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New strawberry from FlavourArt


That’s a good question. It’s almost like the UK’s Custard Pi 3.14 (and others) :stuck_out_tongue: Except I think Juicy Strawberry is actually a new flavor, not just a flavor mixed from existing flavors…


I. Must. Have. That. RED BEAN!

breathing heavily & perspiring - Daath…give me hope that they will release this to the masses





after researching it seems FA has a custard cream which here is rebranded just custard and im assuming the custard pi 3.14 is also rebranded and named , this is only an assumption , i think i will contact FA to see whats what regarding the custard conspiracy lol


What’s the Red Bean supposed to taste like? As in like, kidney beans? A kidney bean e-juice??


I think it’s a blend of FA flavors we carry here in the US but it’s manufactured only for the UK. No idea why!?


so like a stone ?


The guy who owns Flavourart UK John sometimes blends his own flavours outside of the Worldwide Flavourart (IT) umbrella of official flavours and sells them just in the UK as a UK specific product, .

Custard Pi 3.14 has a light creamy vanilla flavour with a very noticeable citrus twang to it on the exhale. Chefsflavours and Flavourart UK themselves both ship outside the UK to various parts of the world, if you want a bottle.

If you look here on the UK Flavourart Website there are probably quite a few blended flavours listed (that you won’t see on the main flavourart.com) site, or available elsewhere.

If you look here John himself posts a few recipes, he has devised himself to make a one shot concentrate, as well as publishing recipes from other mixers as well.


Hmmm. Well. Why not ask the source. Oops. I meant vendor. @BullCityFlavors could you tell us if this comes direct from flavourart? Or other? Or if direct from FA, comment on why it’s not listed on the official FA site?


Yes sir, it comes directly from FA though I believe FA Italy doesn’t sell it, just FANA. I’m not sure why it’s not listed on their site though.


Hello Everyone,
There was an announcement a few hours ago from FA North America regarding a contest they are holding for the new Juicy Strawberry.

In the video “FlavourArt Rich” states the contest rules along with the prize to be won on Facebook.

*The link below is in Dutch. I’m not sure why, but it will take you to FA NorthAmerica’s Facebook page for the contest.


I haven’t tried FA’s red bean but would totally love too. Red bean in general is very earthy similar to taro in a earthy note but most of the time Red Bean is done as a Mochi !! I am sure you were kidden on the whole kidney beans.

Adzuki beans aka red beans come off more pasty and take on the flavoring in which they are paired but they do have a heavy take on earthy, woodsy savory.

I have Duomei’s Red Bean flavoring and 1 drop literally the smallest I can get off a pipette and it still runs over everything in the mix. Here’s hoping FA’s is more pliable !

imageImage result for red bean mochi


That’s what I’m hoping for Amy. I pray that it is good! Red (kidney) bean, mung bean, garbanzos etc are staples in a lot of East Asian desserts and when I saw this…I felt a fire…a beany & starchy fire in my soul.

Also, how did you aquire the Duomei’s Red Bean? When I contacted them on FBook (regarding some of their other flavors) they said they were unable to ship because they only shipped in bulk “our MOQ is 5kgs.
our smallest package is 5kgs/jerry can”…:disappointed_relieved:


At the time I asked about samples and the rep was happy to send me 12-15 samples via FedEx to USA for around 35$ so it wasn’t that bad and the samples were like 15 mls each. This was a while back like at least a couple years ago.

Taro is still available widely at ECX idk if you’re interested in trying it as it is a startchy woodsy earthy flavoring that I use often as desserts it can come off as savory.

As far as Duomei they may be able to do a sample pack but you’d have to check with your customers / boarder restrictions.

I am excited to try these new FA flavors may be soon !


Yes! Thank you Amy. I remember what you had said to me regarding Taro for my Ube recipe before, and I did purchase 2 of the Taro - FE (they finally stocked them in bottles less than 500ml) from ECX just and got them in the mail yesterday. So I will be making tester bottles today.

Also thank you for the info regarding Duomei. Message received! :grinning:


Just got my FA Juicy Strawberry in the mail yesterday. Have yet to mix with it, but good GOD! This stuff smells amazing! If it tastes like it smells, wow, just wow.

Has anyone been playing with it, yet?


Yeah, I finally got my order for that. First thing I did was to whip up a batch of Mustard Milk just to see how it holds up with minimal supporting flavors. Have not actually tasted it yet because it’s still steeping. And yes, the smell is very good!


Look forward to hearing the results…and yeah, I mix a lot of the MustardMilk with a variety of different fruit flavors…


So, i was just perusing bcv, putting together an order, and noticed not only do they have Red Bean fa, but also Breakfast Cereal fa. Anyone tried yet?
I def wanna give red bean a shot

If its been discussed elsewhere, my apologies, a cursory search lead me back here


Almost forgot to get back to you. The Mustard Milk test results were very good. Different from the original obviously but the Juicy Strawberry is a worthy alternative.