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New and confused


Ive just begun to quit smoking with a refillable pod system. Im not big on the flavors Ive found and am curious about a flavorless nicotine delivery system, (a simple one flavor is acceptable if needed). I started with a 50mg nic premade liquid, then a 36mg, then watched the new amsterdam tutorial on You Tube. I bought products from Liquid Barn and noticed their highest nic salt was 24mg vg. I tried to use the recipe calculator to achieve a 24mg nic with no flavor and it would not let me do 70vg/30pg, or even 50/50. apparently I would have to smoke the straight 24mg vg salt. Im a little scared to do this and want to be safe. what do you recommend ?
I read some of the other newbi questions and saw alot of insults thrown at him. I can research elsewhere if you just want to insult me, but appreciate any legitimate suggestions. thanks in advance.


If you are looking for 24mg/mL unflavoured liquid, you nic bottle contains exactly that. VG/PG ratio is going to be what you bought from the manufacturer.
I do not use pods but I understand that some are somewhat sensitive to PG/VG ratio.

If you told us what model you have and what your nicotine is advertised at, someone more knowledgeable might be able to comment.


I forgot to say welcome.

Is the video you are referring to https://youtu.be/HVVETqD3O0E

Nothing wrong about it but hey, for people who have been mixing for a while he looks like he is using the most time consuming equipment possible ( 6ml of VG out of a dropper bottle?!?!)

There is a lot to read around here. On the plus side, you really don’t need that much information if you want unflavoured liquid at the same concentration as you buy your nic :slight_smile:


It sounds like you have the “Use vape-ready nicotine base” box checked. Make sure it’s not, and make sure the “max vg” box also is not checked.

This should open up all of your pg, vg, nic level, desired strength, etc, fields.

The problem you will find is that you cannot achieve a 24mg strength e-liquid with the nicotine base you purchased. Unless you want it 100% VG. once you add the required 30%-50% PG to achieve your desired ratio, you have diluted the nic strength of your base.

You will get a red warning saying the numbers are wrong if you set the calculator for 24mg desired strength with 24mg strength 100% VG nic base and a desired PG/VG ratio of 30/70.

If 24mg nic, 30/70 or 50/50 PG/VG is the desired result…
One fix I can think of is to buy some 24mg nic base in 100% PG and just use that as your PG dilutant. Leaving the VG 24mg as the nic base.

Another is to see if you can return the 100% VG nic base and exchange it for either 30/70 or 50/50 24mg/ml nic base and just vape that. If it is still sealed, this might be possible.

Another is to keep lowering your desired nic strength until the red warning goes away and add the required amount of plain PG to achieve your desired ratio.

This is just a small stumbling block mistake, it may cost a little extra $ to fix, but you will come out ok!

Read a lot, ask questions, keep at it! Good luck with this!


I think the calculator will be tricky with this, come to think of it. Not a good option. You could mix it by volume instead of weight, though, using one of those pyrex measuring cups from the kitchen.


tks, will try


There’s nothing wrong with vaping a nic base straight, whether it’s nic salt or not. You don’t need a calculator for that. Just poor the juice in your e-cig and vape on.
All these things are diluted in VG/PG anyways, so just buy the right VG/PG ratio that you want. I would recommend you get some higher nicotine content base and dilute as you see fit.

If you want a little more freedom in strength that you can vape, you can go for example to https://www.nicotineriver.com where you have more options. You can choose between soft salts, hit salts and they go from 48mg to 250mg.

PS: anything stronger than 50mg, I wouldn’t even put that in a pod… so those higher strengths are ONLY meant to mix up and dilute.


I have Aspire Nautilus, for the popularity of Nautilus coils. 5omg nic salts 50vg/50pg, switched down to 36mg 50/50, and want to try 24mg nic. also would like to reblend the two higher nic bottles I have.


yes that is the tutorial I watched for basics. it seemed simpler using 100mg nicsalts as ratios are divisible by 100,
thanks for response


good tip, thanks


Nautilus should be fine until 70/30 and possibly 80/20

You probably could get away with a 1-3% distilled water saving you the hassle of remixing. It dampens flavours but for unflavoured you it shouldn’t be an issue.


tks, good info



I have 48mg/ml Salt Nicotine (100% VG Based) and 50% of my recipes are Nicotine base alone. So I vape 24mg/ml salts all the time.

Is this what you bought?

*BASIC eLiquid™ SALT
*Liquid Barn’s 24mg BASIC eLiquid
*BASIC eLiquid - 24mg SALT
*Propylene Glycol: 48.8%
*Vegetable Glycerin: 48.8%
*SALT Nicotine: 2.4%

If so…

You can play with the calculator on ELR, with these setting as your fixed default.

(check this box off)
Set these base values as default

“Desired Strength” to 12mg
“Nicotine Strength” 24mg
“PG-content of nicotine” 50%
“VG-content of nicotine” 50%

You can make recipes up to 12mg/ml nicotine, maybe 16mg/ml nicotine if you fiddle with the numbers a bit. Half of your recipe will be from the nicotine base you have and show up as the “RED” bar.

Watch the Video again.

If you don’t have the other 3 liquids VG, PG
and some professional Vape ready flavoring.

Then I’m worried that your going to try some home made flavoring that might not be suitable to vape???

The only thing I disagree with in that video is saying to use PG based Nic.

Because if 25-50% of the recipe comes from PG only based Nic and up to 20% of it comes from PG based flavoring. You can’t even get close to making a 50PG/50VG recipe.

But it looks like you might have a blend of 50%/50% Nicotine. They just call it (48.8%/48.8%) So it’s a better start then PG only Nicotine.


thanks, a lot to consider. I need to experiment with vg/pg ratio as far as how it burns, or leaks, from pod.
I dont know if 24mg will be satisfying as a former smoker. I should maybe go buy 100mg nic salt so I can tayler it down as needed.


yea my one friend poo poos my juices cause they not strong enough for him at 24mg/ml. So he buys pod every 2-3 days. :slight_smile:

But if anyone is worried… their are many sources out there about nic salt levels, and if your still concerned contact the mfg you bought it from.


another thanks


If you’re wondering how much nicotine you should get… have a look at the following thread

Most depends on the amount of liquid that you vape / nicotine strength. A lot of people with low nicotine % vape a lot more. People with higher nic % vape less. There are always exceptions, but it’s a general trend.

I wouldn’t immediately focus on getting your nic % down. Stick with what you’re comfortable with until you find out how to work with the calculator and all the different ratios. And read a lot… there’s a lot of info hidden in these forums which you can easily access by the search function.


Can you paste a link to this, please? I read a lot of newb questions and don’t normally see people insulting anyone here.


Uncalled for. Why come to a forum and say that if you want help?

I might sound rude right now, but that’s how your request sounded to me.

It’s turning people away that would normally help you out. You got the suggestions, next time try a different approach, good luck on your journey


Personally I would try your 24mg vg base with 3% distilled water and see if the pod can handle thicker juice. Just mark max vg in the calculator then put 3 in the water/vodka box.