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One On One Flavors: Free Shipping


hey boss, your acetylpyrazine (VG) and nutty professor (VG) both say “propylene glycol” as a base in the description.


What category is this deal under on the website? I can’t find the ready to vape juice anywhere on the site.


Thank you for catching that for us, just got it fixed.


Its not up on the site yet, but I can get an invoice set up and email it to you. Just let me know what flavor and nic strength you want.


What is the vg/pg ratio on the pre made?


75/25 on all the flavors


Blasphemy!!! I am going to choose to believe you had a brief moment of confusion and weren’t responsible for your actions…



We can but not with free shipping. Sorry.


If you buy one bottle, shipping would be around $15. But we do have a deal going on if you spend $100, which is only 5 bottles, shipping would be $10.


lol… you are so funny. I cant stop mixing, I just started using drippers. I’m in fully obsessed mode!


So I use a tank right now and only have tried other people’s drippers, but would you guys recommend getting one and how hard is it to maintain?


I bought dripper’s because they are good for tasting new e-cig liquid recipes right after you mix them. When you want to switch your flavor you just pull the cotton out and re-wick to test a new flavor. Some folks on here are big dripping people who have a lot of fun building with all kinds of different wire. I stick with just the pre wrapped kanthal. Not the most portable in my book, but some folks use them exclusively.


I just vape my tank empty, pour more juice in and vape through the mix for like 2 minutes and I’m chillin.

I’m simple lol and dripping seems like a hassle but useful for trying a bunch of different flavors.


It does seem like a bit of a hassle but I do know it taste better vaping out of a dripper and working here we try so many different flavors all the time i might just have to invest in one.


Special Deal on our 120ml house juice for $8/bottle and no MOQ!

We have over 20 flavors and you can pick between 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.
Don’t miss out! Perfect for your shop.

Flavor list:
Fruity Pebbles Donut Milk
Blue Raspberry Candy-
Blueberry Custard Cream
Cookies and Milk
Strawberry and cream
Strawberry milk
Bomb Pop
Fruity loops and milk
Orange cream
Banana cream
Strawberry Fluff Marshmallow
Coconut Ice cream milk
Peach ice cream milk
Lemon Pound cake and cream
Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade
Frosted Corn Flakes and milk
Glazed blueberry donut cake
Candy Rainbow
Strawberry donut milk
Rainbow sherbert
Cherry limeade
Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate ice cream milk
Blueberry Lemonade
Kiwi strawberry drink
Apple strawberry peach
Greek Yogurt Blueberries Granola
Strawberry shortcake and cream

Contact me on here or email me at Edgar@oooflavors.com


You still have a few that show the base incorrect:


thank you, I appreciate the heads up


How do I get the $8 price to reflect in my cart during checkout on your website? Or has this deal expired?
Thanks in advance


Yeah, unfortunately the deal expired.


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