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New Vape supply Rack


I conned my way into an old rack from a market I frequent. The place was just sold and the new owner is doing a lot of remodeling and he tossed out the rack so I asked him if I could buy it and he gave it to me. I don’t know what was on it but it musta been heavy the casters are super heavy duty probably cost abut 20 each. Gonna take a lot of work but will hold all my flavors, VG/PG my UC and other mixing supplies. i’ll post some pics of the before soon

Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

Nice get… those are very expensive. You may even be able to get $75 on Craig$List and buy supplies. heh of course ask $100 We need pics!


a rack like a food market shelf? that’s pretty cool!


Looked more like a magazine rack to me till I saw the castors on it then I wasn’t sure what they had on it. Funny thing it’s great store to pick up stuff for Mexican food and I go in there a lot. but I don’t remember ever seeing the rack anywhere. I’ve got is set up sort of now. So it’s time to figure out the finer things to do to it. I might do something really dumb and hand paint it like an artist would, but believe me I’m about as far from being an artist as a newborn is from being tightrope walker.


Good score , would love to see pics when you get the chance.


no worries, maybe take a pic and we can help with ideas


maybe in the walk-in fridge. The Health Inspector mighta told him to get rid of as you cannot sanitize the wheels


Took some before pics already, Just need to copy from the sd card, and right now I’m being lazy for a few minutes before I make a Pepperoni, mushroom, bacon, and bbq’d chicken pizza for dinner.


As ugly as this was to start I don’t think you could sanitize any part of it without doing something like I am and completely painting over it.


I got wood from my local lumbar yard out of their scrap bin. So far the most expensive part is the belt on my sander that gave it up while sanding the shelf to fit better. I did spend a couple dollars on a bottle of wood glue. So all in all in still into it for less than 5 bucks so far.


Here’s some pics of my project before I started it


Here’s after the first day


And after today it’s finally looks like it’s taking shape and might just work. The bottom shelf if for gallons of VG and distilled water for the UC.

The inserts so the bottles can see over the top.

See how happy the bottles are


It’s kinda beat up and ugly to start but coming along. Once it’s finished and painted it’ll be great


What a fun hobby, Furniture restoration :grin:
You must have a nice sized playroom!


Yeah they call it a car port. wifey don’t allow no sanding inside the house. lol


So…what are you gonna do with those awesome fold out racks?


The only fold out was the bottom because I knocked it loose and the brace only had one nail on each side so it swiveled or sorta folded out and it left a gap at the back so I covered the whole think and made it the large shelf for big big big bottles. like gallons of VG and Distilled water for the UC.

All the others are pockets or slots or whatever you want to call them. each layer has two the front is shallow and the back is deeper so I put the inserts in the back to raise it up a little. One of the front ones is going to have a piece put in it with holes drilled in it for syringes to rest point end up. I doubt I’ll put the blunt needles in it at all they’ll stay in the box I now keep them in.


I love re-purposing discarded stuff. I’m sure your project will look great when finished.


Day three didn’t show much change so no pics from it. Day 4 however is a landmark day. I’ve finished sanding and vacuumed all the dust and crud out of it. wiped it down and started to primer it. I broke down and bought a can of primer. So now I’m into the project for about $6.50 or so.

And yup one can was not near enough. Payday being Friday I’m stuck till then, unless wifey lets me hit the emerg cash. You know the old saying snowflakes chance in hell, well that snowflake has me by about 3 to 1. So Friday can’t get here fast enough.