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Need input -Mix by weight and heat?


I have these but i take off the cap cause the vg wont squeeze through


I store vg in those and never had a problem dripping it out through the twist cap into the mixing bottle. I think it’s so convenient and it definitely helps with precision.

I leave it in room temperature which is pretty cool and dry.


Hmm Ok Ill have a closer look, maybe mine have a smaller opening. I was going to start warming it up in hot water after this last messy mix i had


@Lexie3 Are you storing your VG at room temperature ? I have a few of the big ones, and use them daily with PG and VG with no issues. What size do you have ?


Hey it’s all good. I read more into this than I should have.


I have the 120 and 250. Maybe I just need bigger one?


That’s odd, wonder if you have defective tips or something. I fill a lot of bottles with them, and the VG although thicker flows good.


OK Im ordering a few more now, or just the tops maybe and checking it out. The pg is fine, the vg, no way will go through the tip.
Thanks session, your always so good at looking out for my dumb ass lol


@Lexie3 Not at all. I mix at least 70v/30p or higher vg, so I’m trying to figure out how my dumb ass can jam so much out of my bottles without issue. It never runs like PG, but even when filling multiple 120’s, I never look for a funnel.


Dont tempt me to make video. If only you saw the mess I had today, and this never happened before, but it was like something (air?) was pushing the liquid right out of the bottle and leaking all over from the funnel.
Normally I just pour real slow without any cap on the pg and Im ok, but today…no idea what the issue was.

Between this and the marshmallow mishap, I had a hellavah day ;p


I use the 500ml bottles just because it is the cheapest one even though it is the biggest one.
The cap sizes are different but whether or not the cap opening is the same, I don’t know. But from what I gathered with the 60ml-120ml flavor bottles, the twist cap opening is pretty similar. The vg bottle I use gives a steady flow, much more smooth than the pg since the vg is thicker. But I can still manage to squeeze out droplets at a time.


@Lexie3 As soon as I heard funnel, I cringed, and wanted to help. Don’t worry, messes aren’t limited to you.


It’s all good. We all have a passion for making e-juice. And we all swear by our methods… and I do enjoy hearing other methods.

Which is reason I’m buying a scale and a magnetic mixer…


Something has to be wrong with the cap I have because it just doesnt run out, its tiny drops. I just ordered 2 different kinds so we will see on Sunday what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

SO glad i said something and now i know this is not right. Thanks guys!


Glad you said something to…

Now I know to check my bottles next time I order some more . Was thinking of ordering another 20


@SessionDrummer Well the good news is I’m learning a ton, and super fast, and having a blast on top of it.

My little collection now looks a bit like @tartarusspawn first aide box haha


omg speak of the devil and he arrives lol.
Here I thought I was catching up! Look at all those bottles


No it’s vapor-aid

This little box has come to the aid of many Vapes already.


Excuuuuse me VAPE aid box :slight_smile: That would be a great way to shake them up all at once. Now i need to find a box of sorts.


I need a new one , thru repeated use one latch broke off other day.

Edit. Might put this on the front of the next one