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New flavorah flavors!


I keep watching Flavorah’s website for the new flavors, very excited to get my hands on them. Do we have any idea how long it will be before they come available? Not that I need a reason to purchase more flavors, good God… Haha.


I Don’t know if you seen, but BCF and Nic River are going to be the first to get them I believe the date is Oct 6.


Right you are sir!! Wholesalers can already purchase them! The big date is oct 6th!!! Look for updated information on the blog!! As well as some yummy recipes!


On his Youtube Channel Concrete River has posted a few review videos on the new FLV concentrates. He’ll be posting some up along with Fresh03 & Rin Vapes as well. They normally do quick reviews on their Youtube Channel.


fresh03 and friends when are you gonna be on the show ???


Lol. I was backed into a corner and was on Fresh’s live show last Saturday…I was nervous…


ill have to check that out


My palette must be waaaayyy off. My percentages seem to be on a totally different galaxy.


New flavors
Sun cookie
Cherry blossom
Sugar orchid
@JoJo sun cookie and apple are not labeled correctly…if you can fix :slight_smile:


Oooh, excited! Hurry, hurry! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:



First thoughts…
“It BURNS!! IT BURNS!!” :laughing:
Don’t look directly at it, and wear Nomex gloves when handling!


Some of these names have me baffled ha. Helps keep an open mind when testing tho!


Similar to a grainbelt wheat. Bitter with sweet notes to balance it out. There is a light honey taste. It is a smokey and dry flavor. Good for tobacco or drink recipes. Not recommended for stand alone.


Bitter smell, bitter taste. There is a sweet, buttery taste with lots of bitter, nutty notes. This tastes like a hazelnut picked from a tree, shelled and consumed. Would make a great add to a chocolate, bakery, tobacco or caramel recipe. As a stand alone it leaves a sour, bitter taste in my mouth. It is a bold flavor, caution on high percentages in a recipe.


Granola :slight_smile:
This flavor has many layers! I can taste sugary oats with a hint of a nut. There is a rich, vanilla cream (similiar to bavarian cream). I can also taste a wee bit of honey. Would be an excellent add to puddings, desserts, custards ect.


Yummy! I need this in my life :yum:

Smooth vanilla

Very harsh and bold. Caution on using higher percentages. This is an “in your face” vanilla. Semi-sweet with bitter notes. This is certainly not a stand alone. Would do well as an add to any recipe where an authentic vanilla taste would benefit.


*for notes on a bunch of other flavorah flavors


Cherry Blossom
Smell warning: awful cough syrup…like really bad.
BUT! This is a pretty amazing cherry. It is a dark cherry. Sweet and subtle. I have an aversion to cherry as i usually taste alcohol or other undesirable tastes. I am impressed. I am thinking a cherry vanilla nut recipe.
I will caution using this in high percents, the taste seems to go from bold, sweet cherry to an overbearing medicine.


The flavors are in nic river if anyone is interested :smiley:


Put some of the new flavors up for giveaway…if wanted