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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


Meant for you. Sorry. Glad you are better.


Thanks @JoJo and @Kinnikinnick glad to be back really missed this place but for the near future anyway it will be in and out still very busy.

Glad to meet you as well @Skullblade789

I will post the last part with pictures of the final steps in filtering ASAP still need to sort thru the pics.


OK here is the second filtering. This is the first time I have used this funnel with the built in glass filter and it worked good in my opinion. Now is also the first time in this process that I used any heat at all. This was done only to thin the 100%VG solution to aid in filtering faster.

Start to finish for about 90ml was around 3 min.

Now on to the third filtering. This is using the large Buchner funnel and grade 103 slow filter paper. I also heated the solution just a little to thin it for faster filtering.

This is applying VG to the underside of the filter paper to get it to stick to the funnel

Filter paper applied to the funnel and the vacuum started.

Now as you can see below the vacuum pulls the center of the funnel down enough that the liquid pools in the center which allows it to filter thru the paper without leaking around the outside edge of the filter paper.

Start to finish time on this step was just about 5min. Below is what it looked like after both the 90ml and 40ml jars were done.

This was the best close-up pic I could get of the filter paper after I was done.

Here you see the finished product. The jar on the right is the almost 90ml that was allowed to past thru a coffee filter by gravity alone and no liquid pressed out of the tobacco itself. The one on the right is the almost 40ml that I pressed out of the tobacco.

I am still comparing the final results of the 2 methods but it sure seems to me that the extract that was squeezed out of the tobacco definitely gunks coils faster.


Way cool I like your set up where did you get your vacuum pump ?


Did you find your NET flavorful as a stand alone vape?

Most all of mine need no touting up with other flavorings; saves a lot of time and guess work when mixing. 99% of the time it is 15% NET in the mix and I’m done.


I purchased mine from a friend used many years ago but there are several models on ebay similar looking and not super expensive.

This should work fine for our use.

Yes I did and to me that is the true beauty of NET.

I like this cold extraction in 100% VG at 12%. I am vaping it now in my Kayfun V5 on my VT133 at 460f 24g SS316L 6 wrap spaced coil and this final mix is 100%VG no PG or PDO at all. I just open the juice flow to a full 3 turns instead of the recommended 2 turns. I can chain vape with no dry hits and I can leave it laying on it’s side or sitting upright overnight with no flooding issues.

This is my third extraction but the first time doing it without any heat before the final 2 filtering stages. I think this helps reduce the coil gunk factor as well as giving you a much smoother yet richer flavor if that makes sense. This is the closest vape to replicating the flavor and experience of actually smoking a real cigarette that I have ever had to date. As most of you already know I had recently returned to smoking but this has made quitting again VERY easy.

Thank you @Kinnikinnick for guiding me down this path in my vaping journey. Without your help I would have never tired a 100% VG NET.


Well, knowing your back story, you seemed like the perfect candidate for experiencing the joy of NET. For folks that love the flavor of tobacco, there’s nothing out there in a synthetic version which can match or exceed the flavor of NET.

Plus, it is extremely satisfying to know that you’re “off the grid”, so to speak, when it comes to creating your own tobacco mixes. I won’t say the possibilities are endless or limitless, but, I don’t see the sale of tobacco ending any time soon and there are scads of tobaccos out there from which to choose.

When you get a chance, you should get your hands on some Daughters & Ryan Picayune; very nice ADV; one which I return to on a regular basis due to the wonderful blend of burley, oriental, Virginia and perique combination of tobaccos.


Yes I have noticed that opening the juice flow up more does help A LOT on the Kayfun 5
I did 2 1/2 and I will try 3 … Good Share :+1: Wow better flavor at 3 full turns :smiley: air flow at 2 dots


hi @Kinnikinnick
can you please assist me I have cigars but will take a picture of the make tonight I got them when I travel the Netherlands. I don’t know the exact amount I have added but think it was 2 chopped up Cigars and filled the jar to the cigars and a bit more. The base I used was PG.
I would like to know can you do a heat steep on them and if so will it also be on 150C or would it be less.
it has been steeped in the closet for about 1 month and what is the steeping time for them


That maceration is just getting started. Cigars are much different than your other tobacco blends. They require a much longer steep time than anything else. A small amount of heat steep is good to initiate the process, but the cool closet steep will need to continue for a few months; yes… months. Four to six months would be the optimum time for a cigar. In the meantime, try your hand at a quicker steeping pipe tobacco or an RYO cigarette tobacco which can be purchased by the ounce. These are usually great with a little heat steep and a month in a cool dark closet.


I have a cigar N.E.T now that i’m letting steep for 6 months. Longer steep time = less % in your mix = less gunked up coils :+1:

And I filter my N.E.T’s down to 1.5 microns


Linger time equals more flavor.


I received a generous sample pack of some of @Kinnikinnick 's NET tobaccos, to try.

I started with the Picayune and was wonderfully impressed. I sample it slowly. A little at a time in a dedicated tank that’s always on my desk, alternating between whatever I’m vaping that day, and the NET. I was worried that the Picayune might have set the bar at the top, and all the others might be a step down.

Until I tried the Izmir Turkish. Oh my, what an outstanding flavor. This is a pull it in, close your eyes, and slowly exhale slice of heaven, for this tobacco lover. The 15% suggestion was a bullseye, as well.

I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the samples.

Excellent work, my friend!


One of my faves as well. However, seems like just about every tobacco extraction has its own personality and tasty qualities to be savored; the more I vape a particular NET, the more I learn to appreciate its nuances.


Yeah, if you nail a NET it is sublime. Ask @TheTinMan1 about some of the NETS I sent him. Some of the best ones take a butt load of time, but so worth it.


What are a couple of your favorites?


Virginia Flu, Cherry pipe, Cherry Vanilla, and a regular pipe. I am looking forward to Rum Pipe and Raspberry Cream pipe.


this was great to read ive been researching tobacco flaves and i understand these are your own creations i just wanted to say great job to all of you


Here’s an informative read for those of us who love (or are soon to love) the Orientals.

… there are Tobacco recommendation at the end of part 2.

Enjoy! :wink:


As I mentioned to you previously, I asked Santa for the Aeropress for Christmas. I musta been a good boy in 2016 :slight_smile:

But…I fell in love with it as a coffee maker and have yet to use it for NET. About to do that now with some Mac Baren Plumcake that has been in PGA since around August last year.

I don’t have any of the superfine filters, so I’m thinking I’ll run a pass or three through the regular coffee filters then double up on them.

Question - do you evaporate off any of the PGA or do you just bottle it after filtration? (the answer is probably in the thread here but I am too lazy to read it all!). I was thinking if I did evaporate off the alcohol I could take the remaining liquid and mix with PG. Thoughts?