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Nature's flavors


I was looking around trying to see what recipe we talked about ! Gotcha ! you don’t have it posted ? I was going to favorite it to make it ! I’ll just bookmark the recipe


Yea, they were in test, I just haven’t posted yet, going to Wilmington in 30 min.


I just mixed up @Beaufort_Batches Strawberry Malted Cupcake and its excellent S&V. I can’t wait to let it steep a week or so and try it again! I’m still trying to understand exactly what the Malt is doing. Don’t get me wrong it seems to be good so far. I also went ahead and got NF’s chocolate malt and they’re chocolate. I like that the chocolate malt is a light color. Back to mixing!!


It gives off a silky mouthfeel, adds sweetness, adds a kind of Chocolate flair and also enhances other flavors similarly the way vanilla or caramel does.


Yes its definitely silky smooth and sweet!! I love it!


Looks like this topic is a bit old, but has anyone continued testing or using NF’s ?? Any keepers, fails ?? Am loading a cart now, but am unsure if they’re good or not.

Organic Banana Cream (NF)
Organic Banana Nut (NF)
Organic Black Cherry (NF)
Organic Butterscotch (NF)
Organic Chocolate (NF)
Organic Cookie Dough (NF)
Organic Custard (NF)
Organic Danish Pastry (NF)
Organic Graham Cracker (NF)
Organic Lemon Meringue (NF)
Organic Marshmallow (NF)
Organic Pancake (NF)
Organic Smore (NF)
Pumpkin Pie (NF)
Organic Milk Chocolate (NF)


@Beaufort_Batches and @juice_junkie_lover would be who id be asking hopefully they could chime in b4 you spend , and give you some yays or nays i know bb has suggested rhe PUMPKIN pie to me b4


I can vouch that the cookie dough, danish pastry and pancake are keepers. Butterscotch is ridiculiously strong and overly dark more useful as a caramel and sweetener than as a butterscotch


@Plunderdrum also uses a bunch of NF and i believe @NChris


@fidalgo_vapes, @mixologist13, thank you very much. Will wait to pull the trigger until @Beaufort_Batches, @juice_junkie_lover, @Plunderdrum, and @NChris chime in. Thanks a lot for the help thus far.


Powerful help @mixologist13


Nailed it @fidalgo_vapes


@R113 is who you need. He’s the nature’s flavors man! I haven’t played very many and the ones I had I wasn’t extremely impressed with. I gave up on them before really giving them a chance though.


Keepers in my personal opinion,

Danish Pastry
Pumpkin Pie

I’d leave the rest of that list alone although I have not tried the Cookie Dough and Banana Nut, you can decide on those for yourself.Although I would add;

Bavarian Cream
Carrot Cake

I’ve had great luck with those flavors listed above. I have more I can’t think of ATM, but those I use fairly often.


@Beaufort_Batches I really appreciate you taking the time to get into this, it helps me out a lot, and realizing tastes can differ, if you say something’s a no-go, good enough for me. Thank you, and to the others who took the time to help out.


Are you buying direct or diyvs? Most of mine came from diyvs.

Cookie dough is really good, even as a single. I tried it at 5% sft, and it’s real nice at 2 weeks steep. I haven’t let it sit longer than that because it was a 15ml test, but it felt like it was going to keep getting better.

Banana Nut is a little weird. Tried it at 1.5% in a mix that I thought it would work well with. But it has this tangy almost floral off-note at that %. Just retested it after 4 months steeping and it is still weird. Might just need a sub-1% treatment, I’m not sure.
I prefer the Milk Chocolate over regular. The regular Chocolate had what looked like cocoa powder chunks in it. Milk Chocolate is clean and worked well at .6% in a mix.

Some of my favorites:
Marshmallow, Danish Pastry, Malt, Brown Sugar, Fresh Baked Bread, Strawbery, Strawberry Shortcake, Zabaglione, Coconut, Coconut Cream, Butter, Maraschino Cherry, Panettone (Autumn-Winter), there are more… short on time.

Black Cherry I think is good, but haven’t tested it out enough.
Graham Cracker is good
I’ve tried Pumpkin Pie in a mix at 1% and I think it wants to be .15%, way funky tasting at 1. I haven’t tried it lower than 1 yet, though. Curious which version and what percent @Beaufort_Batches used this one at! It could have been something else in the recipe throwing it off, need to get serious about sft’s!
I haven’t thoroughly tested Custard yet, but no off-notes iirc.
I hope this helps.


@Plunderdrum, yes that NF Pumpkin Pie is really strong, I used the version from the tea line. I should mention that I use the tea line version as they are the best choice version to vape.

I use the Pumpkin Pie at .5% up to 1%. At any percentage this concentrate needs help though because it has a raw pumpkin puree taste to it.(Which is why you may find it funky) I use Butter Cream or Vienna Cream along with some vanilla, cheesecake graham crust, malt and cookie to polish it up with. This flavor also has some whipped cream flavor in it so you don’t need to go too much with creams but it can use a bit more cream to help it out. This flavor works great creating one of those seasonal Starbucks Pumpkin Pie Cappuccinos/Lattes.


Thanks for the info! diyvs carries the Organic Extracts, which are good to vape. I know R113 uses the Organic Extracts (Diacetyl-free) and likes those. I’ll have to give their tea line a try and compare. I understand those are VG based.


You can use those too, Nature Flavors recommends the Diacetyl free Organic Tea line to use in e-liquids. I guess the formulation is a little different but they seem to be the same strength as the Organic line. I don’t think they are VG based though



Good to know! I’m leary of a diacetyl-free butter flavor, though! But, @R113 seems to like it quite a lot. I just read this on the NF site under the tea & coffee section, so I’m really interested now.

“All of our Certified Organic Coffee and Tea Flavors are all natural, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, and contain NO Allergens! Natures Flavors Organic Coffee & Tea Flavoring Systems are water soluble, in addition they will mix into Glycerin, and Propylene Glycol solutions even better than our Organic Flavor Extracts.”

Sadly, I just ordered a bunch of the organic extracts in 1oz bottles from diyvs last week! It may be some time before I can justify switching.

Edit: Further reading seems to reveal that they might just be the Organic Extracts with VG added. Not sure, though, it may be built from the ground up.

“They are a direct evolution from our Flavor Extracts. Like our Flavor Extracts they are set in an alcohol base, in addition, these Organic Flavoring Systems also include a vegetable glycerin component to help the flavors permeate the coffee beans and/or tea leaves.”