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Nature's flavors


I have read this before but has been a while. I think this line may have been developed for e-liquids though I’m not 100% sure. If they have VG base, then it is not very thick. All of my Tea line flavors are thin like PG based but I know it’s not PG in it. I thought it was alcohol but I guess it is alcohol and a VG “component” in the base.


@Plunderdrum all from diyvs, and thanks for your details.


I didn’t get the coffee and tea variety. Just the extract. And yes, the diacetyl free butter rocks.


FYI, if you buy direct, it’s made fresh. If you buy from another retailer, there is no telling how long it’s been on the shelf


@R113 Roger that, already dropped the hammer @ DIY. Am interested to see how they fare.


Like any other company, some flavors suck and some are decent. Some don’t smell strong but are strong AF. Like NF brown sugar for example. .5% is plenty in a mix.


I’m at .6-1% with the diyvs version. Depends on the recipe and how long it will steep. It is an upsteeper, so after 2mo it can get messy at 1%. Most of mine don’t live much past 5 weeks, though.


I thought NF cream and custard are excellent btw. Been using .5-1%


I’ve been trying to comb over what notes there are on the NF flavors, trying to find percentages for SF, and am not having much luck at all. Just received the following, and beyond the Pumpkin Pie which I hear is quite strong, anyone have any clue where to start testing this at for SF test ?? If you can help, I appreciate it.


I haven’t sf tested but from practical mixing experience, I’d say most of those should be safe at 2-3% sf. Pumpkin and Banana Nut .5-1%

I see R113 mentioned Custard at .5-1%, but he has the diacetyl-free version and I’m not sure if those correlate to these. But, I’d defer to his recommendation to start. He has a lot more experience with the flavors than I have.

I haven’t tried Cake Batter, Bavarian or Pancake, so no clue.

I just tried Cookie Dough at 28 days steeped, 5% sf, and it is heavy on the butter, light on batter texture, but quite tasty. I’ll probably back it down to 3% and try again.

I am going to motivate myself to sf these things properly soon. Hopefully we can build up the notes. I’ve been a slacker… Looking forward to your results!


I don’t have any of these flavors but if in doubt I go by my own rule of unknown flavors and try @ 2% if they are super concentrates. You might get full in your face flavor but not to the point were a offnote makes you sit in the bathroom for the next 5 hrs. Or you get mid to low range flavor but can at least see were it was going.

If there’s percentage set by manufacturer I pick the middle as well, if its all over the place like ooo for example, I pick the majority/average percentage if that makes sense.

Sorry I’m not of much help here lol


Most of NF are ok to test and mix as you were using TFA. .5% to 3%. As @Plunderdrum has warned some are strong and he mentioned Pumpkin and Banana Nut to which I agree but would like to mention that the Danish Pastry is strong also and I use it at .5% to 1% in recipes. It’s just as strong as CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl.


I’ve tried it at .75, 1.5 and once pushed it to 4% just to see. That 4% was actually pretty good once the lemon I had in there leveled out. That said, I’m not nearly as experienced as you guys, so I highly recommend anyone reading this to defer to the more experienced mixers for recommendations. My steep times are pretty short, calling 1 month a long step! Which I know is actually short. So, the 4% danish might have gotten crazy if I’d let it keep steeping. Thanks for chiming in with a more educated perspective! I’m taking notes.

Edit: the bottle resurfaced and I was able to retest the Lemon Cream Danish with the 4% Danish in it… at 1.5 months, I can fully agree that it is a very strong extract. 4% is awful!! Don’t ever do that! Haha! Woah!


Is it like a chocolate chip cookie dough or a sugar cookie dough?


There isn’t much on % for NF. Most use somewhere in the lines of .5-1%. Their apricot, Plum, brown sugar, blackberry, apple cider, ginger, pumpkin, pumpkin pie for example are strong AF!
I added 10 drops apple cider to my 64oz water bottle yesterday and it knocked me down.
Some people mix NF at a 10% solution in PG then use normally like a potent FA flavor. It’s trial and error brother.
Now…cherry Bordeaux, cherry, pineapple and coconut are kinda weak. In a mix, I used 9% of a cherry combo in my cherry mix then had to add marzipan for more cherry flavor. Same with pineapple. Their coconut is very good and used a coconut/ coconut cream combo in my piña colada.

Just try not to be tempted to add more of a flavor just cause it doesn’t smell strong. That apple cider didn’t smell hardly at all until I mixed it in the water. Damn! NF is a different beast and the real natural deal. Just use caution.


It does have a chocolate element, but it has to be tasted to know what to do with it. The chocolate is not overwhelming, the butter is more present, but that is from a 5% test. Which is a lot!


Tasting notes on:
Apple, Red (organic) NF

Preferred accent: ~0.5%
(not a standalone flavor)

Absolutely incredible flavor, but VERY potent!!!
A little goes a LONG ways with this one!!

A very authentic red apple, down to the red skin, though missing the body a bit. This is predominately what makes this flavor though IMO. Most of the red apples I’ve tried, get the body down (varying in sweet, juicy center) but they miss the “red” factor (in many cases) almost completely. I’m not a huge apple fan (eating them raw) so take that into account, but, when I want an apple pie, it’s not so much that I want the skin in there, but there’s an inherent “something” that’s just missing in most flavors. THIS IS WHAT’S MISSING!!!

I’ve tried many other apples, including Country Apple (Pur) and it’s good, and before this, was the closest thing to getting that “red apple” flavor that I was looking for (strange I know, because it was supposed to be primarily a “filling” thing the way I’d understood it before. [Liquid Amber (FA) is said by some to yield a ‘cooked’ aspect for fruits. That was quite a ways off the mark IMO, but I obviously still need more time working with that one…]

Personally, the filling part (the spices, etc) for me is accomplished better by using Apple Filling (FLV). These two, along with Apple Pie (TFA) makes the core of the recipe I’ve long been working on for my “Sprk’s Apple Pie”!! (Not yet released, as it’s still being refined.)


Thanks for the notes! I’m definitely interested in this flavor now.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled (see what I did there? :joy: ) for that recipe!


Thanks @Sprkslfly


NF banana is another very potent flavor. It’s very ripe (black ripe) banana with no peel. Use too much and it has a floral effect. I’d sure use this at a .3-.5% addition. Been using this in my work water now too. Very fine banana flavor.