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One On One Flavors: Free Shipping


Have an incredible giveaway going on Facebook! Be sure to check out our page and enter to win. Giving away a gallon of e-liquid with 60ml bottles and some of our clothing. Don’t miss out!


Mabey add a link to your Facebook page so people can have a look? Just a suggestion. :yum:


Anybody on the market for a co packing company? We have our sister company Cali Co Packing that offers very competitive pricing, and we can produce 7,000 bottles an hour. If you have a company or know someone that does feel free to contact me at Edgar@oooflavors.com and we can discuss more about our services.



We are currently offering free shipping on our orders, head over to One On One Flavors and we can get the orders shipped out immediately. Take advantage while it last.


Free shipping to Canada? Elrecipes discount code?


Free Shipping to UK ?


Unfortunately no free international shipping but you can still use the e-liquid recipes to receive a hefty discount.


Why is it so damned near impossible to get some OOO rice pudding or some other original flavors in Europe? The only option I see is to buy straight from the US and that would cost me like 10 times the average price of an OOO flavor in Europe :frowning:

Can’t you guys push your resellers to have a little more variety in their offerings?


Use the (eliquidrecipes-25) code for 25% off your order and it’ll help defray the shipping costs. Look over the flavor bundles for even more savings under the DIY tab.
They are close enough I could drive over and pick my stuff up. :slight_smile:


does the 25% off work on the $17 transport costs for a 10ml bottle? :smiley:


it’s lower the basic costs of the products but I don’t think it’ll lower the shipping. Should get several bottles shipped for that $17. I get 7 or 8 bottles in a package at a time for the $3.50 it costs me to ship


There are quite a few resellers here in Europe with reasonable prices. It would just be nice if they have a little bit of a wider range to offer. The UK has a really big vaping market so I really don’t see why it’s such a problem.


Might see if one of them will special order for you when he restocks. Ask for enough items to make it worth his while and not just a single flavor.


sure, i usually have relatively big flavor orders. I just said 10ml because I am not going to order at ridiculous prices overseas when I can get the rest locally for very reasonable prices :wink:

Maybe OOO needs to do a little more marketing on this side of the pond as well. You guys have some really interesting flavors, it doesn’t always need to be CAP or TPA right?


Europe has a good range of flavor companies of their own listed have you looked over the selections ?
I’ve found my OOOs are just a good if not better on some flavors then TPA or capella so they are my go to company. I chat with the guys on the order desk every few days and I’ll query them on UK-EU sources for their Rice Pudding.


i checked out every single one of them, none have rice pudding :smiley:


Ha… Figures


well actually, rainbowvapes does, but they’ve been out of stock for ages. I’ve contacted the seller and he said he’s going to reduce the range he has of OOO. Big bummer.


I messed around trying to sub Sour Cream in one form or another and finally just ordered it from Amoretti a few days ago. Paid to much for what I’m getting and still don’t know if it’ll work as planned. Are We Having Fun Yet ?? LOL YES !!


Great. I am going to try out the Peach Rings Flavoring. Thx