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New Recipe Showcase 2017


This is one of my lighter flavors, but I’m really digging it. I usually quite enjoy being punched in the face with flavor and while this isn’t lacking in flavor it’s more on the light and airy side of things.


I made this in a small batch (which I usually do with any fruit flavors) and I love it! I never quite liked fruit or berry flavors, but my husband always gets fruit flavors, so I like giving them a whirl every now and then. Lemon Cheesecake with Raspberry and Blackberry. I used LA Lemonade because it retains its citrus more than Sicily for me.


This my attempt to clone Verde Valley Vapes’ Fuzzy Ta Ta’s. I always liked that one, it just seemed a bit light. Mixing max VG, I turned it up just a bit. I could vape this all day. I’ve been working on it for a while, but I believe it’s there now.

Howard Hughes' Fuzzy Ta-Tas clone

Ingredient %
Juicy Peach (CAP) 3
Kiwi (FA) 3.5
Peach (FA) 2
Peach (Flavorah) 1
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 4

Flavor total: 13.5%

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That Pleasure Pit looks nice. The only thing I’m lacking is the LA Lemonade. I have FLV. Do you think it would change it much?


It really shouldn’t change too much, I picked this one specifically for the tart, it is quite tart, almost like a lemonhead, but nowhere near that extreme. I’ve been loving Talenti Roman Raspberry Sorbetto lately, and wanted something similar to vape, and this hit the spot. The FLV is probably a yummy lemonade, and it probably will just be a bit smoother. I would go for it. :wink:


I am very happy with the outcome of this recipe. It turned out awesome!


@juice_junkie_lover I’ve never had fryd, but I sure loved the RF SC …


@silhouette that ^^^^ looks great.


Thank ya! I made it because I have been seriously favoring Roman Raspberry Sorbetto, and wanted something I could vape that was slightly similar. It is quite tart, but not sour, the LA Lemonade tames considerably within a week, but I used it all within 3 days because I wanted tart, it hit that sweet spot for me perfectly.


If you’re into bright summer fruit vapes, check it out!

It kind of reminds me of Raspberry and a flavor from my childhood I can’t nail down.


VanMallow Cremé Recipe Link

VanMallow Cremé is an creamy all-day - Fruity smooth sweet cream to sweet up your daily tasks.

I hope you like it!

Best wishes



Two of my latest faves:




Should have been posted a while back, but didn’t (due to reasons listed in the other post). So it seems only proper to put it here as well.


Alright im posting this one! let me know what you all think thanks!!


Doing some mixing today. Here’s a WIP. Finger test is really delicious!! The frosted cinnamon twists turned out so awesome that I’m making a huge bottle!!!


I just tried this at 7 days into steeping and had to share it. My first complex(ish) recipe success and first good cheesecake. By success, I mean it is definitely what I intended, not a muddy, random flavor with lots of ingredients. It isn’t done steeping, but it is delicious and seems above my experience level, so I’m really excited.


Big shout out to @Lolly for coming up with this recipe. Between my co-worker and myself I can’t seem to have enough on hand. Just mixed 500ml tonight.


@Lolly this sounds delicious! I have to mix some up for sure today thank you for sharing @SessionDrummer