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Need help!


If any one here would be so kind to give me some assistance and insight it would be greatly appreciated. Here is my situation. I am mixing for me a a couple of friends and Im going to mix a quart of liquid at one shot. I was thinking about mixing in a METAL 1 qt paint can and taking it to my local hardware store and have them throw it in there paint shaker. That process is actually how a large ejuice manufacturer does it. (watch this video fro 2:02 thru 2:215 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihvE8OE8oI0 ) However, they use 5 gallon plastic containers in this video and my local hardware store will only do quarts if the container is metal. I was wondering if the metal will change the taste of react to the juice or if the juice will react to the metal and change the taste. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Interesting. I would like to find the answer to that question also.

YIKES!!! No wonder their $h!t is so expensive. I got to admit, that I have never vaped 5pawns. After watching that vid, I wanna go out and get some, and give it a go.


“We are the first in the industry to implement a gravimetric pouring system”
-> We have scales :blush:

5pawns have a reputation of unclear messaging regarding DAP contents of their juice.

The pail will probably be coated. I would worry more about non food safe coating than about metal. Can you find food safe quart pails?
In any case I would move contents after mixing to HDPE/Glass food/lab type containers that are unlikely to modify the properties of the juice and happen to be pretty cheap


Depending on the metal it may impart some flavor. Why not place a plastic container inside the metal container? You would have to do a very good job packing it though.


It’s only 1 quart. Why can’t you just shake it by hand. Are you convinced the flavor will be better by utilizing a paint shaker?


I think the shaker will do a more thorough job of mixing than I can do by hand. I am probably going to take the metal ones back and buy plastic ones on-line and just use a stick/wand style blender to mix it. Im just nervous that doing that will cause oxidation to the liquid by over aerating. Any thoughts on oxidation/aeration?


thanks for all the replies so far.


Use a plastic container and duct tape it to a sawzall (reciprocating saw). BAM :boom: DONE




Maybe a good DIY solution?

Edit: this one requires an air compressor, maybe there is an AC powered version out there.


would using a stick/wand style blender cause cause oxidation because of it aerating the liquid?


Thank you whould this work or cause oxidation from too much aeration? Either way I appreciate it, Im thinking of using a stick/wand styly blender like this one https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-2-Speed-Hand-immersion-Blender-White/53264466?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&wl13=1989&adid=22222222227047121584&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=90347671849&wl4=pla-259848850732&wl5=9031739&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=local&wl12=53264466&wl13=1989&veh=sem do oyu think


I used to do all that fancy stuff to shake my juice.

It doesn’t make a difference. give it a good shake, where it is all mixed, stick it on a shelf and let it steep. It’s all you really need to do.

Of course, the journey was fun.


@rcromwell92 I have to agree with @Dan_the_Man sometimes less is more. I’d be leery of tossing juice into any metal cans.


Ditto - A good shake by hand for a couple of minutes and let it steep, is really all that is needed.


Only if you add your nic before blending. In theory, you should be able to use the submersion blender until its ridiculously blended then add nic and blend more gently once the bubbles are gone. I could be wrong, though, never tried it.


Wish ya luck and hope it turns out well!

I just feel the need to say out loud to nobody in particular… Lol @ 5pawns! Im sure their juice is terrific, nothing against them. But talk about trying to make simple things sound scientific and important, holy shit… “the tightening process” of the bottle caps!!! Lol!! “Our proprietary steeping process…” which will remain their secret ingredient. They probably just microwave that shit or something. Heh…
Sorry, i just genuinely found those dudes funny. No disrespect, they are indeed a popular well respected brand, good for them.


Double Ditto. Just remember. The larger the volume, the longer the steep. If it used to take 2 weeks for 30ml, it could take 3-6 weeks for a qt. I don’t know from experience with that high a volume, but I’ve noticed a difference between 30ml and 120ml.


I found that one funny too


the only type of metal i would use is a Lab grade stainless steel , if lab grade is such a thing … i only say this bc ive seen Molecule Labs mix their mixes in big stainless steel things , other than that id stay away from any other metal product , i mix bigger batches in the nicotine river PET bottles 500ml each … actually i think they hold 480 anyway good luck the risk isnt worth it IMO


i remember that , i actually just meant the sales rep for the northwest at a 4th of july parade … i have his card somewhere , he actually gave it to me and said i could email him with any questions or suggestions regarding mixing … he tried the juice i was vaping and was impressed ( so he said )