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New Recipe Showcase 2018


This one took almost two years to get to this (what I believe to be), the final cut.


After numerous tries i believe this is as close as i could get and i must say im loving it , if your a pop deez fan i honestly think this will be right up your alley

Note : i know there is A LOT going on here but it works i promise :slight_smile:


That looks really good man!!
Happily shocked I’m only missing two flavors! :laughing:

FLV popcorn and FW salted caramel!
I have had the latter on the ‘to buy’ list for sometime now, but after R113’s recent comments on it, and the looks of this recipe… It’s going to have to be moved up on the list a bit further it seems. chuckles


Move it to the top! It’s delicious! :drooling_face::yum:


thank you i appreciate it . it has been a labor of love/hate with this profile and finally just love … i never thought i would get close but i may even like this better than the Original and now could elimanate commercial juice altogether ( every so often id get the pop deez )


This one has been in my note book for a while now. Thought today would be a good day to mix it up. Pretty refreshing on a humid day.


So mix 8oz minimum? :slight_smile:

Fantastic looking mix and 8oz is exactly where ill start.


That’s the plan for me too. I started with a 30 ml tester and I’m now headed into my 5th month and it seems to be getting better and better. I still have about 15 mls left.


I was working on a lemon sugar cookie awhile back but i dont think i got around to testing the second version. V1 reminded me how potent Lemon MF is.



It’s actually hard to describe this mix. The apple is most forward, but still a bit subtle. The other flavors kinda meld into a punch type flavor. The overall flavor is very appealing. It has a sweetness to it without being overly sweet.

EDIT I’m on my 2nd tank and it seems more of the flavors are shining through. I’m definitely picking up the pear and grape along with the apple. The strawberry is there, but it seems like more of a accent flavor…

This mix is well layered and tastes very good!

Fruit Punch (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 0.30
Grape (MF) 0.40
Green Apple (MF) 0.40
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.40
Pear (MF) 0.70
Sour Wizard (FA) 0.40
Strawberry (MF) 0.60

Flavor total: 3.2%

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This one secured me 1st place in the #DIYDOWNUNDER Challenge, such a smooth delicious Lemon Custard.


I hate FA custard with a passion, I would have to sub 3 ingredients from the 5 ingredient recipe, not even close to your mix, without altering the whole thing lol.

But I rated it, because you shared it, and even tho its not my fav. ingredients, this shouldn’t take away the work you put into. In fact we have so much “bad” stuff ( like 15% boom and 5% super sweet, anyone? Lol) that’s highly rated, supporting the good ones should be a no brainer.

Congratulations on your win :slight_smile:


@eStorm appreciate your honesty brother, perfect example of one mans piss is another’s champagne…lol i have had no luck with VC1, VC2, TPA VC, the only reward i get from those concentrates is when im using them as blenders. not sure what it is, but i dont get the same result as most when it comes to the king of DAP VC1. Any thoughts on VC1 combos which may dance on my pallet, up until now VC1 is gathering dust [so to speak lol]. i have had some good time with FLV Vanilla Custard being a custard lover, it certainly has been a journey, just out of interest, how would yu remix that one…??? :smile:


omg i thought estorm was a female, this gives me an idea for a thread


oh @fidalgo_vapes maybe @eStorm is a female, my appologies if so…lol :stuck_out_tongue:


lol no need to apologise , im male and for the longest time amy2 thought i was female until i put my pic up lol


eStorm is a female


This one needs at least two weeks, but then it’s really good.


This one is nice as a S&V.


I joined a week ago, the same time I began mixing, but this is my humble contribution so far.

Where the Wild Things Are

iJuicy Fruit

Mythic Rainbow Space Deer



Heaven Is a Strawberry

Cold Night Sky

Good Morning

Bitter Winter’s End