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Nicotine Salts?


These sound interesting, although I’m too stupid to understand them.


From what I understand it’s less likely to oxidize. Is that correct?

Nicotine salts vs. free base nicotine
Does ELR need some necessary changes?
Nic salt, what is it?

That gave me a headache reading that. I think the net/net is “the reason nicotine turns your liquid yellow”? But I get a headache reading contract language too.


That’s what I understood as well. But since I’m a :chicken::poop: when it comes to new things on the market, I’ll wait until the jury is out on safety and such, not meaning the FDA jury here cause that’s meaningless.


I’m a relatively (well, more like wannabe) technical person and while I understood the words and sort of what they meant, taking the thing as a whole sounded like a whole lot of marketing hooey. Unless they put up something in English, I’d pass on that noise.




But I like free-base nicotine…:confused:
So this stuff goes into the bloodstream a lot faster than with normal nicotine, more like a cigarette, because, according to the article, vapers aren’t happy with the delivery system as is. I think that sounds like BS, would that mean it will be just as addictive as cigarettes?
My suspicion is aroused, I’m perfectly happy with my vape.


I have read the reason you inhale cigarette smoke is because it is acidic and needs more time to interact than the basic smoke from a cigar or pipe, which you do not inhale. In any event, the LESS like a cigarette the better for me. I think I’ll pass and keep blowing clouds.


I’m on board with that feeling. :grinning: I think this falls into the category of “a better mouse trap”. :thinking:…or maybe just a different one.


I think more addictive would be the concern… but my kids told me about a hemp additive that actually lowers inflammation. I’m pretty curious about that.


Wait a minute! That can’t be true! Our government tells us that cannabis/hemp is a class 1 drug with no medical use! How can that be? Our government always tells us the truth, right? :thinking: They want us to be happy and heathy, right? :thinking: They wouldn’t keep us in the dark about products which might replace opiates, right? :rage:


:upside_down_face: yup. Cbd is going to be the latest thing.


Never. Amerikuh!


I jumped in and bought 500ml of their Smooth version because I don’t like the TH that I was getting from other nicotine base. I have to say I am very pleased with it. It is on the expensive side ($70 for 50ml) but IMHO worth it. Don’t know about absorption into the blood stream being faster but at the low nicotine level most of us use does it really make a difference. The product is dark in color but dilutes very well and has not turned any of the juices I’ve made the typical piss yellow color leading to the less oxidization claim. I have also not noticed any odor or taste from this yet either. Since I vape at 3mg there is just 0.9ml needed for 30ml. When I got it it was only available in a 50/50 mix. Don’t know if that matters to anyone.


I just ordered a 500 mg concentrate I can add to my own liquid… I’m trying it.


They actually have a patent for it… You know what I think? I think they are going to let this stuff on the market to the public domain and use us for lab rats to see the best ways to use it and then do what they did with vapor. (Make it regulated so only the drug companies can sell it)


Cbd or nicotine salts?

If it’s cbd have you checked out vapinfagin’s YouTube video yet? Not very scientific, but slightly interesting.


CBD… my kid tried it. She said it worked on her inflammation.


Wow, thank you! I just watched it, I like that guy anyway. (I don’t smoke weed, I don’t like being high, never did). He basically says it tastes very yucky so I would have to put it in a strong pineapple menthol or something. He said you build up a tolerance for it quickly as well.

I bought the 500mg so I have a really strong bottle to just put a few drops in liquid I mix and then I can really test it. It was not cheap holy socks 90.00… (but I’ve blown that in a Casino with nothing to show for it before too lol)

It looks like the stuff they sell in the vape shops in commercial liquid are running about 4.5 mg? I will be able to test it in a bunch of recipes. I notice the FDA has been issuing warnings to people selling it they cant make claims as to it’s effectiveness for cancer, lyme etc.

My step-daughter used a CBD patch in Colorado and she said it was like a miracle for her joint pain and (like I said before) my own daughter said it was great too.

I feel there is no harm in trying it so I will let you guys know what I think :slight_smile:


Please do! I’m looking forward to your review. :slight_smile:


If I sound silly when I review it… well you know what happened, right?