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N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)


Mac Baren Plumcake


Have you tried any of those?


No, I haven’t but it sounds delicious.


Any one ever created a good butter rum vape?


I haven’t come across one yet but I haven’t seen all the recipes on ELR, maybe someone else has got one for you. :grinning:


It’s not a tobacco, but @Ken_O_Where has a delicious one called Butterbeer. I’ve also used the LA Butter Rum, adding it to my Butter Overload recipe. It’s not ready for prime time but will release it I’m sure in the next month.


JimK :slight_smile: I have a question…and I feel like I know the answer already but want your expertise just the same. It’s been almost 24 hrs and the evaporation has been just 5ml out of the 60 I started with. So which is more important - time (24-36 hrs) or volume (3/4 evap)? As long as this extracted I’d hate to muck it up. Thanks.


I’d say the “down to 3/4”. Some folks don’t mind the alcoholic flavor of the PGA and don’t evap as much… this is totally up to your tastebuds. Give it a try after you evap down to 1/2 and see what you think. :wink:



Just a thought, because I have not done a PGA tobacco extraction yet. It seems to me in doing research on NET’s that a very slight warm water bath would speed up the evaporation process yet not hurt the flavor. I am talking a small slow cooker on the lowest setting and set up as a double boiler in a well ventilated area.

Not sure if this is true for Tobacco extractions or not.


Hey… it’s all about trial, error and personal preference. :wink: If a certain process works for an individual… so be it.

It’s kinda like when @Josephine_van_Rijn answered a question about steeping. How long should one steep a juice? Her answer was… “when it tastes good to you… it has steeped long enough.”


My general rule of thumb is 6 months for a steep process for the PG pipe flavoring. I think it really brings out the flavor in the mix. It is just my opinion though.


Who is the maker of these tobaccos which you macerated into NET?


Local shops here in PA. I do not know companies. It is loose pipe tobacco.


Welp… if anyone is a fan of Dunhill cigars or pipe tobacco for their NET purposes… better start cellaring your favorites yesterday! Dunhill could possibly be a memory in about 18 months. :flushed:


…hurts in a bad way! :sob:


Shit, better stock up and get some more of that delicious nightcap in the next 18 months.


Between that, Elizabethan, Early Morning, MM 965, Royal Yacht, Dark Flake or any other of ones faves! Let the back ordering begin! :rage:


Number one! :grinning:

1 Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
1 Dunhill Elisabethan Mixture
1 Dunhill London Mixture
1 Dunhill My Mixture 965
1 Dunhill The Aperitif
1 Dunhill The Royal Yacht Mixture
1 DUNHILL Robusto The Signed Range


If anything… even if you stop vaping all together and you wind up with cellared tobaccos… you’ll be able to scalp them at one hell of a price in 10 or 20 years! :smiling_imp::innocent:


@Kinnikinnick @Skullblade789 @Josephine_van_Rijn

I have never made a net and have vaped very little tobacco (just testing mixes really).

I have a legit question and it is not meant to rub anyone the wrong way so please take it as curiosity.

Tobacco companies are known for their awesomeness of adding chemicals to tobacco particularly cigarettes are pipe tobacco is different? Having never smoked a pipe I have no idea i assume the tobacco is similar to rollies? (don’t know what you call smokes over there you roll yourself). I am wondering if you have done any research into additives (if any) in the tobaccos you use.

I am looking to do a net at some stage (and i know it will take a long time to be ready) for a mate of mine who is a recent convert (4 days old) and I would like to have a little bit more knowledge as to what if anything is added to a pipe tobacco and if there are additives do they to your knowledge translate to the concentrate that is produced by the extraction process you use.

Is there nic in the concentrate (is some of it extracted as well?)

Not trying to put anyone on the spot it is a genuine set of questions.