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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


That Plumcake sounds delish! Might have to add that one to an order soon. :wink:

Your thoughts on filtering are just fine. I would suggest after you filter, winterize (freeze) this NET for a few days to allow the gook in the tobacco to precipitate to the bottom of the jar; then filter again, but be careful to leave all the gook at the bottom of the jar.

Then, evaporate the PGA NET down to 1/4 of the original amount; open air, in a closed cupboard… 24/36 hours should do it. However, keep an eagle eye on the evap process… you don’t want to go past the point of 3/4 evap.

Now, you can leave the final amount as a flavoring (suggested) or process/blend it with whatever base you wish.

Hope that helps! :smiley:


Absolutely does, thanks! I figured it was something like that but wanted confirmation. I placed the jar into the freezer about 30 mins ago. I should end up with about 20ml when all’s said and done.


This is the color after 3 sing and 3 double filter passes.


Looking good to me…I want to do a PGA NET but in West Virginia and Virginia both you can not get 190 proof…I was told by someone in Maryland you can so I need to make the 80 mile round trip and find out…I can get stuff 190 proof by request from the local bootlegger, but it is just to damn expensive, the trip to Maryland would be much cheaper. :+1:


Let me check on that for you. Last I heard they had stopped selling the 190 proof in Maryland also.


What are you looking for that 190 proof?


A sip while mixing bro


190 proof Everclear seems to be the one most people talk about using for extraction… So far in my area the highest proof I can find is the 151 proof rum and it is much more expensive for doing a NET then I remember Everclear costing. Everclear only comes in I think it was 120 proof in VA and WV both.


I have good moonshine for that :relaxed:


I will be making a stop at JR Cigar in Statesville, NC in about 3 weeks. Plan to pick up a few tins of primo pipe tobacco for NETs.


Looks like you’ll have plenty of fine ones from which to choose, having looked down their list of offerings. :grinning:


Yes sir. When I was a trucker that was one of my major stops for pipe tobacco and cigars. Their humidor is probably 2000 sq ft. Very large display case with cigars, walls lined with cigars, cigars stacked between the display case and wall shelves. Did I mention they have a lot of cigars? :slight_smile: And they carry a pretty good selection of McClelland which - of the bigger pipe tobacco companies - has some of the most primo Virginias and Orientals. I think they used to carry Solani and if so I’ll grab their VAPER (Virginia / Perique).



and all of my NETS will be 6 months old , wow that was a long wait :laughing:


It is worth the wait. Then when you add your liquids, give 2 to 3 weeks for a steep for best results.


They stopped selling this one in the Netherlands, so I ordered a Mac Baren Vanilla, Toffee / Classic Amber and Zephyr by Orlik, which is a mix of Burley, Virginia and Oriënt tobacco with plum, walnut and vanilla. It is going to be a long wait :sweat_smile:
On the upside, in about a month all my other NETS will reach their 6 months of steeping. :boom:


Excellent!! Hope it rewards you with plenty of goodness!

Just pulled my NET out of the freezer. I used a syringe to draw the liquid off the top. Here’s what was left -

Ended up with 60ml (dammit!!!) of finished liquid. So letting it evaporate 3/4 means I’ll have 15ml of final product. Question is, when I mix how much should I use? I have someone in mind I want to send some to.


Well, that depends on the strength of the concentrate, you will have to try that out for yourself. No flavour list on ELR to help you out with that one. :grinning:
I’ve had NETS at 15/20% but they only steeped for a month. I’m sure with a 6 month steep the percentage will be significantly lower.


Which pipe tobacco was it?


Anybody know where I can get my hands on some butter rum pipe tobacco?


It is sold out at the moment though.
This one isn’t.