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New strawberry from FlavourArt


I hear it’s out but still haven’t seen it available from our vendors (ECX, BCF, NR etc) or even any reviews. Does anyone have the scoop on this?


Jennifer Desangles-Winstead (aka TheJuiceFairy) wrote on facebook:

So I have in my hands the new FA juicy strawberry :strawberry:!!! Holly Strawberry!!! I’m completely stoked! Mixed it at 1.5% shake and vape! I’m in Love! This strawberry is so much better than TFA strawberry ripe, better than strawberry shisha, way better than cap strawberry it’s almost as though they took the best part of each and combined it. Guys I am a strawberry everything kind of vaper and I can see this going into everything very soon. The question now is… when can I get a 4oz. :joy: Drew Kirklin when you place your order with Flavor Art you better go big or go home! This one will not stay on the shelves.

It looks like some recipes using it have been merged with Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) :confused: Don’t know if it was me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Ken_O_Where @JoJo


have you checked the FA website ? i havent heard anything but then again i never hear anything until its here on ELR


Jenn Harman (aka Chapel) writes:

Guys!!! New things! New Amazing things coming from Flavour Art!!! I am so incredibly excited!
So…first thoughts:
Juicy Strawberry- this is Everything I have hoped for in a strawberry! It is sweet and Ripe and complex. This is the strawberry that I used to use two or more concentrates to come up with but better! I mixed it at 2%, 25/75 3mg, and it is so good! I will probably stay at around 1- 1.5% in mixes. But dang!! 1.5% vs. 8-10%!!! That’s a freaking Win!
Red Bean- this one is pretty strong, and earthy. If I didn’t know what I was smelling, I’d almost think it was a tobacco. It is that earthy. Like the skin of a Japanese red bean. I also mixed this up at 2% 25/75 3mg. On a SNV, it is rich and just slightly creamy. I get the whole bean now, but the focus when diluted is on the meat inside of the bean but also all of it together. I can think of three distinct recipes right off the bat. A bakery, a dessert and perhaps a full on savory mix. It is likely that depending on the recipe, this is going to work fantastic and totally present in your mixes at below 1%!


@daath Yeah I saw her post on FB and she alluded that vendors would see it around now. Normally I’m a patient guy but that news has me jacked!


Was just on FA’s site. No mention of it. :tired_face:


My fault, I know. So sorry! It was today if you wanna see if you can roll it back. I did as fid said and looked on the website but didn’t see anything about it. I usually take MFG websites as gospel unless I know for a fact that something is/was a flavor.


Yep, that was cruel of Flavour Art ;D We should strike a deal with all flavor manufacturers, that they have to send us all new flavorings ;D


I think I restored the affected recipes and stashes :slight_smile: Took a bit longer than I anticipated :stuck_out_tongue:


No for reals though…


i like that ( fid) fids strawberry and cream , fids lemon meringue pie , etc i think ill use that in front of my recipe a fid original … lol ty


No big deal. It’s probably another strawberry I can’t taste anyway.


50pg/50vg…or fiddy/fiddy! :sunglasses:


It reminds me of one of my favorite characters in the book series I’ve been reading for two years. Malazan Book of the Fallen. :smiley:


BCV has it in stock now :stuck_out_tongue:


which one is new?

the red touch strawberry?

or sweet strawberry?


Thanx for the heads up! :grin:


Red Touch is the old one.

Link to BCV - and the ELR flavor details page for Juicy Strawberry (FA) :slight_smile:


Oops, it was the Juicy strawberry, not sweet

Thanks daath


I’m still lost. Why isn’t this listed official on the FA website?