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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


Today, July 31st 2016, none of the mentioned codes (ELR, ELRECIPES, or DIY) have worked. It’s a shame that I spent over an hour now picking and choosing on their site and now I will let it go to waste because I lost a savings of about $15.


Contact @Nicotine_River to see what if any coupon codes there are that work :slight_smile: Apparently they are really great about getting back to people.


There are no codes for Nicotine River now, as he stated above. Instead, if you order between 1-25 lbs, you get free shipping.


I was under the impression that they’re offering free shipping (with limitations) now and that coupons no longer work. See further up in this thread for details :arrow_up:


To convert for the free shipping, just think that a 30ml bottle of flavoring equals “about” 1 ounce (slightly more than a oz)… so if your only getting flavors and no pg/vg/nic you’ll need to get around 480ml of flavorings.


Was a great time my friend and thank you!


These flavors have been ordered and should be arriving in the next 2 - 3 days :slight_smile:


Currently there is no code for overseas customers ?


So…Now they no longer offer free shipping, and ALL the codes have been deleted?

Any working codes before I waste my time choosing the products I normally order?



they have fairly competitive pricing where no discount should be needed especially their nic prices dont get me wrong a discount is nice , but i bet overall you will save without one unless your placing a big order @Nicotine_River could probably answer better for you though


I ask because I am looking for a 3rd destination for my orders. The 2 I usually order from have coupons floating around, and also holiday ones…Never came across NicotineRiver until earlier and became interested, but I’m not going to pay more…


NR did have a recent code for 15% off
HOLIDAYS or HOLIDAYS2016 or something…
You can easily call and ask them. [tell them you are from ELR]


The code at Nicotine River is HOLIDAYS
It is for 15% off Purilum flavors.


There’s no free shipping anymore I’ve ordered from them forever and I’m not sire if I can at these shipping prices. I’m just needing vg and 2 flavors right now and it’s $10 shipping. Next month I’m ordering several things a gallon of vg and restock of everything and this is going to kill me just for the gallon and a liter is $20 shipping that’s crazy. Any suggestions at all on somewhere to get a cheaper option I hate to go away from NR but I’m on a fixed budget right now and just need a liter of vg some strawberry ripe and sweetener. Any help would be great or know of any code to help. I just need these to get through to next month I’m sure others understand that lol. Also it’s my 1 yr month of stopping smoking wahoo but it’s been tough so please any help would be great.


Call NR on the phone and ask them, tell them, your position. Call them now, before they leave.
I have never paid more than $7.50 BEFORE free shipping.
Just make a larger order.
Call them, they are nice…


I called and they said there’s nothing they can do because they have
changed their stuff due to regulations. This is the 1st time I’ve ever had
to pay this much for shipping usually I get free shipping. I added a gallon
of vg to the order and it made this shipping go to $20. They have changed
their shipping stuff and no longer do free period and he said that the
hazmat stuff costs more to ship but there’s nothing hazmat in my cart they
even double checked it as well. Some flavors are hazmat bc of alcohol but
mine don’t have it in there. Thank you for your reply I really appreciate
it. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it or any
place that offers free shipping I hate to not order from NR but I might
have to. Next month I’m doing a big order and I thought about getting the
vg and pg from essential depot this time but not sure if I should go w the
soy or palm and if their vg has an odd flavor or not any help with this
would be great.


First, I would NEVER use VG that wasn’t palm base. That’s me, eh?

Maxwell’s silver hammer is coming down on all of our heads with the friggin’ FDA,
and NR has no option but to conform with legalities.

I, too, am loyal to NR, and I just work around their hands being tied as best I can.

I don’t have a magic code for you…sorry…and more so, I bought a years worth+
of consumables before Thanksgiving because I could see this shit coming. I was fortunate,
and blessed, to be able to afford it.Thank God.
I understand your frustration. Essential Depot had a ‘cube’ special deal, and their PG and VG
is OK…for flavors,…I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t need any so I haven’t been on top
of things like that.
I will still help, if possible, but don’t know how.


I understand and thank you. I might give EO a shot next month just for vg
pg but get flavors from NR just to keep shipping cost down but I wish I had
the money to get all when the sales were 2 lol. I really wish the fda and
stuff would stop making these increases and stuff it’s just rediculous. I
feel for NR they are going to lose customers and I hate that. I will stick
with them if I can even if I have to go to EO just for vg an pg but I dk
anyone that has tried theirs. I really like the vg and pg from NR and once
you find something you like you try and stick w lol. Thank you for your
help and if anyone else has any comments on it I’m all ears. I really hope
that NR is able to figure out something to keep business up bc this is a
huge budget killer shoot $20 for 1 gallon vs EO 4 gallons for $23 shipped
is a huge huge difference in price plus adding the price and shipping of
the flavors as well. Thank you though and maybe we can get NR to read the
comments and maybe get us a 20% off total code or something for us here lol
just to help make up 4 shipping cost. I can understand the part having
hazmat stuff in it but like I said mine don’t have any in it at all and
still $9 for vg and 2 flavors is really steep.


Yes, but the $23 is the shipping cost alone. With the Cube is $48 so it’s $71 total. Personally I don’t go through it that fast so I would rather pay $20 shipped for 1 gallon and have a fresh supply than $17.75 each and have it be old. The extra $2.25 is worth it for me for freshness. But, I also only use about a gallon a year, so if you use a lot yours will be used while still fresh.


Well it’s $40 for 4 gallons and $20 shipping at EO and it’s $14 for 1
gallon and $20 to ship that along w 1 liter pg and 2 flavors from NR and I
do go thru a good bit of vg as well do friends so we could all buy a gallon
each and save alot on shipping bc just adding 1 gallon onto NR it went up
$11 for that 1 gallon so it’s going to be almost impossible for me to
afford the vg pg nic and flavors I need for the yr w shipping at that cost
for shipping if I add my nic which is hazmat then that adds a good bit more
onto shipping and adding around 5 other flavors for my big order I go
through about a liter of vg in 2.5 months give or take which isn’t that bad
but to pay all that towards shipping is alot $20 for 1.25 gallons or $20
for 4 gallons I’m wasn’t talking about price of vg it actually adds up
better doing it for the 4 gallons by far either way