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Njord RDA - Morten Oen & Atom Vapes Masterpiece?


I have yet to see proper pictures of the air ‘brakes’ … but the way you picture it doesn’t cause a cyclone effect anymore.
The air comes straight onto the coil and when it collides, it’ll go in both directions. This will also prevent the flavor molecules being ejected from the non-spinning flow and provide better flavor.

Just my 2 cents, based on what you show me here, not the actual product.

So from what I see, it doesn’t make sense that you get the cyclone effect in picture D


Oh, you’re right.

If they are wide enough, the wont affect the angle, but if they are close (as it seems), then the air will “stick” to its walls and continue that direction. It’s hard to guess from the pic if the slots in the Chinook are straight or slightly angled. But that could indeed be a way to alter the speed of the cyclone or shut it down. Great input.


Guess it will be a waiting game to see what it’s actually going to be like :wink:
And that reduced chamber is going to do wonders too.

If I see it right, the air holes in the insert are also wider on the outside than the inside. They can still have it slightly angled, it’s really difficult to see. But going from wide to narrow will increase the speed of the airflow, directed at the coil, making me think there’s still going to be quite a cooling effect on the coil itself.


Lol. I think no, I’ll wait for the clone.


Interesting theory.

I am not in anyway an expert on cyclonic separation, but I see at least one problem with this. If this kind of separation was actually taking place then I would imagine that the small droplets of liquid would be the first to get separated from the gas, which is quite clearly not the case as the vape seen in all the reviews clearly contains droplets. I also doubt that the air would be spinning at speeds high enough for this to happen.

I of course don’t really know what I’m talking about, so take it with a grain of salt :wink:


I agree, that’s just a theory. Need proof to take that seriously…
My theory has more to do with the temperature of the vape and just way too much airflow. Any RDA has better flavor with the airflow slightly closed off. The reduced chamber will do wonders I believe. All that air just won’t have anywhere to go, so flavor will be much better.

I was kind of hoping they would have somehow added airflow control as well in a different way. Now you have to control it with the inhale (like Grimm Green did)


So your guess is, that it will act more like this?

As for the reduction of the slots. I don’t think, that it will speed up the air by that much, because it looks, like even at the end, the slit is still bigger than the 3 holes where the air comes in at the beginning.


I’m no expert either. But from what I read about it, the highest mass gets separated first. If the flavor particles in the aerosol contain more mass than fog particles f.e. it would still be possible.


hard to say if you don’t know the dimensions and tolerances


Temperature has indeed a big impact. Evolv seem have made some observations in that field, resulting in their RePlay feature.


I think it’s still quite a bit of a secret what exactly they did :grinning:


The secret is, how they executed it … but Brandon admitted, that they specifically looked into flavor (probably by internal testing and surveys), as different flavors seem to evaporate at different temperatures.


I think speculation about replay is worthy of its own thread.
You still have regular TC on those DNAs and replay works on any coil, even kanthal, nichrome, … doesn’t matter all that much. It’ll replay the last know experience somehow, looking at a whole set of variables probably.


Just wondering if anybody here ever got to buy and test this RDA. Would be happy if you could share your own experience and if the fix has helped to give more flavor.