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New Recipe Showcase 2017





I mixed this tonight and its tasting so great that I have to make a big bottle tomorrow!


Another one that’s pretty tasty. The last two I made are pretty tasty! This one needs a few days to a few weeks steep although it tastes really good right away! This one is really starting to shine!!! Very tasty!


Something else that’s an everyday vape as well as something my friends and family like to vape on.


I’ve been looking for this over in the UK. I can find a Hangsen Caramel and a Hangsen Toffee, but not a Caramel Toffee :cry:. I’m sure one of them would be the right one…just no clue which :laughing:


Let me look into it Lolly, I’ll find out which is right, I know they have a simply ‘caramel’ so it may be the Toffee one, but I will look into it to be sure.


You are a star! I have no likes left right now so here’s a hug instead :hugs:


It looks like their list of eliquid and flavors were changed due to the new legislation, so now either caramel or toffee are offered, but I am going to contact Hangsen directly to see if toffee is at least similar to the caramel toffee, if not the same product just renamed (for tpd reasons).


Thank you so much!


I’m just waiting for Hangsen’s response to my email Lolly, I will let you know when they respond.


David I would like to offer the suggestion of using Capella Toasted Almond in this mix. If I were to do it myself I’d drop FA Almond altogether and use around 2.5% Capella. But if FA Almond needs to stay, I’d drop it to 1% and give that other 2% to the CAP TA. It’s truly amazing in a mix like this. Just a thought.


Thanks for the info and I will try it on the next batch. I have a Liter in the barrel now and getting ready to transfer it, vaped a bit yesterday and to be honest it was amazing already.


Tell me about that Dark Chocolate MF so I can decide to bite the bullet or not :):grinning:


I’m guessing you’re asking me because of the like I received from you.

I have several Chocolates and nothing compares to the DC MF. I get a semi-sweet dark chocolate that’s super concentrated. At .8% it will stand up to any mix as a top note. It also accents other mixes at .3 or .4%.

Considering this is actually extracted from Dark Chocolate I don’t think no other Chocolate comes close to how true this flavor tastes. It doesn’t gunk coils or taste burnt when vaped at high temps or watts.

This is a long steeper (3-4 weeks) and it doesn’t fade when steeped past 4 months.

I also use it in a milk chocolate flavor base and a MC recipe that’s also spot on IMO…


Thank you so much Pro!!!


Whaaaa? No butter? No vanilla?!

I’m shocked I say. SHOCKED! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just mixed this one up. I’m still playing with it though. Really good so far!

Cotton Tiger

Ingredient %
Cotton Candy (Flavorah) 0.2
Fresh Coconut (Purilum) 1
Strawberry (Ripe) (Purilum) 4
Watermelon (Purilum) 0.5
Watermelon Cotton Candy (Purilum) 4

Flavor total: 9.7%

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http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1781515/saved working on a chocolaty mousse kind of thing. What should I use to "cream it up"a little?


I’m really enjoying this! Its a really nice SNV and it holds up through several weeks of steeping without much of a change.