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Need input -Mix by weight and heat?


packing it too heavy! send us your juices lol


@Lexie3 Pulled out the smaller stock bottles just to make sure good was good.

Mixing up some of @fidalgo_vapes goodness…


Wow thats pours omg thats how my pg pours. Ok now i know its mine, tyvm Session

I will try this too :slight_smile:

Oh session you know that cover for scale thats flipped back just pulls off and on real easy. Less cluncky with it off… just wasnt sure if you realized


@Lexie3 Yeah, I leave it on, so I can close it up. The mixing cave can be a rough and tumble environment at times hehe. In that pic, I was barely squeezing the bottle, so you can imagine how much more would flow (VG) if I did. I’ll re-check my bigger bottles.


I use the same exact scale. It doesnt do so well for measuring below like .15 or so, but it works. I just know most drips are roughly around .02-.03 and keep that in mind when trying to measure small if i get to 7 drips and it still says like .10 i know its just off and i should stop… Lol as for the stirrer and heat, no clue never used a stirrer, i just shake n vape most everything i make since i only make what i need as i need it…


@mikelej14 Mine reads .02, but if only doing small measurements, I have to let it sit for a second to read.


Mine reads a drop at .02.close enough for me


When mine is 0’d out and i add drops, it doesnt start reading them until the 3rd or so drop so its almost never been accurate at such small measurements… I tend to have to already have weight displayed for it to measure drops accurately…


I had been adding drops quickly, and thought the same, until I slowed it down, for .06 and under requirements. On mine, I noticed even when adding 2 drops from a stock FA bottle (micro orange tops/tips), it would register after 2, but I just had to wait a second or two. Any amounts above that, I drop at full speed.


My scales are slow to react with small measurements (as I think most are) really only happens when I tare the scale to counter this I use aggregates to measure small amounts for example

Flavour 1 3%
Falvour 2 .1%

I will not tare the scales between the two so the end measurement will be 3.1% after the addition of flavour 2. I dunno it may help someone someday.


do you still buy vg pg from LB ??


@fidalgo_vapes No, just placed an initial order for the bottles, then ordered some big ones (empty).


Thx for steering me towards the better scale…

Measuring by ml is nice . But I think measuring by weight will be less clean up and more exact.

Wish I could had a few opinions about the mag mixer . But when it gets here I’ll have to give it a test run of 300 ml of 100%vg unheated. Then heated


So were do you get your vg and pg from?


Had been using Nude Nicotine, but am using @Nicotine_River more now.


Okay , I’ll stick with lb , didn’t like the vg and pg I got from nic river… changed the flavor of the mix . In my opinion


I still have a large stash from Nude Nic, and do A/B comparisons to check for freshness between it and NR, haven’t really noticed a difference. What changes did you see ?


Between liquid bard and nic river.

To me it seemed the flavors made wit nic river were for lack of a better word muted. They didn’t pop so to speak…

Strawberry cheesecake (LB). For example wasn’t as good when made with nic river…

Thou admittedly I didn’t heat up the juice when mixing the nic river pg/vg. But honestly I don’t think that should have affected the juice that much.

Considering how so many people say heat mutes flavors.


i used to use LB then switched to ECX VG i did notice a change in the vapes so i did a side by side LB vs ECX and found the LB seemed sweeter and fuller ( best way to describe ) so i switched to NR and still had LB to compare so LB vs NR and i noticed no difference not worse nor better so i decided to go with NR due to price , one thing i like about LB is quality everything they sell is good quality , sure not everyone likes all of their flaves but overall they supply high quality materials , i think i read somewhere that the VG NR and LB use is the same but that isnt 100pct sure i could have imagined it since NR supplies LB with Nicselect


I don’t know . If nicriver supply’s Lb with nic select.

Possibly that nic river uses different pg and vg than Lb , cause I didn’t like the nic either.

Edit: That or I got a really bad batch from nic river in the starter kit I ordered from them