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New Recipe Showcase 2017


I hope you’re not offended, I gave you a like and a thumbs up. We obviously have similar taste… or @woftam gave you some good advice.

It just reminds me of a similar post.


Ah ok i kinda read in something else to it to be honest.
Thanks for the clarification, it’s all good.


It’s just crazy how things go here at ELR. We pick up tidbits that help us create mixes more tailored to our individual palates. Sometimes we cross paths because we like the same flavors or profiles. There’s nothing wrong with that… I grab tidbits all the time.


I never looked at any Apple pie or cakes before, never scanned any recipes for it so that is what came up into my head based on what i had in my stash and could use.
@woftam made a recipe at the same time, it became a quick challenge of sort at this moment and i’m sure we will see his recipe in due time when he get time to get around to that.
I rarely look through other peoples recipes at all, i see them in the threads like this one but other than that i never or extremely rarely visit for example your profile on the recipe side just because i want whatever i come up with not being influenced or copied from anyone else recipe. I think you know what i am getting at here right.


It’s that internet lack of body language thing. I try and re-read all my posts looking at it from a couple of viewpoints to try and make sure I haven’t inadvertently come off as a superior grade asshat or worse yet a confirmed fool.

I learned my internet manners on AOL when the mods would suspend your account for the tiniest infraction like the (F) word and then the wife would be all up my case since it was a common account. Old habits die hard and I’ve not changed my style since then all that much.


This is what i mean by tidbits. Most of what I pick up is in discussions from threads on the forum. There’s usually more talk about flavors here. I store these thoughts and at some point they will be useful in something I’m trying to create.


Some say Liquid Amber offers a fermented taste to fruits… I find that it also adds a cooked fruit note in a pastry mix…[quote=“Pro_Vapes, post:2, topic:85378”]
0.8% Liquid Amber (FA) (this cooks the apple for a pie type apple)

I’m not saying this is where you got your idea for this combo.


The dust has settled on this i think so I don’t wanna fire it up again - @Pro_Vapes I just wanted to clear up why and where the inspiration came for this recipe - I am not sure if you think the inspiration came from one of your recipes and want credit for that or not. But My wife baked on the day @Norseman made it and as I was munching on a piece of the apple tea cake I thought it would make a nice vape. Here is the conversation I had with norseman about it - if he asks me to remove the conversation I will as it was via discord.

I havent made either my recipe

or his as I have a few other things on the plate atm for the record I think his will be much better than mine.

I am not exactly sure what you are driving at but anyhow here it is

edit: removed images see post history if you wish to read


Stop making me add flavors to the want list. I’ve finally gotten control of my addiction, and there you go again!!! :wink:


I try to convince myself of that every day and i’m losing the battle each and every day as well.
Today i own the fact i have a flavor addiction :wink:


Lol! Since your adding to your buy list be sure to add hiliq rice to it as well! You would love it with RF rice pudding and flv horchata :wink:


Ohhh, no. I got the FE Sweet Rice a couple weeks ago…nirvana! I’ve also got Flavorha Rum Raisin on the way :slight_smile: but…I only ordered 5 flavors with the sales. I was a good girl :relaxed:

Flavors Express Sweet Rice

Percentage Used: 2%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 6 Days

Aroma: White rice, sweet, cream.

Flavor Description: At 6 days it’s a very authentic rice. It’s a clean white rice, creamy and sweet. I get what I believe is a heavy thick cream, not pudding or custard. The sweetness is not a sugar nor a sweetener flavor itself. It’s very similar to a sweet cream with a little more sweetness. I almost get a hint of butter, not sure at this point if it’s actually part of the flavor or texture. The mouth feel is a full bodied and textured creamy rice. I am really liking this so far, very very authentic.

Off Flavors: Cream?

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Cakes, cereal, creams, custards, nuts, butter, cinnamon, spices, nutmeg, horchata, pudding, brown sugar.

Notes: This is a very good strength at 2%. This is the rice I have been looking for to complete my rice pudding, and so far is adding the rice body and creamy texture to TFA Horchata Smooth during the pudding testing. I surprisingly liked this single flavor, but it would be also be great with a dab of butter and cinnamon for a warm bowl of creamy rice cereal.


Great notes as always! I just ordered some fe sweet rice this weekend so I can compare it to hiliq. I only bought a 3 ml tester from hiliq a little while ago. Now I want to order more but I want to wait until I get sweet rice from ecx. I’m looking forward to trying it!


This is a Swedish Pastry named after one of the princesses Sweden has.
Just mixed this up and the drop test is promising, now over to the wait until i can say anything else.
As usual any ideas and/or other input is welcome.

Estelle Pastry

Ingredient %
Brownie (SC) (RealFlavors) 0.6
Cake (Yellow) (FW) 2
Condensed Milk (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.3
Lemon Sicily (FA) 0.4
Marzipan (FA) 1.1
Rhubarb (INAWERA) 0.8
Rhubarb (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Sweet Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.6

Flavor total: 6.3%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


Still Privet Hedge listed so I’ll screen shot it.
I run the Rhubarb (SC)(RF) in a couple of recipes but a lot higher % I wonder if you won’t find it a little Pale against the INW or even unnoticed ?
I could get real close in an adapt but for the blasted Marzipan and it’s on the next list already for one of my See’s Candies.
I’m down for another good Rhubarb Vape.


The RF SC _Rhubarb is just there as a complement to INW Rhubarb since it is pretty tangy and the intention is to soften it with the SC Rhubarb. Not entirely sure if i succeeded but i really do hope so.


Should work from what I’ve learned about the RF Rhubarb. It’s a really sweet one to me and it stands up very well against the Sour Cream I use. The OOO Rhubarb is likely like the INW it’s tart pucker up son of a flavor like my granny’s Rhubarb pie was. Mixed Rhubarb OOO and Sour Cream AMO and got paint remover squared.


Not tested read notes


Have you tried the deep fried spongecake as a SF ? I have been thinking about ordering it at thier next sale.


yes i have , it isnt bad but it needed help thats why i did this om hoping the yellow cake brings out the cake taste which imo the DFS lacks , honestly i belive if you have the right flavors you can build a DFS type flave that would be better , are you in the USA ???


Ok thank you.Yes in New York.