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New flavorah flavors!


Hmm? Where? Who?

Lol, nevermind. Thanks though.


Yea i wasn’t very specific. It was put in a new thread.


Confirmed; they are not simply listed and tagged as ‘Sold Out’ either, they are actually available, thank you for the heads up :+1:


I received shipping confirmation on my order already! Super excited! They shipped them usps which means I’ll get them in less than a week instead of 7-12 days when they use FedEx.


Which ones did you order?? I cant wait to see other flavor reviews!!
I still have three to do haha


Wheat, smoked butterscotch, red velvet, smooth vanilla, nectarine, sangria, granola, and brulee.

I’ve already tried vanilla bean, root beer, mimosa, popcorn, and moscato. Of those I would buy root beer and popcorn again. To be fair though I need to try vanilla bean in a mix and not just solo.


I put it in this recipe. Pretty darn good.
I also put it in a peppermint recipe im working on.


Sun cookie
Reminds me of a shortbread cookie. Buttery and sugary with lemon lurking in the shadows. There is also hints of a whipped cream mixed with frosting. It is smooth and would work well with desserts/cookies.


Sweet and fresh. It gives the impression of taking a bite of a super juicy red apple. There is no dull/bitter taste that a red apple seems to have when i eat one. This is a refreshing add to the apple collection. Apples are very versatile and this would work wonders with a recipe that needs an an apple taste with a bold profile and no sour/bitter spots.


Copped that Brulee, will hopefully arrive soon, thanks fer thee notes. Im wondering if it gets the top layer of burnt sugar like inawera’s does. Even it doesnt, as long as its a good flavor and can maybe be a strong base or even just a good support for a creme brulee. Also finally grabbed flv’s Cream since ive seen it in so many recipes and heard good things.


Personally I like inawera creme brulee better. I have played with this flavor yet. It’s just been a solo flavor sample take it from there. However, for a solo flavor so far I like inawera a lot better.


Anyone tested the Sugar Orchid yet? It smells so familiar yet i cant place it…


@Laura5, my Pucker is called Pucker Tobacco. Is yours different or has it been renamed?

When i smell it i smell a lighter version of DK Base TPA and something else…


I still have to test the sugar orchid…and mine was pucker…must be a name change!
Am testing sugar orchid right meow!


Sugar orchid
I taste a subtle orange cream upon inhale. After that, there is a strawberry taffy. There is the taste of raw sugar as well. Over all the flavor is light and semi-sweet (bordering on bitter)
*please note: i forgot this in my cupboard for a couple weeks…these notes are taken after extended steep time.
p.s. weird name right?? We need more notes on this ASAP fellows!


Just recieved this surprise in the mail!! Tasting notes to come…


Tell Bryson or Brendon, they will add it to the list!!!


I’ll be sure to ask them about it! Thanks for the reminder. They definitely need a Meringue in they’re lineup :wink:


Awww. You don’t like Yam?!


I love yams! I need to purchase some marshmellow for it i think!