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Nicotine Salts?


You betcha. :grin:


The truth is… the stuff might be total snake oil and if it is you can be sure I will be the first person calling them out on it lol…


OK…Just tested it. It was 500MG so I cut it with VG and Distilled Water to get it at 62MG. I picked this MG level because it’s about what most of the commercial vendors are putting in the vape liquid. I warmed it up so it mixed a little better. This was the brand I tried:


This stuff is suspended in VG and it didn’t separate at all. It smells like it’s source plant and taste like it too… Holy Guacamole. (Not unpleasant at all if you ever liked that sort of thing lol) I also put 4% Yellow Peach, 4.5% Strawberry Ripe and 1% Cranberry in there. Cant really taste the flavors… just the stuff.

I guess I’m wondering while I’m tasting this…hmmm… what would taste good with it? I think i’m gonna try a little Dulce, maybe? I will take any suggestions for flavor pairings?


CAP chocolate fudge brownie seems like a no-brainer flavor pairing. :grin:
Maybe something herbal or floral would work well.


Agreed on Brownies. No question. Just found out there are many google pages with hemp recipes. Not sure I should vape this stuff in a traffic jam though. It smells like … yeah it does.

Me: "No officer, it’s not what you think it is… "

Cop: “Get out of the car ma’am…”…


OK, so it seems these nic salts are gaining some popularity. I saw another vendor now selling it, maybe nicotine river? Surprised it hasn’t been the rage around here since it sounds like it would almost eliminate the nic throat hit and peppery taste for us low nic mixers. So since it’s not been a big thing around here, well, that gives me pause, maybe this stuff isn’t safe?

Just have a question or two maybe one of you guys/gals can answer, before I test the waters myself. Nude Nicotine does have free nic salt samples now so I might try that first.

Ok, so… currently I use 100mg nicotine and, for example, in a 30ml ejuice mix, I would use about 17 drops for a 1.5mg nic strength juice. Would it be the same for these salts? I previously assumed it was sold as a base, like you would use 30ml of it (minus however much flavoring you add) in a 30ml mix. Like you would not need to add any vg or pg. I didn’t like this because it was much more expensive than if I buy my own vg. I guess what I’m asking is, is this now a concentrate that these salts are in?


maybe we should ask nude nicotine? they were the first ones to come out with it last year and the rest followed. it still sounds too bizarre for me plus its too expensive


Hello ,I am new to DIY but not to vaping So I was surprised on the first Nicotine I ordered was 100 mg in PG not going to name where as its well known company and I believe its my sensitivity, I only vape 2 mg I have been vaping since 2009 and I could not vape the first nicotine was very harsh I am thinking I am sensitive to it in some way, BUT I just got the free sample of the Nude Nic salts smooth at 72mg in PG and it is heavenly no taste and I am mixing now with great results and just wanted to share that for anyone else that maybe looking for a similar experience that may be sensitive to nicotine taste :slight_smile:


It’s nice when you hit on the good stuff for you! :grinning:

Jaunt on over and say “hey!”… they won’t bite!


I would like to see if any of you have gave the salts a whirl yet? I have been mixing for roughly a few years and knew that NN came out with the salts, just never got interested, now my interest has gotten the best of me.


I have a 120ML bottle of 100mg nicotine salt on the way (hopefully will arrive Friday or Saturday). I’ll post back on this thread to report my thoughts on it. Hoping it’s all that I have read about it. Haven’t been able to get over that first morning stinky and I’m hoping this nicotine salt might help with that.


Got the nic salt in from LNW and mixed an unflavored batch @ 10mg and another at 20mg. Absolutely no flavor or throat hit from the 10mg test batch and just a little bit of a throat hit and a very slight off chemical taste with the 20mg batch that would not be noticeable with flavoring. I definitely could tell that I was getting more of a nicotine rush with the higher mg batches. Did a 10mg unflavored test batch of regular nicotine that I have from LNW and you can absolutely tell the difference between the nicotine salt ones and the regular nicotine.

Going to order some samples from nude nic and a bottle of nic salt from nic river when I place my next flavoring order to compare some of the other vendors’ offerings. Think I’m sold on these nic salts. They may not be for everyone, but they seem to work well for me and I won’t be purchasing conventional nicotine again. You can order 15ml 70mg or 100mg samples of the nic salts from nude nicotine for $2.75 each here if you want to check the stuff out with out.



The last reply to this topic was a long time ago.
I wanted to revive this topic and say (again) I have done some experiments with Nicotine salts which has a different PH than regular nicotine. I found the Salt juices change color little or none after a long steep, and are not quite as flavorful as the same recipe using regular nicotine.
I was told early on it was the nicotine causing the e-liquid to steep, but i’m now thinking it’s more likely PH or Oxygen causing the reaction and curing effect in my liquid.

I am also really curious about the effect of PH on coil longevity, although I don’t have PH test equipment yet, I am pretty sure it would be possible to create neutral PH e-liquid.


Ah ha lol I am interested in your results and some of us agreed PH may be a factor. There were however several well respected mixers on that thread who mixed zero mg and felt their mixes were in fact “steeping” so i politely agreed to disagree :wink:


The Salts do steep, seemingly the same time period as the regular nicotine e-juice, but there is little or no discoloration of the salt e-liquid. And just by taste i found I needed to add about 2% flavor to the salt e-liquid to achieve the same flavor level as the regular nicotine e-liquid. My testing is only at 3.8 month (114 days) steeped salt e-liquid mixed at 16% TF, then boosted to 18% TF both 9mg.


I realize this is an old thread, but nic salts really worked for me (regarding the morning cig I couldn’t seem to skip). It took two days of “grin and bear it” but I never looked back after that.