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New Recipe Showcase 2018


Just wondering how this goes, it looks like a nice additive that is a bit different, I’ve have been reading the notes, so I think this goes on the list. :wink:

I’m always on the look out for flavours like this, a complete recipe needs side notes to play in tune with the melody. (Something I’ve learnt this week).


I just recently started learning about flavor bending and I wanted to see if this would make the blueberry in the recipe pop. It actually added a really nice lavander back note to the recipe and made it go from a good recipe to a great one. I’ve been mixing for a little over a year now (almost daily) and I’m still learning too. There’s so many flavors out there that its next to impossible to know them all. The flavor notes are a big assett. I keep mine in a hard cover notebook.



This mixing is just like nursing, there is always something new to learn. I hope I’m remembering correctly and you said you were a nurse once before.

I’m still relying on my photographic memory, but 2 months in and I’m starting to get information overload.

But I think I’ll hunt that flavour down, I can’t imagine it would be that common.


I’m the same way as you, yep I’m a nurse too.
I got the flavor from bullcity but I’m not sure where u go to in Aussie.


I’d suggest using which ever you like most… that’s what I did. Caramel and Vanilla are second and third notes. Use them at at 1/2 single flavor strength or less. You only need to accent the tobaccos… good luck.


I won the DIY Down Under March contest with this recipe!! I belong to a group on fb and id like to share it with all of you.


Congratulations with the win!
It looks a very nice recipe that I might have to try out.
Will need to get me some VTA concentrates?


Awesome! I steeped it a few weeks. If u like bakery then you’ll really enjoy it! The pears really do taste caramelized and over ice cream.

The butter is fantastic!!! If ur gonna get butter this would be a better choice than FA bcuz I’m hearing that FA butter is not gonna be sold anymore. This one is really great!!!
I got the VTA in the recipe from BCF


Looks tasty!
Congrats on the win!

About the Honeycomb (VTA)… What profile is that? Like the American cereal “Honeycomb”? Or in the traditional sense of the word, ie: made by bees?

Also, would FA Butter sub out alright (with an adjusted percentage)? Or are you not familiar with it?



Thank you :))
Its more like a warm and dark caramel with a slightly sticky mouthfeel. Its what gives the pears a nice caramelized note. It worked fantastic for that here!

I’m not sure how it would be as far as percentages for a FA sub but from what I hear about the it it can sub for it. The VTA butter is spot on creamy beautiful butter with no weird off notes. It smells strong but at .5% it didn’t overwhelm the recipe at all. I used it just like I would in a food recipe and it worked great!!


Aussie honeycomb not from bees


Thank you sir!


Used to love making that stuff when a kid!
It always amazed me when it would foam and froth when the bicarbonate was added! Magical!


Whoa… cant be true, can it?! Where did you hear this? Gonna have to bulk up on it asap if true.


you cld buy it outside the USA


Cool, thanks. So its not being discontinued?


I heard it on one of the vape forums I goto, not sure which one tho. But that’s great if it can be bought else where like @fidalgo_vapes says.


I got this in a couple days ago from DIY Vape Supply…


i know that its not being sold through North america FA so here in the US ecx and NR and others wont be able to restock , that includes the FA cream whipped as well which imo is more of a loss than the butter , but i do believe you can buy from FA i think its their from the kitchen line , ill look and link

btw i could be completely wrong , i did watch waynes video about the drama with FA and diyvs and id101 or something like that some mixer from ATF