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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


We all have to remember the free shipping is a trial run to see how it works out and if it’s doable. At least that is what Grant said in the Facebook group where it was worked out. He said he would check the numbers in a few weeks to see the cost and make sure it wouldn’t put him out of business, which is completely understandable. So it may end up being tweaked also.


Just doing the math with a 1 pound minimum for free shipping. You could get 8 x 2 oz bottles of FA flavors for $7 each or $56 total and get free shipping. TPA and FW flavors are even cheaper. Most other companies require $75 minimum for free shipping. I honestly think Grants suggestion works more in your favor.


I am not good at math [I had to use a slide rule in college to pass]
I think @Nicotine_River is doing the math as much in OUR favor as they possibly can… I trust that they are.


Fluid oz and pure weight will probably be a bit different but I bet it’s pretty close to my napkin math. Don’t have my scale handy or I’d weigh one of those 2 oz bottles.


One 2oz bottle of Grenadine plus the flat cap and the twist cap and the plastic bag is 89g


I appreciate the FREE SHIPPING for a 1lb order. I mostly comparison shop and I saved plenty with this order in bulk sizes.

If BCV offered free shipping w/ the ELR coupon code these orders would be identical.




A little while ago I ran a test order with ECX, BVC, Wizard Labs and NC I added the totals, including shipping and any discount codes (no sales or special deals), and NC beat them all out by a few pennies or more. In the case of ECX, they lost big due to a few of the flavors only coming in 15ml sizes and having to purchase multiple bottles to equal the same size. Sometimes you have to look at how much you’re getting for the price. But the main reason that I keep coming back is simply the outstanding customer service. I KNOW if anything goes wrong, it will be taken care of ASAP. I’ve had rotten experience with ECX and WL with this in the past.

EDIT: NR not NC sorry 'bout that.


Just purchased 1 liter of 48mg nicotine(and some red touch), 1st purchase from NR…and im amazed that Wizard Labs 500ml would have been the same price!
I will keep coming back at this price! Thanks!

I havent been following recent updates but im curious how much longer we will be able to purchase nicotine? Is it still August???


how much longer we will be able to purchase nicotine?


Yeah, what he said


Should be 2 years if NicSelect files a PMTA or whatever, shouldn’t it?


@Nicotine_River forwarded an email from their VP. Grant, would it be okay to share it here? Or is there a link to it somewhere?

From what it sounded like, they’re doing what they have to and we should be okay to continue getting nic. I guess time will tell though.


My apologies for the delayed response. Im currently in Pensacola, FL on a little vacation :slight_smile: You can absolutely repost that response. I had a long conversation with the VP of NicSelect and he stated that the DIY market will never change in his opinion. I firmly believe that is true as well. NicSelect so far is the only nicotine company that has stepped forward and is getting the job done :slight_smile:


Delay?? I posted that like 20min ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the text of the email:

Dear NicSelect Customers and Potential Customers,

The next several months will be a challenge for many of you as you prepare to adhere to the FDA regulations and the PMTA (pre-market tobacco approval) requirements. Naturally, we all hope that our industry can successfully challenge the grandfather date and bring about other modifications we believe are needed.

Regardless of what may come, we and Alchem International, makers of NicSelect® 100% Pure Nicotine USP, will do whatever we can to assist with your compliance efforts. We will soon be submitting a TPMF (tobacco products master file) on NicSelect® to the FDA that you can reference in your PMTA applications. And if you are selling products in Europe, we assure you we are REACH compliant and can help you with your TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) dossiers. We can also refer you to associations/consultants in Europe that can assist you with that process.

Alchem International has been making plant-based extracts for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries for over 75 years. Unlike newcomers to the market, we are thoroughly versed and experienced in dealing with regulatory agencies both here and abroad. We are regularly inspected by FDA and we currently have 4 active DMF’s (Drug Master Files) in place at FDA for pharmaceutical API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

We are committed to the long-term success of this industry. In fact, because of current and projected future demands in the US and Europe, we are preparing to double our current capacity of NicSelect® to continue to be able to supply your needs. Please feel free to call me to discuss how we can help you succeed in this ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Thomas H. Schrier
Vice President of NicSelect
Business Development & Sales

Alchem USA, Inc.
5819 Highway 6 South
Suite 140 Missouri City,
TX 77459



Damn, we do need a daughter company of Nicselect over here in Europe so we Europeans can benefit from the good products and the good prizes the way you americans can.


Nicotine River has plans to expand to the Europe and Canada in the next 12 - 18 months :slight_smile:


Yay, i can clearly tell you that i’m looking forward to that. It can’t be soon enough :smile:


YES!!! very excited to hear of your plans to expand into Canada.


Enjoy your vacation @Nicotine_River I loved Pensacola when I was stationed there 30 years ago when I was in the Navy… Nice place to be as long as a storm isn’t brewing in the Gulf…


off the subject but i see that ECX has the newer flavorah flavors , like rainer cherry , pistachio , marshmallow etc @Nicotine_River do you have an eta on these items or are you not getting them ??? i do need to order some VG and NIC and a few other things from you guys so ill wait if you have a solid eta , at the same time ineed a couple flavors you dont carry so i have to order those from ECX i could add these items with that order so let me know , im always willing to give you first chance @Nicotine_River