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New Recipe Showcase 2017


This ended up needing a full 3 weeks to really be ready, but it turned out really tasty!


I took advice from @juice_junkie_lover review, and added the extras to the cereal and its yummy! Thanks for the inspiration


Awesome! Looks great! I’m gonna give this a try tomorrow when I have time to mix :smile: so glad it worked out for you!


Does it taste like the original?


It is one of the better bourbons in my opinion.


TPA Jamacian Rum is divine.


Also a couple drops of FA Oak Wood adds a barrel taste to any bourbons or whisky. It is truly divine.


The word in bold is the only reason I’m pointing this out…

Make sure you don’t get confused by the nomenclature used in the ELR database of flavors!!

In this case, SC and RF is the same company. :wink:
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) breaks down as:
flavor (PG vs VG line) (brand)

… That’s from me having followed your reply to Jazzy_girl /post 239/, who was replying to TheTinMan1 /post 238/, who quoted Lolly’s recipe (which used only RF brand concentrates).

Just wanted to make sure that no one (you, or other new readers who find this in the future) bought the wrong flavors, because there IS a Chinese brand of flavors sold as “SC”, and those would yield a totally different outcome in the flavor department!!


I think so, it’s been awhile since I had the original.
@robin made it & said she liked it. Psyc & wildgypsy over at VU both liked it too.


Yes and Oak Wood is in the receipt, I agree


Here’s one of my newest creations very sweet without adding sweetener to it as well! When I first made it didn’t even let it steep it was so good! I recently added fa almond to it and its even better lol definitely great after two weeks and better after a month!



here is a SnV i just mixed and I think its really tasty! let me know what you all think!!


Thank you. I didn’t understand they were the same company.


Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Looks awesome @Jayrell!


Thanks! I add just a hint of sweetner I am considering upping the Fuji apple to 2% I think it needs to be stronger


This recipe is private, only because it’s my quick and simple, no fuss RY4. But I thought @David5362 might like it, so I wanted to put it up here. It’s a perfect base tobacco RY4, great to build upon if you wanted to go Maple, or Peanut Butter, or whatever flavors you want to incorporate. It’s a leafy, delicious RY4, great by itself as well.


Thank you for the thought, looks good I will defiantly give it a go ( yourTrifecta is an ADV for me now). Your gonna break me with the Hangsen though, good stuff and as soon as Nicotine River gets it in there are a few flavors I will order.:+1:


Chef’s Flavours has the best variaty. The international shipping is 5 bucks. They have Jungle Flavors, RF SC, OSDIY, and a lot more.