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New Recipe Showcase 2017


Liking FW Chocolate Cream Cake in my new Java Lava Cake! It’s more Dark Chocolate Cream than Cake, but still a great find. :smiley:


Looks pretty nummy to me!


Thanks! I was quite happy to find a chocolate flavor that I liked besides INW Milk Choc. My bottle was getting low, so I’ve been trying not to use it often. I am really liking the new Flavor West Cake flavors, Creamy Sponge Cake (Twinkie) is a new flavor that is superb, although it tastes more like a moist Sugar Cookie to me.


Well I just got this mixed up and in the Barrel, sure hope it turns out good,


I’m really happy with how this turned out. The combo of caramels makes a really nice caramel sauce swirl in the gelato.


I’ve been digging on this one now for several months.

Howard Hughes' Sugar Bear clone

Ingredient %
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 3.5
French Vanilla (TPA) 4
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 3.5
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 6

Flavor total: 17%

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I don’t have Kentucky Bourbon, but I really want to try this, does the KB actually resemble Bourbon in any way?


Just mixed this up. It smells amazing. Thanks for posting it :+1:


@Silhouette yes it does to me, in fact it is alcohol and pg based hence the ground only shipping, the alcohol will steep off and improves


It benefits from a slight (3-5 day) steep, but it isn’t too bad right off. If you can wait for it to calm down though, it’s worth it.

Thanks- hope you like it.


I think it does. I got it for a Beam & Coke recipe I wanted to create when I first started mixing and it is spot on IMHO.


Pound Cake! Using new FW White Cake in place of Vanilla Cupcake/ sometimes Yellow Cake. I have an older Pound Cake recipe that I love, and decided to give it a fresh spin using a new cake base.


that look’s yummy! love the name!


That Caramel Toffee is just heavenly, no other caramel comes close. You can make something bland and lifeless just come alive with that flavor, and it brings a dark, sweet balance to tobacco flavors as well. It’s a make-you-drool flavor, and my all time fave.


I will put that on my shopping list!


How’s that Cake (White)?


I gotta tell you, I expected a little more from it based on the cake flavor of Yellow Cake and Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Cupcake was always such a great White Cake representation (for me anyway). It has this very light spice note to it, very faint, almost unnoticeable, almost like a bland cardamom, or white pepper (this may just be my senses, my husband does not smell or taste it like I can). It is weaker than I had hoped, but still very tasty. There are so many ways to increase the cake flavor, using a secondary flavor helps it out alot. In a show down between the two, I still think FW Vanilla Cupcake takes the cake…as the best white cake.


Thank you, much appreciated. Vanilla Cupcake (FW) added to my ridiculously long wishlist.


Kentucky bourbon tpa and whiskey FA do resemble the actual flavor profiles. Jamican rum FA doesn’t seem to work for me as a rum.


You are loving these new FW flavors. Thank you for posting your reviews of them.