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Need input -Mix by weight and heat?


they do they are the distributor and have acknowledged the fact a few times


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May 8, 2015 · Liquid Barn’s VG is Musim Mas, imported from India, same stuff as from Nicotine River. “All products bottled and shipped in the U.S.A.” is not the same as Made in …

@tartarusspawn so if this is true and they havent changed suppliers then both NR and LB , capella use Musim Mas when i read it b4 it wasnt from vaping underground ill look around to see if i can find anymore info


Well if it’s the same pg and vg

Either I got a real bad batch of vg , pg and nic from nic river

Or the lack of heat in initial mix muted flavor…


this is actually LBs website


im not sure about the Pg it is from Dow ( NRs) which is a pretty huge company but i do know that the VG is the same and that NR supplies LB nicselct


Well might give them a try again…

Either bad batch


lack of heat in initial mix.

I got to order some flavors from nic river soon anyways . Missing monkey fart


Product Name: Propylene Glycol USP
Chemical Formula: C3H8O2
CAS#: 57-55-6
Purity: 99.8% - Highest industry purity.
Color: Clear Colorless
Kosher Certified Plants
DOW ISO 9001-2008

yes the pg is the same as well, also from LB website


LB is a great company. and for the longest time i used them , but when it comes down to the mighty $$$ NR won that battle so this is why i switched


unless NR starts to sell LB creams ill always be a LB customer bc nothing compares to their VIC and the restvof their creams are right on par with anyone elses





Pretty much 100% of everything I make has a Lb Flavour in it… so far I’m happy but you should see my flavor shopping list. Well ya can see part



could i suggest FW bavarian cream and Cap sweet cream or FW sweet cream , i really like LB 60ml bottles


Wasn’t expecting my amazon stuff till wensday. But the first of three packages came today.

Now to get my tablet with recipes on it away from my 2yo…

Not gonna happen any time soon


Rest of my amazon stuff come today. Tested out the mixer

I’m :smiley: