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One On One Flavors: Free Shipping


Technically you can do that with any recipe - Mix a big bottle of flavor base (ELR can do this)… Say your total flavoring % of a recipe is 12% then mix a big bottle of flavor base, then you just add 12% to a bottle, add your nic/pg/vg and be done.

Making it even easier? Say none of your recipes are above 20%, but some are close. You can adjust all your flavor bases so that they mix at 20% - then pre-mix nicotine base as well, so there is room for 20% flavoring - now you can do a mix with just two bottles - your flavor base and your nic base :smiley:


Thank you daath! I actually did this with one of my recipes… Mixed a bottle of flavorings, then added 20% of that to a 3mg pg/vg nic base. It worked pretty well actually. Now I have some 250 ml bottles and I mix enormous batches of the 6 or so juices that people seem to want from me and they’re nicely steeped when my friends want refills. I adjust the nic for each person. I don’t know what it is about having four 250ml bottles of my favorite stuff staring at me, maybe it’s knowing I’ll never run out!! Still… If all I had to measure was one ingredient??? That would be heaven!!! No more 0.5 of this, 1.2 of that, GAH!!! It’s frustrating for me, especially when it turns out to be drain cleaner. FYI… I’m not a great cook either :slight_smile:


Created my account, hmmmm, which flavors to start with???


I havent tried it yet but i have not heard anyone say anything bad about Creamy Milky Undertones. That and speckled Flakes should be here Friday. Cant wait to mix up some Frosted Flakes…


Did you decide on what flavor you wanted to get?

sorry for replying late, I was out of the office yesterday.


Well i thought i would be mixing some Frosted Flakes today but this happened:

Not sure why as two other packages and my regular mail got delivered an hour later.

Me so sad :frowning:

EDIT: Just a quick edit to say that i of course in no way say this is a problem with oOo. They shipped out very quickly compared to the other orders i placed this week with different vendors.


What was the name on your account?


Oh I’ve got a few things in my cart! I’ve been waiting til I had time to REALLY check everything over, make sure I get everything I want to try so I’m not placing three orders in three days like I usually do.


Whats the name on your account?


Im still checking on the status of your order, its weird that happen.

We appreciate that it does not affect our status with you. Sometimes its just the post office but I will find out what happen.


Thanks much, it is weird and has never happened to me before in hundreds of orders. My mailman made no mention of it when i spoke to him and gave him some samples to check out. I dont know why there would have been two delivery times as he didnt come around until an hour later. Unfortunately i didnt notice until after he left the neighborhood.

No, in no way would an issue with USPS affect future purchases. If DYING to try me some flakes, hehe. The USPS site has been crap all week, until very late last night it said most of my shipments were still in their origin facilities. Maybe they never even tried to deliver it…


…think you might have missed this post. :thinking:


Placed my order today. Found a coupon code here for 25% off and that’s all I needed to hit the order button! Excited to try them!!!


I have a couple of your flavours and would love to try some more in the future.
My main problem is sourcing a good selection here in the Uk and also reviews of your products are a bit thin on the ground so it makes the leap into the unknown a little daunting!
Can I ask who your main suppliers are in the UK and also what your shipping charges are if I order directly from yourselves?


Got my order and mixed them all up at recommended %s. I must say they are delicious! The peach rings is my favorite!! Couldn’t be easier to get a tasty juice, one ingredient and nic base, I’ll be back for 30s!!


Our shipping to the UK is 10% of the order if it is over $100.

The reviews are all over online on forums, just hard to find which I get what you mean.
I like to read some reviews as well before I purchase anything, but from what I can tell you is that we do sell a large amount to some of the top 10 eliquid customers and to over 5000 vape shops. So our stuff is good.

Just give us a shot and start off with a small order, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Im so happy to hear that, I told you the peach rings was delicious. I got it in my vape still!!

Did you get any other flavors? I can’t wait till you try our other new flavors.


…and again… I think you missed this post. :thinking:


Oh yes! I got rhubarb crisp, raspberry coco cake, sweet tart candy, blow pop, chocolate chip, happy rancher Apple, coco stones 2, and got the blueberry cake as a freebie. Btw, a 30ml freebie is pretty sweet. I’ve tried most and they’re all good, well, except that Apple one. Haven’t found an apple yet that I like so it’s no reflection on that flavoring, I just don’t like Apple vapes. I have a customer that thinks it’s fabulous though. I made some testers yesterday for my customers so we’ll see what they think but I’m very happy with what I got. I WILL be back for more peach ring, that’s an ADV for me fer sure. And if my customers want any of the others I’ll be back for those too. Couldn’t be easier to fine tune the right % and just mix it up, no muss no fuss. Very happy to have found you!!


Thanks for the reply.
Can I ask who your main suppliers are here in the UK.
Would be easier for myself.
Still searching for flavour reviews but they are like hens teeth trying to find! Lol