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New flavorah flavors!


Vanilla Bean notes added! :kissing_heart:


I feel like I’m stalking you these days, well I guess I am actually, lol. Thank you for putting up notes on these new ones - it makes my stomach all fluttery when you post a “… notes added” Hmm, that Vanilla Bean… :yum:


Vanilla bean is amazing. I am already making a cheesecake with that in it.
I appriciate the stalking :joy_cat: then i know i am not the only one who is super pumped about this!!


Get it released already! :drooling_face: Leave a little note on how it turns out in your mix. I will probably notice it… :grin:


Graham Cracker notes added! Almost ready for the next new batch of flavors!!


Next 6 flavors are here!
Smoked Butterscotch
Pastry Zest


Oooooh - interesting!

This too!


Ooh yes, smoked butterscotch sounds lush.


Gotta get me some of that!



Carrot? o0 blech.
@Bob_Bitchen will almost certainly be able to make a potroast now (assuming there’s a 'potato flavor out there somewhere… Lol)

Smoked Butterscotch?
I can’t even picture this. /curiosity piqued

Pastry Zest
Now that reads to me like they’re traveling down the side of the FA road that I’m starting to hate. WTF! Can no one make an honest to goodness PLAIN PASTRY crust without bastardizing it with screwball side notes? FML.


Pastry zest smells like a cinnamon roll :slight_smile:
Carrot smells like a fresh cut carrot with brown sugar and pepper(i have a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in mind)
Pucker…i cant quite put a peg on the smell
Smoked butterscotch smells those little yellow butterscotch candies
Sangria smells like some strong asssss bagged red wine
Peppermint smelled my whole kitchen up with the double mint gum smell hahaha


Well that’s a relief! Lol

Total marketing fail though.

When I hear/read “zest”, I only think one of two things. Citrus rind, or a brand of soap.


I was jolted a bit to see the name, but the surprise was nice


Nice! I want that :carrot: flavor in my life. Thanks for the update.:+1:t5:


Carrot notes added
Unexpected, but i love it!


Pastry zest! Notes are in!


Notes for Smoked butterscotch are in!


Boom :boom: :grin:



Mind dropping links (or copying the notes to the thread here)?


Should do this periodically. My bad :slight_smile: