADV now. I make a hybrid NET on occasion when the casing flavor in a tobacco blend isn’t quite up to snuff.


Same here. My NET pipe is sooooo good.


This is a good Tea I may try this


I got my Aeropress a few weeks back have been waiting patiently for my Zinger Tea NET to come to 1 month.

I found that I really need a better receiving jar I lost some of the NET d/t it dripping down the sides and what not.

I ran it thru the Aeropress filters 1 w/ the NET in raw form this was the original pass then once again w/ a new filter and only the remaining juice.

The next thing will be to let it to just continue to drip and I will bottle it. I feel that it will only yield around 5-10mls tops out of around a 30ml batch in the beginning.

Not too shabby for the first run. Then I’ll see what improvements can be made and I am sure getting a better jar for receiving will be one and making a larger batch and extending the steep time will be next.

I just wanted to see how it was coming along so I did a 1 month on this one and I have one that I will let continue to steep for another few months.

Questions would be should I just use this as a flavoring or would you use it as the base and add Nicotine to this 10 ml batch and possibly next time I could get a lil bit more out of my batch w/ the right set up. ??

Amy’s Zinger Tea Recipe
2 Bags ( loose) wildberry zinger
1 bag loose True Blueberry
1 bag loose Peach Passion
1 bag loose Black cherry berry
1 bag loose Raspberry zinger
collectively weighed in around 14.67 grams

0.517 oz. Tea
0.753 oz PG
1.503 oz VG


I would use it as a flavoring


I ended up filtering it one more time. and have about 7mls I agree Rob will use it as a flavoring verses a base. Thank you. It is as dark as wine but smells way better :slight_smile:

Fun part is figuring at what % prob around the 10 % mark considering it is a VGD blend.


Hope it turns out good!

And totally up to you if you want to make this a base w/ nic or not; I usually keep all of my tobacco extracts free of nic base til it’s mixed, since my mixes range anywhere from 3mg to 10mg depending on the vaping device and location.


Hey !

Yea I went nic free as I usually do while it’s steeping.

As a mix I use it at 10% and it smells out of this world delish It could be bc I put all the labor into it or could be that it is sooo good we’ll see !

Here’s a peek of one I just made and will now steep this lil gem another month if I can keep my hands off it! 30 mls made

Amy's Zingerberry NET mix

Ingredient %
Amy's Zingerberry NET 10
Blueberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 2.25
Orange Citrus (Flavorah) 0.25
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.75
Yumberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.8

Flavor total: 16.06%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Real Flavor SC are the raw extracts binder free,


Just curious? Have you mixed your tea extract as a stand alone flavor?

In my tobacco NET ventures, I have found that almost all of the extracts which I’ve made can be vaped and enjoyed as stand alone mixes. My wife enjoys many of my tobacco NET extracts sans other flavors; there are a couple she wants me to tout up with an RY4 style background note…she loves her caramel and nut tobacco combo.


Just wanted everyone to know I am still alive just been EXTREMLEY busy.

Thanks to @Kinnikinnick for getting me started in the world of N.E.T I have finally found a way to enjoy vaping once again.

Many of you already know I became so sensitive to PG that I ended up not being able to vape at all.

The combination of PG sensitivity and the death of 3 of the dearest people in my life in less than 2 months it was very easy to return to smoking and give up vaping altogether.

Over the last several months I have been thru a lot including a health scare of my own that landed me in the hospital. I am much better now and as promised my first post is going to be about my journey into N.E.T.

It all started with a very kind offer of some 100% VG BASE N.E.T. being sent to me by none other than @Kinnikinnick. Thank you so much my friend you saved me from full time smoking again.

Here is the equipment I invested in to get started.

After receiving the above items and seeing first hand how large to funnel was I then ordered this smaller funnel not realizing it had a permanent filter built in.

I will not bore you with my first few attempts ( it was a learning process for sure) but over the next day or 2 I will show you the latest try that I am filtering as I am posting this.

My first step in this run started on 9/28/16

16g of Wildhorse pipe tobacco

210g VG

Pictured after a good hard shaking and letting it settle for a couple hours.

This picture is at about 3 weeks

This is yesterday before starting the filtering.

All I did was added the tobacco and VG and let it sit in a cool dark place, no heat, no shaking. About once a week I would flip the jar over but nothing else. Started 9/28/16 and first filtering on 12/11/16

In the picture below you see the results after just letting it filter thru a regular coffee filter by gravity alone. I did not press or squeeze out the wet tobacco. Approximately 90ml of liquid.

I am off for now to finish the filtering and will post my final results for this run soon.


Wow I’m so glad to see you back @wvsanta I have missed you :grinning:

And Way cool of you @Kinnikinnick


Just a few more pics of the first filtering.

The reason I went after vacuum assisted filtering was I already had the large electric powered vacuum pump for working on automotive air conditioning systems.

So here is what I got out of the wet tobacco after gravity filtering thru a coffe filter for 24hrs.

Jar on the left is from gravity filtering only, approximately 90ml and on the right after squeezing the liquid from the tobacco approximately 40ml.

Squeezed by hand in the coffee filter

Fresh filter and vacuum applied to speed things up

Now I did it this way so I could tell if the liquid that just drained by gravity alone would produce a final liquid that does not gunk coils as bad. I am thinking that the act of forcing the liquid from the tobacco may possibly lead to more sever coil gunning no matter how fine a filter you run it thru.

Time will tell if this helped or not.


Glad I was finally able to find the time to get back on here. It is still very hectic but will try my best to pop in from time to time. Settling the Father-In-Laws estate has been and will be very time consuming. We are only about half way done so far.


Well God Bless you and your Family and I hope everything works out. :grinning:


Welcome back! Good to see you again. :slight_smile:


Glad you are well @wvsanta and glad you are continuing down the NET road for your vaping pleasure.

Please do! I like to hear about folks endeavors in the NET realm. ; )


Nice to meet you. I too love a great net. I like your setup.