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New flavorah flavors!


Oh yay! I think Marshmallow would go well with it for sure! Like a Sweet Potato Pie. FIY the Yam (HC) taste just like candied yam with a moderate spice note = 100%

I love Yam. It’s in my blood. I have a good amount of Yams (almost all of them that I could find online) and the new FLV Yam. The FLV Yam will be a full weeks steep tomorrow. Straight from the bottle it smelled like a mix of Taro FE, a hint of light earthiness from the Yam (TPA)…and something new…Like a real cooked starchy potato that was lacking from some of the Yam concentrates I’ve tried thus far. The one Yam that I like thus far is the Ube Yam (DuoMei) but it also has a Taro vibe to it.


Ooohhh girl! Keep me updated! I might have to adapt a recipe from you :wink:


Sure thing Laura5! I will do a full 3 weeks steep for this one, maybe even 4 just to see how it will develop over time. I have it SFT’d at 0.25%. I was advised that it was very potent and should be used low, other stronger concentrates from FLV. When mixed with PG/VG it is still nice and bold at the sniff. Be sure to write your notes also!


Oh, i wont :smiley:


New tea flavors on the way!
Red Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Eisai Tea, Kinako Soy, and Avocado
Notes coming soon!
PS… I just found my yam flavor that i forgot to test so that will be included in the notes as well!


Ooohhh flavorah. These are nice looking glass bottles!


Wow! They smell amazing!!


Now that’s a different kind of bottle! The pipette tip will be beneficial for precision when mixing. I really love the glass bottle concept. Now I know 100% my flavors won’t plasticize


How do the glass bottles with those tops work? Do they dispense drops one at a time? Very interesting.


It has a 3.2 cm pipette top and when u tip the bottle u squeeze the pipette to drip and u can very easily drop one at a time or squeeze to dispense more. It’s a little awkward but I’m getting used to it fast. I’ll take a closer pic for u



I put a drop of the kinako soy on my hand and its smell great!! Sweet n fragrant but not overbearing. I can’t wait to cape this


Thank you! Very interesting concept.


Eisai tea: 2% flavor
Right out of the gate, this tea has a fruity, earthy smell. I taste honeydew-sweet and mildly creamy. There also seems to be a very small amount of bitterness that offsets the sweetness making a dry, earthy mouth feel.
I love this as a standalone.


Red Tea: 2%
Very dry and light flavor. There is a touch of cinnamon. It is not very sweet, no bitterness. It smells and tastes like a regular cup of tea with no additives (sugar, milk, ect) Wouldn’t recommend as a standalone, it needs a stronger backbone.


Thank you Laura5…i been looking for a good tea…and with your notes I am going to try the teas…also good review…Thank U


Agreed, thanks @Laura5. I had a vendor juice called ‘Peach Tea’ once and was surprised at how much I liked it. I’ve been afraid to try to make one but your notes suggest this may be a worthy one to work with. Also had a ‘Cucumber Melon’ that was equally refreshing and surprising that I’d like to make someday. I guess that one isn’t really relevant here though…


Thank you Laura for your updates on the new FLV flavors. Awesome.


I get a lot of support from all you lovely guys and gals. Makes it so much easier to share my opinions!


Green tea: 2%
Now this one is delicious! A hint of mint with a smoky mouthfeel. It tastes sweet. There is the taste of honey upon inhale. A mild, smooth standalone. Would also be great with more honey!