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New Vape supply Rack


lmao…it’s like when they call a big guy Tiny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they do not call me that :smile:


my apologies… I should have been more clear. What I mean is the first time you posted about your vape storage you had built some fold out storage units for small bottles like wizard labs. unfortunatly i can not find the post.


I went back and read all my posts and checked the post you originally responded to with the comment about fold outs and couldn’t find anything. I don’t think I said anything about fold outs at all. there are no fold outs only inserts to raise the height of the bottles. Otherwise they would be almost out of sight and harder to grasp when picking them up to use. sorry for any confusion.


Well the Dr changed Wifey’s meds yesterday and she’s not having a good day so I’m staying close to home just in case so no paint today. I’m antsy as heck and want to finish the paint job so I can get it loaded and use it.


Hope Mrs GPC feels better soon.


…we can wait


@Lostmarbles @BoDarc

Thanks lostBo and Darcmarbles I’m glad you can wait, care to tell me how I get some of that patience, I vapers syndrome


Looks great ! Nice flip


Graci, I’ll just be glad when I get the rest of the paint on it the thing suck up paint like there’s no tomorrow. 3 cans of primer and so far two cans of the hammered finish paint. Probably going to end up using two more to make it look right and I primered the back but am not painting it with the hammered paint.


We has paint, but we also has 104 degree afternoon planned so I’ll be a paintin in the morning. Or a little while before midnight if my lack of patience gets the best of me. :grin:


I think that’s hotter than the devils armpit down here.
Can’t wait to see the finished goods m’man.


Well it’s as painted as it’s going to get. The last can of paint I used seem to have an issue with stuttering. It was a challenge to say the least. Not exactly like I wanted it to turn out but I think I could dump a dozen more cans on it and probably not be completely satisfied. I am after all NOT a professional painter by any means and especially not out of a spray can. I can do much better with airless but I’m not sure I can get the hammered in quarts and even less sure if my sprayer would handle it.

Now the waiting game while it cures a couple of days outside in the heat, almost gets hot enough to have a baked on enamel finish. Almost that is. Not even sure if it will make the finish any harder but I am sure it will be dry when it comes in.


looks like we are having a cold snap, it may never dry with only 99 degrees out there better get my blizzard gear out with this kind of cold weather.


Well my stuttering can made the whole thing look like crap. I’m so upset over the whole stupid thing. I can’t afford to redo it so I might just give it a slight coat of black over the top and then touch it up here and there with some sand paper to make it look old and used and then spray I with clear to seal it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Sorry to hear that. I know what it feels like to have something go wrong when you envisioned it looking so right. On the plus side: it’s going to look better than when you got it, right? Gotta look for the silver lining to every cloud.


This is true, it sure beats the way it looked to begin with.


well I guess I’ll accept it as is, at least it’s not ugly filthy white. Hopefully most of it will be hidden by bottles and bottles of flavorings, syringes, Pipettes and all sorts of stuff like that.


Oh boy. If you did the black paint. Then a clear coat rattle can…then light it up with some LEF lighting it would be pretty cool.

That’s what I did with my liquor cabinet.


Don’t think I’m going that far with it. This is a budget project to say the least. Pretty much all I have into it is the paint and a small bottle of wood glue. I lost a couple of old belts on my belt sander but as stated they were old to start with. All other supplies I either already had or got them out of the junk pile at my local lumber yard. The rack itself was given to me as well.