Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

I would but…erm…I don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:joy: 'fcourse not, :smile: but seriously though, nice little place you’ve got for yourself. two thumbs up bruv

haha, thanks man, preciate it, keeps me out of trouble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it’s like a hovel compared to some of them on here, check out sillyrabbit’s get up further up this thread, now that’s a base, in awe of that one :+1:

What a cracking Idea I do like that, nice one

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Love this idea, I’ve got a ton of boxes just create mess around on top of my wardrobe lol. Now I know what to do with them😊Love art type work

Here’s my whole process for the rack that my buddy gave me. It was headed for the garbage and I saved it’s life. Since the pic was taken I’ve already added about 10 bottles to it.

Finally got mine all set up and supplies in it. might need to rearrange the bottom shelf, and cut a hole in the back for my electrical cord. It kinda bugs me coming out over the edge in front.


dude that’s turned out awesome, love the finish on it :ok_hand:

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Wowzers Buddy!

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I used rustoleum hammered pewter paint so it looks sort of like hammered metal, but I can’t get a close up pic of it no flash looks like crap flash to shiny and has glare covering most of the pic. All I really have in it is 4 cans of rustoleum primer that was on sale 2 for 8 bucks and 6 cans of the finish paint, the last one sprayed realy weird and gave me some splotchy areas but they refunded me for the last can so I bought 4 cause I had one that was for another project that at the last minute wifey changed her mind about the color. The finish paint was 7.50 or so a can all in all less than 50 bucks in it and I could’ve gone cheaper but I figured the rack was free so might as well go all out.

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I was kinda thinking the same thing.

well it looks well worth the effort mate, well done :+1:


I likethe way it turned out and have plans to put a shelf across the top when the need arises for more flavors or what ever. I might just get the acrylic plastic in quarter inch and then put a front, back, and sides so I don’t have to worry about them getting knocked off.

there’s plenty of places in there you could stick an extra shelf in for flavours, they’re so small I can see at least 3 spaces that cold easily accommodate.

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Oh yeah I’ve thought about it.


Selling my home and moving into a rental has driven my DIY in a singular direction… mobility. So instead of making the permanent setup I would truly prefer, I’ve gone with making a portable lab. Junking in Penn last weekend turned out perfect. I found two portability solutions… well sorta. They both need some work, but I have a vision for them.

These were just under $20 each. One is an Aladdin 40’s aluminum picnic box and one is 60’s Gung Ho Archery case. Each sells for about $100 online. I’ll make several times my money back selling the bakelite Thermoses and Bakelite handled flatware. This picnic looks like it sat in a closet for 75 years untouched… The archery case looks just the opposite …like it’s been around the world!

Here they are in their “farm fresh” condition. Since I’m not selling them, I’m about to clean them all up (strip off stickers etc) …which makes me a little bit sad …but now they are MINE! Heh, the archery case can go right next to my bugout bag, so come the Apocalypse I can sit in my tent and mix e-juice which I can trade for ammunition (I got Prepper jokes!) …priorities people!

…more to come as I strip out all the crud and make room for my gear and flavorings. DIY Tailgate anyone :wink:


Another sweet score :thumbsup:

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Sweet! Fwiw, I’d leave the stickers on that archery case, they totally add character. And you could add your own vapey stickers to it! I love stickers.


Very nice. I’m thinking about portable/quick setup too. just need to find a solution for 200 flavors that I can make portable.

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