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New flavorah flavors!


Peppermint is in…i see a chocolate mint icecream in the future!!! Om chomp!


Also, the hubby said it freshens my breath!!! Bonus!


So disappointed that I have not seen a Meringue flavor yet :frowning:


Still 3 shipments to go!!! Fingers crossed!!!
In other news…i cant seem to capture a smell or taste to describe pucker. But i did my best with and initial review. Sad pandas.
But sangria notes are in!




lembas bread
Oak barrel
Amaretto sour


Im trying to add Apricot (Flavorah)
Cant because someone added Apricot (flavorah) F not capitalized…OCD kicked in…it wont let me add the capitalized one :frowning: help me hahahah


Tagging @JoJo and @Ken_O_Where :point_up_2::grin::grin::grin:


Fixed it. :slight_smile:


You is awesome :smiley:


My hero @JoJo


I just want to make a quick update. The notes i made for pucker are amended as i finally got a peg in it. Man, this flavor is a lingerer…


Mind if I ask you a crazy question?

Why is it you only have FLV flavors? Do you work for them?

In all the stashes I’ve ever looked in, I’ve never seen one with only one brand represented. :thinking:

67 flavors, and literally nothing but FLV.

Or do you have alt accounts for each flavor brand (to assist with the ocd?


Haha, at first i didnt think it was so rare to have just one brand of flavors…
I really enjoy making recipes with their flavors and they enjoy it as well…its a win win for all parties involved. :speak_no_evil::facepunch::grinning:


Nice dodge! :facepunch:


I’m sure they do. :laughing:

OK… Allow me to rephrase. Is there “an agreement” or “understanding” in place between you and them?

Your reviews seem genuine enough… I’m just curious.


No agreements. I buy flavors and make recipes. They send me some to try so i can make more recipes.
I tried liquid barn first way back and did a bunch of research on flavor vendors, found flavorah and never looked back.


Right on! :slight_smile:


Amaretto sour notes are here!


Brulee is delicious and noted!


Does anyone know how FLV Brulee compares with Ina’s?

Sorry. Obviously you don’t have it…lol
Reply was meant to be a general reply. (my bad)