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Nature flavors


I have read this before but has been a while. I think this line may have been developed for e-liquids though I’m not 100% sure. If they have VG base, then it is not very thick. All of my Tea line flavors are thin like PG based but I know it’s not PG in it. I thought it was alcohol but I guess it is alcohol and a VG “component” in the base.


@Plunderdrum all from diyvs, and thanks for your details.


I didn’t get the coffee and tea variety. Just the extract. And yes, the diacetyl free butter rocks.


FYI, if you buy direct, it’s made fresh. If you buy from another retailer, there is no telling how long it’s been on the shelf


@R113 Roger that, already dropped the hammer @ DIY. Am interested to see how they fare.


Like any other company, some flavors suck and some are decent. Some don’t smell strong but are strong AF. Like NF brown sugar for example. .5% is plenty in a mix.


I’m at .6-1% with the diyvs version. Depends on the recipe and how long it will steep. It is an upsteeper, so after 2mo it can get messy at 1%. Most of mine don’t live much past 5 weeks, though.


I thought NF cream and custard are excellent btw. Been using .5-1%


I’ve been trying to comb over what notes there are on the NF flavors, trying to find percentages for SF, and am not having much luck at all. Just received the following, and beyond the Pumpkin Pie which I hear is quite strong, anyone have any clue where to start testing this at for SF test ?? If you can help, I appreciate it.