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New flavorah flavors!


Here is the first set of flavors I have recieved.

6 new flavors have been added
Blackberry Blossom- notes added!
Root Beer
Vanilla Bean
Graham Cracker
Morning Mimosa- notes added!

*will post When notes have been added!


That Popcorn(FLV) had better be OOZING with diacetyl!


Oh god I hope so


The pop corn smells like kettle corn haha


No diacetyl . Sorry. :slight_smile:
That’s straight from the horses mouth :grin:





Oh man, I can’t wait! :star_struck:


Black berry blossom and morning mimosa: notes added!


Idk if it’s just me, but the link to your stash isn’t working…


It’s me too, it says no such user.
@Laura5 I’ve got some bad news for you but you don’t exist :laughing:



Dang. What about this one… I added an extra number originally hahaaha


That works for me :+1:


Pleeeeeease let the Vanilla Bean be delicious :pray:


Yes! Thank you. :wink:


Well said! And I couldn’t agree more.


Thanks for sharing this list Laura5. Fresh03 and Brian from TVC actually had a nice show about these new flavors from Flavorah the other day. They shared their takes on them so far.

Here is a link.


Notes added for root beer…
(Reviews are NOT as groovy as this video hahaha)

  • added info- i am testing all flavors once the first week and once the next week. There will be two parts to each flavor review when done.


Your notes are a big help petal - thanks for doing them :ok_hand:


Popcorn notes added. YUM!!