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New flavorah flavors!


Are those flavors the only ones you have mixed together??


Sorry, I meant your descriptions!

Carrot: An even mixture of caramel and pudding. A sweet and light flavor. A perfect add to a dessert or bakery. 2% or more for use.


Jeepers…lets fix that! Ha
Carrot fixed!!! Mimosa fixed. Popcorn fixed. Pucker fixed.


Appreciate you adding the notes here! :thumbsup:
Thank you!!


Thank you for your hard work @Laura5 :+1:t5::blossom:


Oak barrel
Woody and smokey. Slightly bitter with a touch of a sweet cream. Very light flavor. Would recommend 3%(maybe higher) for use. Good for tobacco or perhaps a drink recipe. Stand alone, no.


Smells like a mixture of peach and strawberry.
It has a lemon like tartness. There is a creamy taste of mango and the brightness of a ripe, sweet peach.


New flavors.
smooth vanilla
Red velvet


Did somebody say Moscato! :heart_eyes: There may be hope for my liver yet!


Testing that one today :slight_smile:


Very interested in hearing results on this one. TFaa’s is shmeh and MF is too $$ and they are shady so hoping to replace.


Smells very floral. Very strong flavor. Bitter white grape with mint about 3 doors down. Stand alone is a possibility because the flavor is complex and bold. Tastes like the wine it is named after.


Ooooh, @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit will be excited to hear that! :+1:


Thanks! I can’t wait to try it. I already checked the Flavorah site and it’s not for sale yet, lol.


Did you read the sangria and morning mimosa notes??? @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


ConcreteRiver has an information that new flavors will be available on October 6th at Nic River and BCF and in November everywhere else.


For all the updates on flavors


Smells like it tastes- big plus!
This is definitely in the peach family. It smells of fresh orange (not tangy) and peach. The taste has bold citrus notes and ripe peach notes. With a noticeably sweet profile and the layered flavor, it would compliment many fruit and dessert recipes. Use between 2-3%
Would pair nicely with FLV peach to give it a sweeter, fuller profile.


Updated blog information. See above post with the link.


Red velvet :slight_smile:
Slightly bitter. Semi sweet. Resembles a rich, dark chocolate. There is a slight fruity note and a hint of caramel. Stand alone? Nah… Very light flavor, would suggest at least 3% with room to go higher if needed. This would be good with coffees, tobaccos and desserts.