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Online persona vs. real life persona


Is he still in Albania, lol? Just wanna know in case he’s in my backyard looking at the moon. I got the Pina Coladas ready. Perhaps we can go for a midnight stroll for some glistening blood…bwa haha.


I am me, that is, when @Cutlass92 allows me out of the kitchen. :joy:


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Oh like I believe that. I see @Cutlass92 as the one wearing the molly maid outfit around the house.


Vitameatavegamin! My dad says I used to scream this in stores while stumbling like a drunken idiot.


I am, what you see is what you get, what you don’t is better yet !!
That’s why all ask me why do they call me ? “whosyourdaddy”
I’m very simple, person. I’ve always been a people person. I’ve been know to talk to a wall as my wife says I’ll talk and befriend just about anyone. Talking is my real hobby haha. I’ve always online or in person been the same. I ramble online just as I do in person. I’ve never met a stranger, I guess that’s the salesman in me and the working with families that have a member that is in the process of dying. I’m very sympathetic online and offline. If you want to know more about me all you have to do is ask and I’ll tell you. My real life I’m all about Family,Friends & You awesome people here on ELR.
I too am very proud of my Italian heritage.
I’m a ex addict in real life and online. The only time that I can remember being something I wasn’t was when I was actively a drug addict. I’ll NEVER judge you for what you do,did or didn’t do.
Much Love,
Paulie V


WTF? :hugs:


This is an adorable story …unless the store thing was like last week :wink: All those old TV shows were so delightfully Politically Incorrect. Now we get digital Cream of Wheat …on TV …which I don’t watch. heh Maybe you should try this bit one more time …soon. I’ll hold your phone in Landscape mode. YouTube I watch!


Hey !

I first met one of my closest friends online. He was (I say “was” because he died of cancer , last year :frowning: ) also a black American with a white ava, and nobody ever guessed he was black. I think his ava kinda looked liked him, personality wise.

Can’t speak for you, Pro_Vapes, but my friend was a complex multi-dimensional person, and his online “persona” or personae. I should say, represented who he really was, inside, as well as anything could , and actually _better than any real-life encounter woud reveal. .

That’s partly because he was autistic and had communication probems in “real life” . Besides, you can usually get into much deeper, more intense discussions online than you can IRL, and get under someone’s skin more swiftly and easily.

I also met his (eventual) p[artner online, as did he! She fell in love with him before she ever met him IRL, and that bond survived all the stresses of a stormy relationship and a sudden crippling illness, descending almost immediately; holding strong until death. She remains a very close friend of mine.

And when met IRL , we felt instantly comfortable together, because we already knew each other much better than most people ever do.

But as for the issue of presenting as white, when you’re actually black, well, WTF does it matter what colour you are? It does actually matter , but only inasmuch as many of white people are still pretty prejudiced, sadly, just as you said! and they will project a lot of misleasding rubbish onto you, soon as they see that you are black. Choosing a white ava is a way of getting round those preconceptions and giving people a chance to see you for who you really are.

Isn’t that what’s happened here? You called “Pro_Vapes” an “alter ego” , but is he any different from yourself except in regard to colour of his skin? Heck you could call “Session Drummer” an "alter ego " on the exact same logic! ( I very much doubt that he actually looks like a set of drums).

Correct me, if I’m wrong, but I suspect you’re just pretty much being yourself here. And I think that the choice of white ava was a smart one, which might well have helped to facilitate just being yourself.


I disagree. I personally try to be the same both on the Internet and real life.


Oh, PS off-topic, but I actually had the atrocious bad luck for three of my friends to die, prematurely , last year. I It just occured to me that I mentioned another of them in another thread , So figure I’d better point this out to avoid potential confusion. If you mentally, combine all those three into one, you’ll get some kind of super-hero who manages to live three very different lives in three different places at once! Nah, the aforementioned “complex” guy isn’t quite that complex! * chuckle*


Who are you disagreeing with? I think my point boiled down to: the people I know from online turned out to be exactly the same, personality-wise, IRL

…with me, that is ,though they are considerably more reserved with most people, IRL, being unable to break out of their shell. However, I wouldn’t think that social phobia is something you would try to duplicate on the internet, is it?


I was a kid :grinning:.Back when Nick at Nite was on I Love Lucy and The Munsters were my favorite shows. I can’t remember really liking newer shows as a kid, except maybe Ren and Stimpy.


i think alot of people put on fake personas, especially on social media like fb,twitter everyone is trying to be something they are not and trying to show how great they are to others like in a social standing, its quite primitive like apes. unfortunately it drives me mad and i end up having these people on my profile but ignored so i cant see their mundane lives lol


No offense, but if you call me a friend, I will hunt you down and knock over your mailbox.

Kidding aside, sorry for your loss.


I didn’t know that you died, last year, Phil.
Ohhhhh! so that accounts for the funny smell :laughing:

and btw, thanks :slight_smile:


I think this idea that people are somehow are being more more genuine if they write in dialect is kinda daft.

I was born and raised in London; not the East End, but in a little West London suburb that had recently had a big influx of Cockneys (my grandparents included). we said “bruvver” but ,when we went to school we were taught to write it as “brother” , so that’s how bruvver is spelled, never mind how you say it.

Well, truth to tell, I speak with almost no accent now, and never really had a broad Cockney accent myself , beong over-influenced by my Mum , perhaps (a well-spoken girl , from Midlands family) . My bruvver did tawk wiv a cockney accent though, and still does, even though we’ve lived in Midlands for decades,

My brother doesn’t write with a cockney accent though. Hell, nobody does unless to be comical, or summat.

Anyway, i think we all, quite naturally, would rather be understood than not? So , when we’re talking with a group of other people (like here) we do quite naturally, attempt to all talk in the same tongue, in so far as is humany possible, Oh! Unless you want to stand out in the crowd and come across as some kind of cool, sassy street kid, to impress the other cool sassy street kids that we fink are watching us. (oops! lapsed into Cockney there :crazy_face:)

But I think that most of outgrew such childish pretentions long ago… if we ever had them in the first place.

Anyways, I’m also half-scottish (don’t ask how that works. My familiy history is complicated) . And I’ve read the whole of Trainspotting (written in Scottish dialect, in case you don’t know) and mostly understood it. And a bit of Rabbie Burns, but onlt because he was on the School syllavbus. Hmm, well, Ok, so some Scots do like to write in Scots dialect, evidently, for reasons that i won’t attempt to dissect , cos I’ll either blow my own theory or offend …

Hmm. I just thought of some other exceptions. Eek! starts belatedly treading on eggshells

but it’s stilll bloody daft to say you can’t be “youself” unless you write the exact same way you talk. I do stand by that.

We talk, and write, to communicate with others. And it’s the content of said communication that actually matters,and that betrays our inner nature, not the style.

Well. Usually (just thought of a few exceptions…)

Well, anyways, as somebody else said, I’m also an irritating, longwinded fart IRL . No pretension here * grins *


Sure, I agree with that. If everyone did that, The Beatles songs would be a lot harder to understand the words otherwise :rofl:. And really, it’s usually a lot harder and time consuming to hash out the slang phonetics compared to proper language anyway. The main similarity between the spoken me and the written me is my sense of humour carrying through. I nearly always try to find a light side to just about everything.


Ooops! I think you might be betraying a bit of a prejudice, there Phil. :rofl:
Maybe best to say "commonly accepted " or “unversally understood” or something like that.

But seriously, what’s “proper” all depends on context and company.


Well, proper as in standard language, the kind taught in schools and that lot; not necessarily implying ‘appropriate’. I mean, LOL is commonly understood (except for that old lady who responded to a text from a friend about her mother’s passing with “LOL”, thinking it meant Lots of Love), but just because it’s commonly understood doesn’t mean it’s technically proper, I guess. But whatever, you just want to prod me!!!