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New Vape supply Rack


If the wood got sealed you’re likely good. We are hardest on ourselves. You can get so microscopic on your own Artwork. I bet everybody that sees it thinks all those mistakes are creative touches …seriously. Still a nice get!


That’s what wifey says. Hey it was almost free and it will do the job no matter how pretty it is. I put the bottle stands in it this afternoon and made the piece to hold a few clean syringes and doubles as a lift for the shortest and few small bottles that I still use out of. Stuff like MTS, Sour, Pure vanilla flavor cinnamon dilute mix stuffs like that. I’m just anxious to load it up but want to make sure the paint has cured completely. Although I can’t imagine it not being cured sitting for a few days in the hundred degree plus carport.


I’m loaded


Let me rephrase that, I got the rack loaded up this morning. Wide assed awake at shortly after 4 am kinda sucks most of the time. However today I made good use of the time


Good job! Looks like you are set. :slight_smile:


Looking good and it is always a big plus when something ends up re-purposed instead of landfilled.


Needs more bottles and an attached freezer to store nic in, a fridge for the beer then maybe booze wench alias @VapeyMama might stop by. lol :wink:


Yeah it was headed for landfill city that’s for sure. The guy could have got a little out of the casters on it I looked up similar ones on the interweb and they’re about 25 to 30 bucks each.


The final masterpiece nice job !


Very nice. I knew it would be. I hate throwing things away that can find life as something else. Glad you do to.


I love it when things are resurrected from the dead pile, and given new life. I think that shelf has some good steeping jujus in store for you!


Looking good! :slight_smile:

BTW…I don’t know about you…but “there’s a lot of wasted room there”. ;D Those shelves still have way too much room for flavors!!

(Hint: This doesn’t mean the rack’s too big, unless it means you’re gonna sleep outside with the dog. Then it’s only ‘a little big’.)


Oh no it’s not too big, I already have plans for secondary shelves as I need them. I’ll be mounting shelves as shown in the pics. But that will come when the need arises. I’ve already been toying with the idea of doing them in real metal they will resemble the existing fronts and shelves and I’ll line them with quarter inch wood to allow them to have something to soak up errant drops of flavor that may escape for what ever reason


Hey GPC, ever get that fridge installed for me…? :grin:


Is that he we get to come by for a personal visit. Lol. Do you show up with butter fa in hand?


Always. :+1:


two fridges full of adult style beverages inside the house. And neither one coin operated like I wanted. Wifey won’t let me.


butter cube parties is fun :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Damn right. Party at GPC’s house! Better make sure those fridges are stocked full!


I remember the first time we almost got busted, on a whim we borrowed the kids twister game, and I forgot to run it through the washing machine. One of the kids hollars from the closet where’s the twister game? Wifey and I looked at each other she started to turn red me being the quick thinker that I am yelled back we didn’t know where did they leave it last time they used it. I found it for them the next week or so when I was in the garage cleaning something. lmao