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New strawberry from FlavourArt


Not a worry…I give the Mustard Milk (and some of my adaptations of it) a minimum of 3 weeks steep timeWe spoke here 19 days ago and I imagine you had it in steep…Will have to order that new FA Strawberry to try it in… Glad to see you like the results… I experiment with a variety of Strawberries and combinations, so when money permits for a new order, will have to get on that.


Does anyone know if (FA) red touch and (FA) strawberry are the same flavor? I want to order red touch but I cant find it


I’m pretty sure they are one in the same. It depends which vendor has which spelling.


I only steeped mine for a week. I was getting antsy wanting to try the new flavor out! lol


Yes. Red touch fa and strawberry fa.


Thank you. I didn’t want to order it and it was the wrong flavor. Is this a good flavor? I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve tried most strawberries except this one.


It’s good…kinda on the weaker side of their flavors. I do like mixing red touch with ripe strawberry tpa.

Don’t forget the new SB. Juicy strawberry fa. I haven’t tried it but on my next flavor order it will be in the basket.


I actually got the juicy strawberry. Its pretty good. Its more like a sweet candied strawberry. I’ve only used it in one recipe so far tho. I have so many flavors that I need to stop buying and testing. I’m slowly doing single flavor tests. But the buying seems to be faster than the testing. I’m gonna stop at 200 flavors and dig in and test the ones I haven’t done yet. Srry for the long winded note.


FA strawberry (aka Red Touch) is a great “enhancer” IMO it works amazingly well to round out a “core” strawberry. My notes explain it better, but it covers the “nose portion” where most target the tongue IMO.

I’ll leave it at this. I would have been pissed if I were early in, and relying on it as a primary note. :laughing: But as a supporting flavor, it’s a must have!


@Leilani any success mixing with the red bean fa yet?


Hey now @netweight. TBH, I haven’t used it in a full mix yet. I’ve used it (very low) with the DuoMei Cheesecake flavor as an experiment - and it was good. When used low, and steeped out for about 2 weeks, you get less of the “skin” of the bean and the “meat” of the bean shines through a bit more.

Have you tried it in a mix yet?


you too huh …


Havent tried yet but will soon. Thanks for the info.


Ordered the new Juicy Strawberry
Looking forward to testing out myself.


Me too! And the custard premium :smiley::+1:


Me three! Lol Couldn’t resist that 30% of at chefs discount


@Lolly was looking at the custard but opted out at the last minute? Don’t know why I do that?
I fill my basket then trim it back then fill again with other flavours,trim it back etc…before placing an order! Bloody crazy I know but I see things I think I will fancy then when it gets to the checkout I recoil in shock hence the trimming back but then I get the urge to order something different?
Anyhow I ramble on, do let me know how the custard is?


I do that too…and then I checkout and think damn I really wanted xy&z. Will keep you posted on the custard petal :+1:


It’s the mixers curse,I tell Ye! Lol


whaaaat! 30% off chef yay Time to make bad decisions shopping with a budget that’s non existent but can’t resist. :innocent: